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Vanshtein Aaron Isakovich

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Biography Vanshtein Aaron Isakovich
Aaron Weinstein Isakovich (November 23, 1877, Vilnius, - February 12, 1938, Moscow). From the family steward. In 1897 he graduated from the Jewish Teachers' Institute in Vilna. With the roar. movement associated with the 1893 Social-Democratic work conducted in Vilna, Warsaw. Member of the Bund in 1897. Delegate 5-th (London) Party Congress (1907) and three of its conferences. "At the 4 th Congress
Bund (1901) elected a member of. CC (remained so until 1921). Repeatedly subjected to repression. In 1914-1917 in exile, took a centrist, then defensist position.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 a member of the executive committee and chairman of Minsk City Council. At the 10 th Conference of the Bund in April, was elected chairman of the Bund, at congresses and conferences of the Bund presented reports on the activities of the Central Committee. June 9 at the 1 st All-Russia. Congress of Soviets of the RNC on the war supported the position of the Mensheviks and Social-p. Responding to the statement VI. Lenin said:

. "Comrade Lenin assured us, . that as soon as the banner of the socialist revolt, . not so, . which now has won, . triumphantly held on Russian soil, . as soon as the government will be entirely composed of Soviet medium-range missiles, . Russia then immediately come running to help the oppressed nations and countries ..,
. is Turkey, Persia, this is China, ie. countries with the most backward social structure, with the largest remnants of the old, I say, semi-barbaric times. Such a country promises us, Comrade Lenin weld with us in order to carry with them to Europe the red flag of socialism ... nothing to this concept ... with Marxism is not, but it has much in common with Bakuninism (Plekhanov: "true") ( "1 st Congress of the Soviets", t. 1,. 364).

August 10, at a meeting of Central Executive Committee read out a resolution to-heaven was adopted: "in the State. meeting. in Moscow to participate, "the only way to save the country and the Revolution of a consolidation of all the living forces of Russia around the roar of a strong. pr-va ". August 19. was elected to the Presidency Merge, Congress of the Mensheviks, who proclaimed the establishment of RSDLP (united). Sep 25. elected member of. Executive Committee of the Petrograd. Of the RDA in the list of the Mensheviks. October 12. a closed meeting of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd. Council RDA Weinstein voted against the creation of the Revolutionary Military Committee, and on October 25. at an emergency meeting of the Petrograd. Council MI. Broido, MI. Lieber and Weinstein read a statement that the Menshevik faction, resign from all responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the conspiracy and ... declares his retirement from the Presidency and will be performed. to-ta of the Council "(" Roar-tion 1917, t. 5,. 181).

October 29. negotiations with Vikzhel opposed the participation of the Bolsheviks in the "homogeneous Sots. pr-ve ". 3 Nov.. At a joint meeting of the Menshevik. fraction ACCESSED. Council Ros. Republic, the All 2-convocation, Petrograd. Council and members of the RSDLP (o) said that the Bolsheviks should be treated "as well as to the tsarist government". 21-23 Nov.. Berdichev participated in the discussion of power in the exceedingly. congress of representatives of the armies of the South-West. Front. He opened the 8-th Congress of the Bund (December) and in his speech said that the Bund is the "strongest opponent of the Bolshevik. dictatorship.

Then he worked in Belarus, was tsp. executive committee of the Minsk Mountains. Council and before the RNC. Minsk Gore. Duma. He was a member of editorial board of the authority of the Bund to Northwest. edge Veken "to-ing with a 3 Nov.. 1917 to 1 January. 1918 was the center. organ of the Bund.

Since 1919, a supporter of the Soviet. power and social. Revolution of. In 1920 joined the RKP (b) and was included in the Center. Bureau of the Communist Party of Belarus. Later on the steering joint. and households. work. 9 Feb. 1938 arrested on charges of belonging to antises. org-tion, Feb. 12. died in prison of a heart attack. Rehabilitated in 1956.

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Vanshtein Aaron Isakovich, photo, biography
Vanshtein Aaron Isakovich, photo, biography Vanshtein Aaron Isakovich  Activity, photo, biography
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