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Kobul Bogdan Z.

( One of the leaders of national security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2)

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Biography Kobul Bogdan Z.
Kobulov Bogdan Z. (1.3.1904, Tiflis - 23.12.1953, Moscow), one of the leaders of national security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2 (4.2.1943), Colonel-General (9.7.1945). The son of a tailor. In 1921-22 he served in the Red Army. Since May 1922 member of the Georgian KGB, then the GPU. In January. 1925 joined the Communist Party (b). Since 1931, in senior positions in the Secret Political Department of the GRU Georgia. In 1935, sent to Persia to conduct intelligence work. On 17.2.1936 beginning. Economic Division of the Office of State Security (UOP) and the NKVD ZSFSR departments of the NKVD Georgia. On 19.3.1937 Deputy. beg.. and since the beginning 3/4/1937. 4-th (secret-political) department UGB NKVD Georgia and at the same time since Dec. 1937 Deputy. People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Supervised cleansing in Georgia, which killed most of its former leaders, has created an atmosphere in the republic of fear. 15/9/1938 was called L.P. Beria to Moscow and appointed early. 4-th (Secret-Political) Department of the 1 st of the NKVD of the USSR (from 29.9.1938 - 2 nd Division of the Department of State ц¦цгц¬ц-ц¦ц=ц¦ц-ц-ц¦-ti), also became deputy 17/12/1938. early. GUGB. From 22/12/1938 to 04/09/1939 beginning. sledchasti NKVD. The closest and most trusted employee Beria, one of the main organizers of political terror. According to the memoirs NS. Khrushchev, he was a huge fat man ". From 4.9.1939 beginning. Chief Economic Management (power plant), NKVD, the creation of which he himself directed. Power plant controlled the work of industry, agriculture, trade. In 1939 a candidate member of the CC, CPSU (b). Although Kobulov and was owed his rise to BC. Abakumov, he at the same time maintaining excellent relations with Beria. In 1940 part of the troika responsible for the preparation and approval of the hit list captured Polish officers. On 25.2.1941 Deputy. Commissar of State Security. He was one of the most brutal Stalinist investigators and possessing sadistic, when he was tortured in a high rank in his study of prisoners. From the power plant turned out a lot of the most brutal NKVD. During the conversion department, with 30.7.1941 served as deputy. Commissar of Internal Affairs (oversaw the transport and economic control and 6 th Special Section - Gokhran), and from 14/04/1943 to 04/12/1945 - Public Safety. Participated in the conduct of operations in 1944 to expel Chechens and Ingush to Kazakhstan. Since 1946, Deputy. early. General Directorate of Soviet property abroad (GUSIMZ) under the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR (from 1947 - the Council of Ministers of the USSR) and Deputy. supreme commander of the Soviet military administration in Germany. In his command were all the organs of state security in the occupied part of Germany, led the mass arrests, clearing space for the establishment of the socialist German state. At the same time in 1950 he was deputy. prev. Allied Control Commission for the Soviet state joint-stock companies in Germany. Vokt. 1951 Promoted to 1 st Vice. early. GUSIMZ. After the death of I.V. Stalin, Beria, infinitely trusted the Kobulov, summoned him to Moscow and made his 1 st Vice. USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. In obedience Kobulov were transferred to 1-e (counterintelligence), . 2-nd (intelligence abroad), the main control, . 7-e control (surveillance, . Installation, . searches, . arrests), . well as group 1 (Records and Archives), . 2-nd (secret technique plays), . 3rd (making false documents), . 4-th (radiokontrrazvedka), . 5 th (manufacturing operations technology) and 6 (censorship) Special Section,
. He was arrested on 27.6.1953, along with the chief, accused of numerous abuses, as well as espionage (which is not true) and 23/12/1953 sentenced to death. Shot.

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Kobul Bogdan Z., photo, biography
Kobul Bogdan Z., photo, biography Kobul Bogdan Z.  One of the leaders of national security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2, photo, biography
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