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William Adam (Adam)

( General Germanic army)

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Biography William Adam (Adam)
Adam, William (Adam), (1877-1949), General Germanic army. Born September 15, 1877 in Ansbach, Bavaria. During the 1-st World War was an officer in the Bavarian army. After the war he served in the Reichswehr, in 1922 - Lieutenant Colonel, in 1927 - Colonel. Straight and capable officer, he gained a reputation as the "father of German mountain sharpshooters and highly skilled Staff. In 1930 he was promoted to Major General and was succeeded by General Kurt von Hammerstein. December 1, 1931 Adam was awarded the rank of Lieutenant-General. In 1933 he was appointed commander of the 7 th Military District in Munich. In 1935, Adam led the Army Academy in Berlin, was engaged in preparing officers from various parts of the Army. Not injured during the case Blomberg-Fritsch in early 1938, he was appointed commander of Army Group in Kassel. Adam's relationship with Hitler was very cool, not only because of his close friendship with General Kurt von Schleicher, but also because Adam openly criticized plans for the Fuhrer. June 26, 1938, Adam was called to the Berghof to report personally to Hitler on how construction is "West Wall". In his typically insensitive manner Adam said that the shaft is not so very ...", which aroused the wrath of Hitler. August 27, 1938 during an inspection trip to the construction of the shaft, Hitler met with Adam, who once again warned Hitler that his soldiers could not hold the shaft in such a disposition. Hitler was furious: "A soldier who fails to withhold such building - an ordinary mongrel!" ( "Hundsfott") Despite this scene, Adam for some time remained as commander of the western defensive zone. He was ousted on Nov. 27, 1938, despite the fact that he was the seventh in rank among the senior officers of the armed forces of Germany. Adam died in Garmisch April 8, 1949.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Adam (Adam) William (15.9.1877, Ansbach, Bavaria -8.4.1949, Garmisch-Patenkirhen) military leader, Colonel-General (10.11.1938)
. Educated in public schools and Amberg Ansbach. In 1897, joined the Bavarian army and 12.3.1899 was made an officer. In 1909 he graduated from the Military Academy and was transferred to the General Staff. P 1.10. 1912 to 15.9.1914 commanded a company of the 3rd Battalion of the Bavarian pioneer. Participant 1-st World War II, he served in the headquarters of the 6-th of the Bavarian division, 8 th Bavarian corps, a group of general E. Falkengayna, 2-Army. For military distinctions awarded the Iron Cross 1 st and 2 nd class. After the demobilization of the army on the Reichswehr. In 1923-24 Battalion Commander. Gained a reputation as the "father of German mountain-arrow" and capable specialist Gen.. Staff. Since 1927 Chief of Staff of the 7 th Military District (Munich), since 1929 the commander of the 19 th Infantry Regiment, then Chief of Staff, 1 st Army inspection in Berlin. In October 1930, with the active support of the general K. Schleicher has become the successor to the General. von Hammerstein-Ekvarda as Chief Host control - under that name was hiding the General Staff, that Germany could not have at the Versailles peace. In 1931, led by Germany's military delegation at the talks on expanding military cooperation with the USSR. The result of these negotiations in t.ch. German officers began training armored forces and air forces at secret bases on the territory of the USSR. Immediately after the Nazis came to power the new War Minister in. von Blomberg began a purge in the army circles in order to get rid of the nominees Schleicher, and Adam 31.10.1933 was appointed commander of the 7 th Military District (Munich). Since 1935 Head of the Academy of the Army (Berlin), supervised the preparation of officers of ground units. Not suffer during things Blomberg-Fritsch and the subsequent purges in the army, Adam 01.04.1938 was appointed commander of the 2 nd Army Group in Kassel (July headquarters transferred to Frankfurt). Relations A. with A. Hitler was cool not only because of Adam's close friendship with General Schleicher, but also because of his open criticism of Hitler's military plans. 26/6/1938 summoned to the Berghof Hitler's personal report on the construction of "West Wall". A. stated that the wall "... not so very", which aroused the wrath of Hitler. 27/8/1938 during an inspection trip to the shaft, Hitler met with Adam, who once again warned Hitler that the soldiers under the current disposition not retain the shaft. Hitler declared that "a soldier who fails to keep such building, - an ordinary mongrel!" 10.11.1938 dismissed.

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William Adam (Adam), photo, biography
William Adam (Adam), photo, biography William Adam (Adam)  General Germanic army, photo, biography
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