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Friedrich Wilhelm Canaris (Canaris)

( Admiral, Chief of Intelligence and Counterintelligence of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of Germany - the Abwehr)

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Biography Friedrich Wilhelm Canaris (Canaris)
photo Friedrich Wilhelm Canaris (Canaris)
Canaris, Friedrich Wilhelm (Canaris), (1887-1945), Admiral, Chief of Intelligence and Counterintelligence of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of Germany - the Abwehr. Born January 1, 1887 in Aplerbeke, near Dortmund, in the family director steelworks.

Entered the Navy in 1905. During the 1-st World War II, he served on the cruiser "Dresden", after the sinking of which in 1915 was interned in Chile. In 1916, Canaris was misdirected Germany intelligence service in Spain, where he launched a broad espionage and organized the supply Germanic submarines from the territory of Spain and Portugal. Since 1918 he was adjutant of Defense Minister Mr.. Noske. Canaris was involved in the murder of K. Liebknecht and P. Luxembourg, and then led the "investigation" in this case. In 1920 he participated in the Kapp Putsch. In subsequent years Canaris germanskom served in the Navy. In 1935 headed the Abwehr in the Ministry of Defense (from 1938 - when the high command of the armed forces). Since 1938 both led the foreign department of the High Command Armed Forces of Germany (RCC). Created extensive espionage and sabotage network in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Canaris was involved in the development and implementation of Hitler's aggressive plans: the Austrian Anschluss, the invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland, etc.. However, according to his subordinate, General Edwin Lahauzena, Canaris had many human qualities, put him far above the usual Nazi official. Without accepting a frank and brutal regime as an opponent of Hitler's policies, Canaris ever experienced psychological discomfort from having to straddle. In February 1944 he was dismissed. With the approaching defeat of Germany, Canaris took part in the conspiracy against Hitler's war. After the failure of the conspiracy, he was arrested and hanged on April 9, 1945 in a concentration camp Flossenbц+rg.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Canaris (Canaris) Friedrich Wilhelm (01.01. 1887 Aplerbek near Dormunda - 08.04. 1945, concentration camp Flossenburg) military intelligence chief, Admiral. The son of a large metallurgical plants Administrator. He graduated from the Naval College in Kiel. In October 1907 joined the Navy fenrihom. 28.09. 1908 promoted to lieutenant. Since 1907, he served on the cruiser. "Bremen", participated in the blockade of Venezuela. Since January 1910 2 nd Officer of the torpedo boat in the "V-162, December 1911 - on a small cruiser" Dresden ". During the 1-st World War on the "Dresden" participated in a trade war in the South Atlantic. Created network of agents, which enabled the ship to deviate from the successful battles against the superior forces of the enemy. In November 1915 sent to Spain to organize the network of agents germanskogo Navy in the Mediterranean. From 28.11. 1917 commander of the transport submarine UC-27, and from 19/1/1918 submarine U-34. From May 1918 U-boat command 128. For military distinctions awarded the Iron Cross 1 st and 2 hectares of classes and by the end of the war held the rank of lieutenant-commander. In November 1918, among the remnants of the Mediterranean fleet made ceases to Kiel, where he became a liaison officer between the sea soedinaiyami Volunteer Corps and the War Minister Noske. In February 1919 began to serve in the new fleet command of the Weimar Republic. In April 1919 Canaris was appointed a member of the court-martial over the killings to the participants. Liebknecht and P. Luxembourg.

After their conviction, organized the escape, and was even arrested for it, but was able to prove their innocence and transferred to the post of adjutant to the Minister of War. After the failure of Kapp in April 1920 arrested "for assisting the conspirators, but the commission failed to prove his communion, and he was released. Since June 1923 Senior Assistant Training kreyera "Berlin". In May 1924 sent a secret mission to the Far East for the construction organization in Japan submarines for Germany, which under the Treaty of Versailles had forbidden them to have. From 04.10. 1924 Head of Sector preparatory and mobilization work in the department fleet under the command of the Navy Glavyum. Participated in a secret Navy. With established during the war established a secret network of agents placing orders for the Navy in Spain. Closely with the Spanish secret services, in 1928 organized the signing of the Agreement on mutual relations between the police agencies of Spain and Germany ". Through Canaris was orgnizovano training of German pilots in Morocco. From 01.10. 1926 assistant at Navy Chief of Staff, was in charge of external relations of command, in t.ch. made in the Reichstag, accusing left-wing deputies in the collapse of the fleet, 22.06. 1928 removed from the High Command and was appointed senior assistant to the commander of the battleship "Silesia". From 29.09. 1930 Chief of Staff, Naval Base Nordsee. From 29.09. 1932 commander of the battleship "Silesia".

Welcomed the Nazis came to power. 29.09.1933 after a small scandal was transferred to the insignificant post of commandant of the fortress Swinemunde (on the border with Denmark). 01.01. 1935 and recommendations to. Patzig appointed chief of military intelligence (Abwehr) the Host Control of the Military Ministry. Thought should be an important Abwehr intelligence service of the Reich. In fact, re-established network of agents in European countries. During the occupation of the Rhineland (1936) on the basis of intelligence, insisted that the Western powers do not take any action against Germany. 21.12. 1936 signed a "Principles of cooperation between the Gestapo and Abwehr branches of the Wehrmacht, in which between the two bodies to establish closer links. 04.02. 1938 after the establishment of the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht (EDB) Canaris was appointed head of the Management Group on general issues and he transferred to the Division Abwehr, rear and pensions. But 01/06. 1938 under the authority of Canaris on only Abwehr. In early 1940 Canaris developed a more active, trying to persuade senior officers to implement a military coup, but was not supported. In 1940, Canaris able to obtain information about the plans for Britain to seize Norwegian ports, the information transmitted Canaris komndovaniyu germanskogo fleet has enabled the Wehrmacht strongly and quickly to carry out the occupation of Norway. After the defeat of France made a plan to capture the British fortress of Gibraltar, but Hitler rejected his proposal

. In early 1941 Canaris on Hitler's orders led the successful operation of disinformation of the Soviet command, . he managed to convince the Soviet intelligence in the, . that Germany was preparing to attack Vedikobitaniyu, . and to the surprise in the early days of the warriors with the USSR,
. In June 1941 in the Abwehr was formed a special headquarters "Wally", which was supposed to exercise authority over all abverovskimi groups on the Soviet-front. Before the war with the Soviet Union reported to Hitler that he had underestimated the Soviet army. In 1942-43 Canaris began to establish links with the intelligence services of allies and the summer of 1943 met in Santander (Spain) with the heads of British and American intelligence services. Here Canaris put forward a plan agreement with the Western powers: a truce in the West and the continuation of hostilities in the East. In 1942 Canaris situation after the failure of Operation Hawthorn (uprising in South Africa), "Tiger" (Afghan-Indian conflict), "Shamil" (rebellion in the Caucasus and). dp. further deteriorated. In early 1943 several members progestin Abwehr were arrested on suspicion of organizing the attempt on Hitler had launched an investigation of the entire intelligence Canaris. After a series of failures led operation Canaris, Hitler 11.02. 1944 announced uvolyenii Canaris, as well as the fact that most of the Abwehr re-subordinate RSHA SS.

Following the resignation of Canaris was placed in the lock Lauenshteyn, he was forbidden to leave kogory. 30.06. 1944 dismissed reserve. From 01.07. 1944 Admiral for special assignments, chief of staff at RCC on trade and economic war. In mid-1944 the former employees have put Canaris, Abwehr notified of the planned attempt on the Fuhrer. After the failed assassination attempt on trial 22.07. 1944 one of the conspirators, Colonel D. Hansen called the Canaris "spiritual initiator of anti-government movement. July 23 Canaris ordered Gruppenfiihrer SS G. Myullepa arrested. Schellenberg. But investigators could not prove involvement in the conspiracy Canaris. In early February 1945 in conjunction with other untried transported to a concentration camp Flossenburg. A few days later were discovered diaries Canaris, in which he spoke negatively about Hitler. April 8 by a special court in Flossenburg (Chairman Guppenkoten) sentenced to death. Hanged.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Canaris (Canaris), photo, biography
Friedrich Wilhelm Canaris (Canaris), photo, biography Friedrich Wilhelm Canaris (Canaris)  Admiral, Chief of Intelligence and Counterintelligence of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of Germany - the Abwehr, photo, biography
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