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Comments for ALICE IN CHAINS
Lane Staley - vocals, guitar
. Jerry Cantrell - guitar, vocals
. Michael Inez - bass
. Sean Kinney - drums

. Seattle, . previously not very musical city, . What many in the United States (in contrast, . say, . LA, . out of which turned out a lot of teams, . playing roweg-pop, . or New York, . rich at the speed-metal), . the last 10-15 years gave the world not one remarkable group,
. In fact, Seattle and began what we used to call alternative rock and grunge. Who would have thought, . that small town, . where there are only three rock-club, . may conceal unsightly at first glance, . but very valuable pearls! But the guys just played music, . not fall into the ambitions, . visited each other at concerts, . together partying, . to celebrate holidays, . fought together with boredom - someone with music, . someone using drugs,
. And then he became an elementary closely in his native town, in the three most painfully, to the disgust of native clubs.

The first burst out from Seattle HEART. Their example was followed by QUEENSRYCHE. Next were SOUNDGARDEN and NIRVANA - hardly anyone could now say with certainty which of them had been before, but everyone remembers how they were good. MOTHER LOVE BONE, undoubtedly contributed to the spread of Seattle music hangouts. Not to mention FAITH NO MORE and JANE'S ADDICTION, which owns the lion's share of merit in every difficult, but it's nice to code-named alternative rock. As you might guess, ALICE IN CHAINS came from the same Party and received their share of fame in response to a unique talent. This group has played a slightly different music than the rest came from Seattle. Their music is kind of dark, unexplained sadness. Perhaps, . no one could find a better definition of the fruits of creativity ALICE IN CHAINS, . What drummer Sean Kinney: "We have managed to master the skill to create something beautiful, . but causing the listener wanting to die ... "It is with this group, I have the pleasure to introduce you today,

So, all in order. Makings of musical abilities in frontman Lane Staley (genus. 22.08.67, Kirkland) were born at an early age. Twelve Lane has played the drums (!) In a variety of garage glam-groups. To install it attracted a shock since he first saw her at one of the friends of his father. But one day at rehearsal he tried to sing - it seemed to him that he had it turned out better than the vocalist of influenza, in which he played. But he said: "Boy, you're sitting in the installation - here and knock." This, of course, hurt the feelings of the young Staley (he was 15). Rashly, he sells his drums and bought a microphone and "delay" ( "delay" - is such a "wash" ... Hopefully, that's a word familiar to you). Lane began by saying that the player, connect a microphone and sang along with the plates, BLACK SABBATH, Ozzy Ozbourne, etc..

Jerry Kentrell (genus. 18/03/1966, Tacoma) met with his father only when he learned to speak the first word - father returned from Vietnam. His mother, Gloria Jean Kentrell was the first man that brought Jerry to the music - she played the piano. But, unfortunately, she did not live just a few years and never saw the glory of his son. For the first time, Jerry took up the guitar in sixth grade, but all subsequent years, almost no attention to it. The grave is a guitar lesson came when he was 17. He played in all sorts of garage groups, one of which met Mike Starr (Mike Starr).

In 1987, Jerry and Lane finally agreed on what a party. Acquaintance, and, as usual, created a group. In the first part of the then group ALICE IN CHAINS entered already mentioned above, bassist Mike Starr, and the shock got Sean Kinney (genus. 27.05.1966), while met with Mike's sister. Sean has played the drums when he was only three years, and his grandfather had his grandson on the seat next drum pedestal. Two years later, Sean had his own installation. When he was nine, he became a member of his grandfather, THE CROSS CATS, which played country music, jazz standards, swing ... In short, Sean was a good school. Main features Sean - unbridled sense of humor and a deep conviction that he is perhaps the only musician apart from Michael Jackson (yes and who now believes) that has a monkey.

The first concert of ALICE IN CHAINS held August 5, 1987. Then the band played a couple of concerts under the name DIAMOND LIE. The real starting point in the career of ALICE IN CHAINS should be considered Feb. 11, 1989 - Concert at the central area of Seattle, together with MOTHER LOVE BONE. In the same year, the group can sign a contract with Columbia Records. In June 1990, AIS launched a limited-edition his first EP "We Die Young", a two months later - the first full-length album "Facelift". Album a tough, but the sound was present strong hue glemovy 80-ies. Shortly after the release of the song "We Die Voung" occupied the first position in the metal charts. The album itself went gold and hit the charts "Billboard" only after nine months. Immediately after recording the album the band embarked on their first tour of the United States. December 22 director Josh Taft depicts full house in Moore theater in Seattle and released the video "Live Facelift". In January 1991, AIS for the first time exhibited at the "American Music Auards" in the category "Favorite Heavy Metal Artist", but lost. The first single "Man In The Box" received a small portion of "promotion" on the radio and MTV. In early 1991 comes a film "Singles" (dir. Cameron Sgowe), in which AIC performed his new song "Would?". At the same time began the first European tour with MEGADETH, during which the AIS were presented to the "Grammy" in the category "Best Heavy Metal Performance", but again lost. "Once we passed, we thought that we had nothing to fear" - Layne said in an interview.

Tour "Clash Ot he Titans" ended in mid-July and gradually moved to a four-tour with VAN HALEN. During this tour Sean Kinney had a strange dream: if he says acceptance speech at the ceremony of "Grammy", which the group has received for the EP titled "SAP". Panel decided not to play with fate, and recorded the EP immediately upon return from the tour at the break, calling the EP "SAR" (whatever that means). After recording Jerry Kentrell went with his brother on hunting and missed the concert with VAN HALEN, scheduled for December 1 - just poor man thought that in November 31 days. Columbia gave him for Christmas calendars, and kindly asked him not to do so more.

Spring 1992 AIC dedicated recording a new album which was released in September titled "Dirt". This album became a breakthrough for the group: sold several million copies, . by December 1993 the album has already gained the status of the double-platinum, . and most importantly - there are songs, . most loved by the public and to this day ( "Would?", . "Rooster", . "Them Bones", . "Down In A Hole"),
. This is also the first record of the group was not made in Seattle, and Los Angeles at the studios Eldorado and One On One, where two years before recording her METALLICA "Metallica".

In June 1993, Lane some unimaginable way managed to get under the four-wheeled motorcycle, driven by himself and sat (?). In short, despite a broken leg, Staley finished the tour with Ozzy Osbourne - on crutches or in a wheelchair - without conceding a single date. Some people in this trouble even managed to get up, selling T-shirts on the image of x-ray broken leg Lane.

In January 1993, AIC played at the festival "Hollywood Festival" in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). This speech was the last one for a bass guitarist Mike Ctarra, just could not keep such a number of tours. At subsequent concerts AIS in Europe and was replaced by bassist Ozzy - Mike Inez (born. 14.05.1966), which subsequently remained in the group. As a child, Mike's first instrument was guitar, but later he took up the bass as a group needed a bass player (as was the case with many bass). In addition, he received his musical education on the saxophone and piano.

All the summer of 1993 was given to the festival "Lollapalooza" - 36 concerts in 50 days. Returning from the tour, the group discovered that she was evicted from the residence - it turns out, for a concert no one remembered about the rent. As a result, the group moved to London Bridge Studios. In the absence of any other occupation group began to record the third one EP "Jar Of Files". Then tour to support the new single "Doun In A Hole". In September of 1993 comes the soundtrack to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Last Action Him", which includes two new songs AIC "A Little Bitter" and "What The Hell Have I?". Total for the month soundtrack reached platinum status. January 18, 1994 a new EP "Jar Of Flies" was released in a pack with the EP "SAR", and January 25 - as an independent work. "Jar Of Flies" was the first in the history of EP, debuted at number one in the charts "Billboard". In March 1995, AIS again exhibited at the "Grammy" with the song "I Stay Awau" (single from the EP "Jar Of Flies"), but, as always, lost.

In April 1995 AIC closed in the studio to record their third full-length album. In November, the album comes out in the light under the name "Alice In Chains", will debut in "Billboard" in the first place, exposed nA "Grammy", and also loses. May 22, 1996 in the U.S. and June 22 in Europe was broadcast video version of the acoustic concert AIS "MTV Unplugged". Audio version, more complete, left the album on July 28, and it became a new song "Killer Is Me''. Less than two months, as the album went platinum. February 1997 - again, "Grammy", nomination for "Best Heavy Metal Performance", the song "Again" - and again luck is not on the side of ALICE IN CHAINS. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that before the concert at the MTV group do not speak for three years. Of course, this has led to speculation about the decay of. To tell the truth, did not want to raise this subject, but it pops up by itself. The group had really serious problems with the "health" Lane Staley. Previously, Lane wrote songs about his "ex" problems with drugs, but now these problems will become a terrible reality. Album "Alice In Chains" was recorded with difficulty. Lane could not make it work. The album cover shows a three-legged dog, the official version - in memory of Sean's childhood dog (working title was "Tripod" - the nickname dog). In my same opinion, this is a metaphorical symbol of "lame" group, a team without a soloist. Rumors about the decay of the group grew even more when Jerry Kentrell released his solo album "Boggy Depot" in 1998. Ironically, that record "solo" album, Jerry attended and Mike, and Sean, and even Toby (Toby Wright, producer AIS). That is, in fact it meant the exclusion Lane.

Officially the band is alive to this day. Although it is difficult to say. This year, AIS issued a reminder to myself: the compilation album "Nothing Safe - The Best Of The Box", which is nothing more than a sampler dual-Vox-Set, released just a month. Compiling, matched well, but also two new songs to load waiting for their listeners, to show him that there is such a group ... Although most were.

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  • ... You know I sometimes regret that I was born so late ... AIC ... I have understood it in my head ...
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  • you know we are together, often I have the feeling, the same can be said about Nirvana and Pearl Jam
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  • The most important and significant event of the American rock music ...
  • Seryy for ALICE IN CHAINS
  • Geniuses ... AIC of the music that does not annoy. Enjoyed in the early 90's, happy to listen now. Down In A Hole, Rotten Aplle, Nutshell - masterpieces! Rest in peace, Layne!
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