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Isakov Yuri Fyodorovich

( Academic Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, laureate of USSR State Prize, State Prize of Russia, prize of the Government of Russia, Honored)

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Biography Isakov Yuri Fyodorovich
Born June 28, 1923 in Kovrov Vladimir region. Father - Isakov Fedor Fedorovich (1897. born.). Mother - Isakov Claudia Feodorovna (1900 g. born.). Wife - Tamara Isakov, G. (1927 g.rozhd.). Son - Isakov Andrey (1953 g.rozhd.).

In 1941, after graduating from high school Yuri went to the front. As a participant in the war he was awarded the Order of Patriotic War I degree, medals "For courage", "For the Defense of Leningrad", "For Victory over Germany". After the Great Patriotic War, he enrolled in the 2-nd Moscow Medical Institute after NI. Pirogov and in 1951 graduated with honors from the Medical faculty.

In the third year Isakov is engaged in a circle, and then in subordinature at the Department of General Surgery. In 1951 Sergey Ternovskii - founder of the national school of Pediatric Surgeons - proposed Yuri Fyodorovich internship at the Department of Pediatric Surgery. Ternovskii his personal example of excellent surgeon, scientist, teacher and simply charming man played a big role in the development of many young surgeons. It is no accident, choosing a specialty, Isakov focused on pediatric surgery, and for decades has kept devotion to the ideas and traditions of the teacher.

Yuri Isakov successfully graduated from residency (1951-1953), and then graduate school (1953-1954). In 1955, a young surgeon defended his thesis on "The intravenous and intraosseous anesthesia during operations on the limbs in children". In 1963 he finishes work on his doctoral thesis "Hirschsprung's disease in children (pathogenesis, clinical picture, treatment). It Yury Fedorovich the nation's first pathogenetically substantiated and proved by careful morphological studies need to remove the narrowed area of the colon, ie. plot п¦пЁп¦п+пЁп¦пTп+пTп¦.

During the years of hard work and various studies has increased the credibility YU.F. Isakov as a talented scientist, clinician and a highly qualified surgeon Child. In 1964 he was named Professor of Pediatric Surgery of the Central Institute of Postgraduate Medical, . and in 1966 he was elected chair of surgical diseases of childhood with a course of endoscopic sinus surgery in pediatric faculty physicians to improve the 2 nd Moscow Medical Institute,
. Soon, Yuri Fyodorovich is appointed chief of Pediatric Surgeons Ministry of Health, and based on the clinic name N.F. Filatov at his initiative created by the All-Union children's surgical center. Begins a new stage not only in the life of Yuri Isakov, but in general the development of pediatric surgery. In fact, a school of Pediatric Surgeons of Russia.

During this period the most pronounced of his talent - brilliant scientist and a surgeon, an organizer, teacher. In 1966, Isakov, on the initiative of Academician Boris Petrovsky, a leader of the General Directorate of educational institutions of the Ministry of Health of the USSR (1966-1981). Under his leadership, conducted a series of progressive reforms, . significantly improve the pedagogical process, . training physicians in subordinature and internship for general medical specialties, . introduced a two-year specialization, . changing curricula, . that allows you to then successfully solve the problem of equivalence of Soviet and foreign medical diplomas.,

. Yuri Isakov successfully continues to develop neonatal surgery as an independent section of pediatric surgery, which began in the national hospital was laid by his mentor, Ternovskii
. In order to improve treatment of newborns and reduce mortality under his leadership have been studied and put into practice the most progressive provisions: assessment of the initial background state of the newborn in a state, . requiring urgent surgical intervention, . and the risk of surgical intervention, to investigate the role of infectious factors in the pathogenesis of postoperative disease; modern methods of diagnosis, early correction of defects of development, improvement and development of new methods of surgical intervention.,

. First introduced in the surgical clinic of the study of physiology and pathology of adaptation period, . attention has been paid to the study of pathology of pregnancy and childbirth, . that in many cases to virtually abandon the emergency surgical interventions in newborn infants during the first day of life,

The leading trend in the work of Isakov was thoracic surgery. His research focus virtually all sections of Thoracic Surgery, . bringing much experience in treating children with diseases and malformations of the neck, . chest and thoracic cavity, . lung, . mediastinum, . esophagus, . stomach and liver, . designed and conducted original and most sparing surgical interventions in various diseases of these organs.,

. Many research works by Yuri Fyodorovich Isakov devoted to improving methods of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases of abdominal organs
. In emergency surgery clinics are widely used objective methods such as ultrasound, gastroduodenoscopy, angiography, radioisotope diagnosis. A puncture minilaparoskopiya, allowing virtually 100 per cent of observations to diagnose the cause of "acute abdomen" in children of all ages, including newborns

. For many years, under the leadership of Yuri Isakov intensive work is underway in pediatric surgical gastroenterology and proctology, . which are fundamental in the treatment of such diseases, . as Hirschsprung's disease, . anorectal malformations, . scatacratia, . malformations of the external biliary ducts and small intestine, . abdominal injury,

Isakov made an invaluable contribution to the development of Endosurgery in Children. The clinic, headed by Yuri Fyodorovich, was among the first in the country, where there was a specialized endosurgical Service. And now the diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy is widely used in modern pediatric surgery.

At the turn of the 1950's and 1960 on the initiative of Tarnovo was first discovered specialized urological beds, which essentially marked the beginning of the organization of children's urology service. This initiative has successfully continued Isakov, and for the period from 1966 Children nefrourologiya achieved notable success in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract pathology. In the first half of the seventies under the leadership Isakov began widespread use of instrumental methods of diagnosing and treating diseases of the lower urinary tract using the endoscopic technique. Endoscopy has significantly improved the diagnosis and treatment results cystitis, urethritis, perform intraluminal manipulation (vnutriuretralnuyu electroresection posterior urethral valves, porotomy).

. In pediatric urology develop new directions: autotransplantation of the kidney during extended ureterostenosis and total dysplasia of the ureter with megauretre; compression devices for the elimination of urethral stricture, reconstructive microsurgical interventions at the spinal cord and pathways in the complex treatment of children with myelodysplasia, . accompanied by total incontinence, a detailed study of the microbial landscape of the treatment of inflammatory complications of the kidneys and urinary tract.,

. Since 1975 working nefrourologichesky center, on the basis of which run virtually all types of urological research in children.

. Yuri Fyodorovich devotes much attention and the problems of traumatology and orthopedics, continuing the work begun Ternovskii
. In his clinic in addition to stationary emergency station offices are open, consultative, inter-district office and cabinet aftercare of patients. Under the leadership of Isakov conducted research on the problems associated trauma musculoskeletal, . surgical tactics in open fractures of limbs, . widely used diagnostic and operative arthroscopy in children of all ages.,

. The clinic is traditionally carried out work on the treatment of congenital hip dislocation, . reconstructive operations on the hip joint, . correction in malformations of the fingers and wrist, . compression-distraction osteosynthesis in congenital and acquired diseases of musculoskeletal, . electromagnetic stimulation.,

. The name Isakov related organization of the whole service anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive therapy at the clinic, which was a major contribution to medical science and practical health
. Under his leadership, developed and implemented in the pediatric practice basic types of modern anesthesia. A special place was taken by the problem of anesthesia in infants. On the issue of postoperative disease developed algorithms intensive care after surgery in infants and young children at the esophageal atresia, diaphragmatic hernia, gastroschisis, operations on vessels. A number of studies devoted to the study of pain assessment, prevention and treatment of pain in children.

. In addition, his research focused on the issue and intensive care of newborns and premature babies, are in critical condition
. In this regard, developed and implemented in practice the scheme of treatment of children with respiratory distress syndrome, a syndrome of massive aspiration, shock. The method and indications for the use of hyperbaric oxygenation in the complex intensive therapy in children.

Proceedings Isakov played a huge role in the development of vascular surgery. For the first time in the country in 1972 on the basis of the Children's Clinical Hospital named after Filatov introduced angiographic diagnosis in pediatric surgery. It became possible to a new level to explore the hemodynamics of the pulmonary circulation in acute and chronic lung disease, to re-evaluate malformations of the kidneys and urinary tract, to study the pathology of cerebral circulation in the angioma. Following the development of microsurgery have rentgenohirurgiya and endovascular occlusion using the most modern materials, methods and techniques.

. A number of scientific research, led by Isakov, is new not only for pediatric surgery, but also for general surgery and clinical medicine in general
. Among those issues - the application gnotobiologicheskoy isolation in pediatric surgery and intensive care, . use of magnets in surgery of various types and characteristics, . low temperatures (cryosurgery), . microwave electromagnetic field, . Laser Technology ...,

. For the first time in the country in 1978 opened an office of hyperbaric oxygenation, which now has the status Rossiyskogo Children's Center.

. Created kriotsentr, . where there are the combined treatment of extensive and deep hemangiomas complicated anatomical localization by embolization of vessels feeding the tumor, followed by microwave cryodestruction, . as well as other methods of treatment of vascular disease.,

. Since 1974, the clinic under the guidance Isakova studied the use of magnets, in particular for the removal of short strictures of the esophagus, with external intestinal fistulas
. Conducted a successful operation using magnetic plates with funnel chest deformation.

. Significant place in research Yuri Fedorovich to the study of active methods of detoxification (hemosorbtion, gemoanaliz, replace blood transfusions and t
. etc.) have been successfully used in the Division of Toxicology and artificial kidney.

The name of the scientist involved in creating, and the country's first child microsurgical service. Completed more than 300 fingerprints and 42 replantation replantation of large segments of the extremities. Solving problems of reconstructive and plastic surgery using microsurgical technique in children with posttraumatic defects and deformities of limbs, as well as in children with brachial plexus injuries generic.

. Academic Isakov - author of more than 350 scientific publications including 18 monographs, five textbooks and manuals, 12 inventions
. Among them are such fundamental work, . as a two-volume guide to children's surgery for doctors, . Guide thoracic and abdominal surgery in children, . textbook on pediatric surgery for students, . through three editions, . textbook on operative surgery and topographic anatomy of childhood,
. At the department, headed by Yuri Fyodorovich, protected by 340 theses, 60 doctoral. Under his leadership, published 11 collections of scientific papers.

With the support of Yuri Fyodorovich almost happened is original and promising trend as the application of new techniques in pediatric surgery. Informal alliance of engineers and doctors allowed to get in some cases the results of a truly world class.

. The clinic, headed by academician Isakov - recognized scientific and educational center, and since 1971 has the function of the parent department of the country.

. Fundamental research Isakov in pediatric surgery in 1979 and 1985 marked the USSR State Prize and in 1996 - the RF Government Prize
. He also awarded the Academic Prize Spasokukotsky name for a series of works on the diagnosis and treatment of staphylococcal lung disease in children (1977) and the premium name Tarnovo (1996). In 1999, a series of works "of endovascular surgery in children" Isakov awarded the State Prize of Russia. He was conferred the honorary title "Honored Scientist of RSFSR (1973) and" Inventor of the USSR.

Yuri Fyodorovich - great leader and organizer of public health. In 1971 he was elected a corresponding member, and in 1975 - Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences. From 1981 to 1987 he was Deputy Minister of Health of the USSR. In 1989-2001 he was the vice-president of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1992 - Chief Freelance pediatric surgeon Ministry of Health Russia. On his initiative, founded the Association of Pediatric Surgeons, and in 1997 the first time in Russia was published journal "Pediatric Surgery". In 2000 he was awarded the title of Honorary Professor Rossiyskogo Scientific Center of Surgery RAMS.

. Isakov awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "III degree (1998), the October Revolution (1990), Labor Red Banner (1971), World War I the extent of Friendship of Peoples (1983)," Badge of Honor "(1961), many medals.

. Yuri Fyodorovich - a man with varied interests
. He tries not to miss nighter, interesting concerts, art exhibitions. Winter does not miss opportunities to ski. Prefers the historical literature and classical music. His favorite writers - Chekhov and Yesenin, composers - Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, the artists - Rembrandt and I.E. Repin. From the artist allocates Yulia Borisova, Isolde Izvitskaya, Mikhail Zharov, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Mikhail Ulyanov.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Isakov Yuri Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Isakov Yuri Fyodorovich, photo, biography Isakov Yuri Fyodorovich  Academic Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, laureate of USSR State Prize, State Prize of Russia, prize of the Government of Russia, Honored, photo, biography
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