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Andronikos III Palaiologos

( Byzantine Emperor)

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Biography Andronikos III Palaiologos
Andronikos III Palaiologos - Byzantine emperor, who ruled in 1325-1341 he. The son of Michael IX. Genus. in 1297, Mr.. + 15 June 1341



. According to Gregory, . Emperor Andronicus II so passionately fond of his grandson Andronicus and so admired, . all that original sin and nepervorodnyh sons, . daughters and grandchildren after him and put, . if it had a chance, . not it difficult to give up their all on him alone,
. He loved him so, and for his moral qualities, and for his handsome appearance, and, perhaps, for the one with the name. For all these reasons, my grandfather raised him regally with yourself and constantly, day and night, admiring and admired him. Meanwhile Andronicus, entered adolescence, came under the influence of unruly young men, irresistibly seeking pleasures. They began to teach him to take walks, theaters and hunting dogs, and then to night adventures. All of this costs money, which was not easy to get, because my grandfather let Andronik daytime content is moderate. To be able to carouse and surprise other luxury Andronicus entered into relations with the Genoese, who live in Ga-date, and many took their. From early youth he was eagerly expected, when the supreme power is finally turns in his hands. Not wanting to be in subjection to the children's grandfather, the emperor and someone else will perform like a child, he sought royal independence and contentment to be enough for themselves and bestow other. For a while my grandfather did not notice the defects grandson) but one case opened his eyes. Andronicus was strong. Passion for the well-known and straight after learning that she has another lover and put out around her house marksmen with orders to kill him. But it so happened that my brother Andronicus, Manuel, looking for him, came to this single and was mistakenly killed by people Andronicus. Shaken by this death a short time later died and his father Andronicus - Emperor Michael.

Since then, the relationship between grandfather and grandson became very tense. Andronicus the Elder began to think about how to make the successor of another grandson. In 1321, Mr.. he wanted to expose Andronicus the Younger to the patriarch and the Senate, and then put him in prison, but he came to visit, accompanied by armed friends. The Emperor was afraid to attack him and pretended to be reconciled with his grandson. However Andronicus learned from the patriarch, that he was going to grab it, and decided to flee the capital. Pretending to hunt, he galloped to Adrianople, where his accomplices were waiting - and the great Sirgian Domestic John Cantacuzenus with loyal troops. The rebels proclaimed the liberation of all of the Thracian cities of taxes. Then the Thracians at once armed themselves and stood on the side of the younger Andronicus. After gathering in a short time a large army, he took her to Constantinople. My grandfather, taken aback by this statement, started talks with his grandson. Under the influence of circumstances he was forced to send him to the management of Thrace and Macedonia, and myself left the capital and the island. In 1325, Mr.. grandson second time approaches to the capital and forced Andronicus II to other assignments: the old man's grandson has announced its co-ruler and crowned him king (Grigor: 8, 1, 3, 5-6, II, 14). However, Andronicus the Younger saw that the old man still strong and vigorous, and so three years later decided to permanently deprive him of power. When he was the third time, began to march on the capital, all voluntarily went over to his side: and the common people, and the synod, and even close Andronicus II. Avoiding unnecessary casualties, Andronicus did not proceed to Thessalonica, and entered the city in the clothes of a private person. Then, throwing off her, he suddenly appeared before the townspeople as the Emperor. Immediately came running to him almost all the people and all gave him the royal honor. Then he surrendered without a fight Serra. Near Mavropotama Andronicus defeated the army of his grandfather and went up to Constantinople. The guards let in the winner in the capital. Andronikos II was deprived of power, but retained the imperial title.

In 1329, Mr.. Andronicus went to Asia to start a war with the Ottoman Sultan Orhan, besieging Nicaea. In romeyskom army, most of the soldiers were craftsmen and merchant folk. The emperor came to Filokrina and learned that the Turkish camp is located near. The next day, the Emir sent to romeyskim ranks of archers and light cavalry. They fired at the Emperor's army and easily eluded his attacks. Exhausting way Romans, Orhan pm-attacked their main forces. Romans repulsed their first attack, and then gradually began to retreat. Nevertheless, the day did not reveal the winner, and at nightfall the Turks retreated, leaving 300 riders to observe the enemy. Andronicus went to Filokriny to heal a wound received. Seeing this, Romans could not make out what was going on, and hit run. 300 Turks seized the abandoned camp. Not knowing how to correct it, Andronikos himself sailed to Constantinople. Abandonment of Nicaea fell in 1331, and in 1337, Mr.. Turks took Nicomedia (Grigor: 9, 1, 4-7, 9, 13). The abstract wars in Europe, Andronikos was no longer able to resist them. Taking advantage of the unrest in Bulgaria, he has conquered the frontier fortress. Bulgarian Tsar Alexander made against the Romans, and met with Andronik near the fortress RUSOKASTRO. Emperor bravely joined the battle, but the soldiers did not stand the onslaught of the Bulgarians and fled to the fortress. Here they found themselves in an extremely difficult and restrictive situation. Only due to the softness of Alexander, offer peace, the emperor escaped captivity (Grigor: 10; 1). Soon after Tatars terribly devastated Thrace, and drove with him to 500 000 prisoners. But success for Andronicus was a war against the region of Epirus, in 1337, Mr.. Epirus was conquered. From this campaign Andronikos returned seriously ill and died. " According to Gregory, it had a pleasant and disposes to a person, gentle and kind nature. In all cases, he liked to rely on their meaning and knowledge. Therefore, it was secretive and uncommunicative. Simple in nature, he never was concerned about the support of his majesty the king's palace and the hardships of etiquette: do not like receptions, entertainment and ceremonial processions. But loved hunting and had a huge number of dogs and birds. For the most part he did without guards and bodyguards, as was convinced that human life is in God's hands (Grigor: II; 3,6,9, II).

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Andronikos III Palaiologos, photo, biography
Andronikos III Palaiologos, photo, biography Andronikos III Palaiologos  Byzantine Emperor, photo, biography
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