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( Roman Emperor)

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Didy Julian, Salvia - Roman Emperor in March-June, 193 g. Genus. January 30. 133 g. June 1 + 193 g.

Didy Julian came from a noble kind of Milan. Among his ancestors were and consuls and prefects of Rome. He was educated at Domitius Lucilla, mother of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who patronized him, and more. In her petition, he received questura before a specified age. Then Marcus Aurelius promoted him to aedile and praetors. After pretorstva he commanded in Germany, twenty-second legion, and then a long and impeccably managed Belgica. With hastily assembled army he was able to defeat the invading Roman limits Chauci. During this approximately 175 g. Didy was awarded the Consulate. Later he drove Dalmatia and lower Germany, was engaged in public renditions in Italy and once again rule the provinces: Bithynia and Africa. As for the second time consul and proconsul in Africa, he succeeded in these positions Pertinax. Therefore, he always called Didiya Julian as his successor (Spartian: 'Didy Julian'; 1-2). After pretorians March 28 193 g. Pertinax was killed, they initially feared his courage, and knowing that the masses would fulminate about such events, run back to camp. They locked the gates and entrances and put on the walls and guard towers to defend themselves, if the crowd attacked them. Indeed, the Romans are very grieved about the death of the emperor, as the emperor Pertinax was gentle and fair. But no one stood at the head of the discontented: the senators at the first news of the coup in fear drove them to their estates. After two days of unrest in the capital had subsided, and the soldiers took heart. Still not opening the gates, they were sent to the walls of the most vociferous of their environment, and they announced that the Praetorian Guard clothe the emperor of power and usher in someone who will pay for it the highest sum of money. The first responded to this proposal in-law Pertinax Sulpitsian, the then prefect of Rome. He came under the walls of the camp and tied with the rebels talks (Herodian: 2, 5-6). It has been even a rumor that Sulpitsian proclaimed Emperor and the Senate is preparing to approve the decision of the troops. Didy Julian went with his son in law in the curia, but found it locked. At the door he met two platform, which began to convince him to take a free place Princeps. Didy Julian replied that the Emperor has already announced, but the platform did not listen to objections, led him to the camp. Seeing that bargaining is not yet finished, Didy also wished to take part. At first it did not pay attention, . because the soldiers listened carefully Sulpitsiana, . but he wrote on the tables, . what promises to restore the memory of the recently assassinated the emperor Commodus, . whose death pretorians still continued to weep (Spartian: 'Didy Julian', 2),
. Then the soldiers lowered Didiyu ladder and raised it on the wall. He appealed to the rebels of the speech and promised to each of 25 000 sesterces. Inspired by such promises, the soldiers proclaimed Didiya Emperor Julian (Herodian: 2, 6). However, he agreed to take all the titles and honors only out of the hands of the Senate and the Senate on the same day approved the Praetorian: Didiya proclaimed Augustus, the father of the fatherland, gave him Tribunskii powers and rights proconsular. On the same day he won the Palatine palace.

The hatred which the people felt for the murderers of Pertinax, fully switched to the new emperor. Although Didy not been involved in the conspiracy, he was regarded as his main inspiration. As soon as he appeared on the street or on the spectacle, the crowd showered him with abuse and threats incredible. Flew into it, and stones, and if the soldiers by force of arms does not guard his man, he would have killed the very next day after acceptance of authority. This Didy endured calmly and during his presidency, has acted very gently. However, he did not soften the hearts of Romans. All took heart when they heard about the unrest in the provinces: the Syrian legions proclaimed emperor of the Niger, and Illyrian - North. The revolt was particularly alarmed by the Illyrians Didiya. He knew that there quartered most capable of. Besides. same name Pertinax was very popular in Illyria and among the soldiers, and among the colonists. Didy ordered the praetorian guards in the field to strengthen the tower, . but the soldiers were lazy, . ruined city luxury, . quite unwilling to engage in military exercises, . - So, . that each of them for a fee to hire a deputy to perform the prescribed work,
. Thus, Didiya Julian did not have troops, able to withstand the North (Spartian: 'Didy Julian'; 3-5). Without encountering any resistance. North crossed the Alps and invaded Italy. Residents came out to greet him everywhere, and the Ravenna fleet has passed on his side. Not knowing what to do, Didy gathered Senate and offered to bring peace to Northern partner authorities, declaring him emperor and giving it equal to a power. The Senate approved it, but the inhabitants, seeing that Didy shy and is in despair, began to cross over to the side of the North (Herodian: 2, 12). Knowing the hatred and contempt, which inspired me to Didy, North decided that he would be advantageous to the enemy of the emperor, than to make his co-regent. Therefore, he rejected the proposal of the Senate. Didy called senators and asked their views on what must now be done, but received no definite answer. Then he: on their own initiative, offered to become his co-regent Klava Pompeyanu, because he was the son in law of Marcus Aurelius and long commanded troops. But Pompeyan refused, citing his age. Meanwhile, the soldiers moved towards the North of Umbria. Then the guards and bodyguards threw the emperor. Didy was abandoned by all and stayed in the palace Palatinsksom only with his son in law Repentinom (Spartian: 'Didy Julian', 8).

. When the enemies were already in the walls of the city, the senators gathered for the meeting and agreed to proclaim the only Emperor of the North, and Didiya penalty (Herodian: 2, 12)
. In the Palatine palace sent a tribune with a detachment, and Didy was killed by some ordinary soldier. Before his death he trampled asked for mercy in vain appealed to the patronage of Caesar, that is, North. In all he stayed in power for two months and five days. The main trouble him was the fact that he is unworthy of capturing the throne, never learn to be emperor and constantly curry favor with those who had command. As a result, p foes and his own supporters imbued with contempt for him and there was nobody who would have repented of his miserable end (Spartian: 'Didy Julian'; 8-9).

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DIDY JULIAN, photo, biography
DIDY JULIAN, photo, biography DIDY JULIAN  Roman Emperor, photo, biography
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