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Galerius Guy Valery Maximian - Roman emperor in 305-311 years. Genus. 250 g. + 311 g.

Galerius was born in Dacia, on the bank of the Danube, near Sardiki (Eutropius: 9, 22). His parents were rural residents, and he himself in his childhood tending animals (Victor: 'The life and morals of the Roman emperors', 40). In 293 g. Emperor Diocletian adopted him and proclaimed his co-regent with the title of Caesar. This Galerius was forced to divorce his former wife and married Valeria, the daughter of Diocletian (Eutropius: 9, 22). In the management was handed over to him and all the coast of Illyria to the Pontic Strait. But when Diocletian went to fight in Africa, Galerius was mandated to manage and eastern provinces, and along with that given to the hands and hard war against the Persian king Narses (Victor: "O Caesar '; 39). His first battle in 296 g. He spent between Callinicus and Curry badly, losing more through carelessness than of cowardice, since joined the battle with a small army against numerous enemy. So, frustrated, he went to Diocletian. They say that the latter met him so coldly, that Galerius several miles ran in the imperial robe for chariot Diocletian. But soon, get the troops in Illyria and Moesia, Galerius marched in Great Armenia, and this time fought with great success (Eutropius: 9, 24, 25). In 298 g. he managed to lure the Persians into customized for their ambush, and as they move the crowd, not respecting the order, it came from a sudden attack of severe confusion and were easily defeated (Lactantius: 9). Expelling Narses, Galerius was seized by his camp, captured his wives, sisters and children, and the king himself pursued to the limits of his desert kingdom (Eutropius: 9, 25).

. In the future, the influence Gallery has steadily increased, especially in the last years of Diocletian
. It Galerius, to me Niya Christian writers, persuaded his father-start the persecution of Christians (Eusebius: 'Ecclesiastical History', 8, add.). Different writers have different character and portray the image of his life. According to Aurelius Victor, Galerius, though a bit rough, but fair and deserves praise, he had a beautiful figure and was a great and successful warrior (Victor: "The life and morals of the Roman emperors'; 40). Eutropius found that he was a commendable morals and truly great in military affairs (Eutropius: 10; 2). Most other eyes looking at the Gallery historians Christians. Lactantius said that it was noticeable brutal ferocity, unknown to the Romans. Equally terrible was his appearance: he was distinguished by the enormous growth and excessive thickness. The most fun of him were the hallmarks of fanaticism - Galerius fattening bears the same magnitude, as he himself gave orders to bring them into his chambers and laughing heartily, seeing as they are torn apart by individual sends them to the people. Provinces it has ruined their exorbitant extortion, and being a judge, rejected any kind of light punishment - a reference, dungeons, mines. In his opinion, worthy of all faults were burned at the stake, crucifixion, or the mercy of wild beasts. To destroy any notion of the rule of law, he interrupted and banished from their holdings of all attorneys and lawyers, so that judges are not aware of another law, except for unbridled self-will (Lactantius: 14, 21, 22). Moreover, according to Theophanes, Galerius distinguished ladies' man so that the court tried to conceal from him their wives (Theophanes: 297).

In 305 g. Emperors Diocletian and Maximian to voluntarily relinquish power. August has become Constantius Chlorine in the west and Galerius in the east. Caesars were appointed Flavius North and Maximin Daza, nephew Gallery. As Constantius voluntarily to Italy and Africa, in the hands of the Gallery concentrate power over much of the empire (Eutropius: 10; 1). But the circumstances and lack of firmness prevented him to rule the state as autocratic as it was able to do Diocletian. First of all, in 306, after the death of Constance, the legions in Britain proclaimed his son Emperor Constantine. Galerius was forced to admit his Caesar, as he knew about the great love of his soldiers. However, Augustus in the west, he declared not Constantine, and Flavia North. Italy also soon disappeared from the gallery, after he attempted to impose taxes on the Italians and weaken the influence of Praetorian. In response, the Romans proclaimed emperor Maxentius, son of Maximilian.

At this time Galerius was not going to yield without a fight. He went to Italy of the North with a large army, but he was on the soldiers and soon lost his life. Then, 307 g. Galerius himself went to Rome. Approaches to the capital, he realized that to take such a big city it can not afford. Moreover, some of his legions went over to Maxentius and Galerius hastily withdrew troops back to their province. Instead of the North, he announced his old friend Augustus Licinius. Then, to reassure his nephew, he was bestowed the title of August and Maximin Daze. Maxentius and Constantine he ordered his sons to call August, but was soon forced them to recognize and name of Augusta. Thus, the empire was divided among the five emperors (Lactantius: 25-27,32).

In his last years Gala-tory was struck by serious illness. First the secret of its members started a boil, then in depth formed fistuloobraznaya ulcer, which started from incurable corrosion of the internal organs. Inside swarmed countless worms, and an unbearable stench came from the body. Even before the disease Galerius became overweight from gluttony and ozhirevshim. According to Eusebius, unbearable and terrible spectacle was this decaying mass of fat (Eusebius: 'Ecclesiastical History', 8, 16). This terrible disease was tormented Gallery for a year. Finally, emaciated suffering, he turned to Christ and among the new torments promised to restore the ruined church in Nicomedia. Then, 311 g. promulgated a decree was again permitted the Christians to practice their religion. Shortly after Galerius died (Lactantius: 33, 34).

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