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Biography NIKITIN Gorki
photo NIKITIN Gorki
Nikitin Gorki (12 Feb.. 1876, Lower, Novgorod, -?). From kupech. Family. Graduated Moscow. Univ. Lawyer. Tsp. RSDLP since 1899, since 1903 the Menshevik. During Feb. Revolution of 1917 before. wash. VRK. March 1 before. Mosk. Council RD, March 5, beginning. Police in Moscow, from April 11. member of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council, June 25, Deputy. prev. wash. Gore. Boards. In early. July to confiscate weapons from the workers, demanded the disarmament Kp. Guard. From 24 July the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs ACCESSED. Prospect Island, from Sept. 1. member of the Directory, from 25 Sept.. while Minister ext. Affairs. 22 Sept. for Joint. meeting time. Prospect Island, Moscow. group of industrialists, representatives of the Dem. meeting and the members of the Central Committee of the Cadets played for the coalition. pr-in based on mutual trust and accommodation. On the same day in a circular telegram to the Post-Telegram. Office, in connection with a call to strike at the J.-d. transport, ordered 'to detain all the telegrams' on this occasion, tk. strike in the war 'is a crime punishable by law, equal to treason "(" Roar-tion 1917', m. 4,. 261).

Sep 27. meeting time. Prospect Island, made a presentation about the anarchy in the country, the report Nikitina Prospect of found it necessary not to stop before the most decided measures to quell unrest. Sep 28. general meeting of the Post-Telegram. officials expressed Nikitine as a motion of confidence, and RSDLP (o) asked him to leave the ranks of the party in connection with his actions during the Jean-d. strike. Until October 5. directed special meeting for the unloading of Petrograd. Oct 2, RSDLP (about) decided that Nikitin 'is no longer their official. representative of a party in the pr-ve '' as not in contact with the party 'and' for his actions, it is not responsible '(ibid.; t. 5,. 9).

October 15. Pre-Parliament adopted a draft law prepared by Nikitin establishing K-ing societies, security. October 17. at a meeting of pr-va assured that the planned action of the Bolsheviks would be eliminated at the beginning. October 20. made a statement about the need to fight till the moment when Russia will not return the captured enemy territory. October 24. called the Pre-Parliament to authorize the use of armament. force and repression to combat all manifestations of anarchy in the country. Arrested Oct. 25. in the Winter Palace. Released October 29. In connection with the cadets uprising in Petrograd sent a telegram saying that 'the events in Petrograd are developing favorably ... population belongs to the Bolsheviks with hatred. Provisional. Prospect of taking the necessary action to restore the entire government. apparatus measures, with the full support of employees ... "(ibid., t. 6,. 24-25). Participated in meetings of the underground ACCESSED. Prospect Island. At the meeting, Prospect Island 12 Nov.. condemned it and refused to participate in its future meetings, because it's actually not been possible to at least moral support to the gene. Dukhonin at a time when it fell a heavy responsibility before the country - one to decide on a truce to-cerned had been asked the Bolsheviks' (see: S. Mel'gunov the Bolsheviks seized power, 2 ed., Paris, 1984, with. 251). Signed 17 Nov.. with others. Ministers treatment ACCESSED. pr-va 'to all citizens of Ros. Republic '. Nov 19. was arrested and sent to Kronstadt, under the supervision of the executive committee of the RNC. Since late. December was a member of the Petrograd. Strike to-m mountain. employees.

In January. 1918 moved to Rostov-na-Donu. In May 1920 arrested and taken to Moscow, convicted on charges of collaboration with Dobrovolch. army to be shot, which was commuted to 15 years imprisonment in 1921 pardoned and released. Worked in Moscow. August 11. 1930 arrested on charges of belonging to antises. group. 13 December 1930 on the special meeting of the collegium of OGPU when released and his case is closed. Further fate unknown.

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NIKITIN Gorki, photo, biography
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