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Comments for ANNIHILATOR
One of the principal (along with VOIVOD) thrash teams of Canada. Founded in Ottawa in 1985, guitarist Jeff Waters (Jeff Waters). Jeff came to thrash quite deliberately, after many years studying jazz and classical music. The first part of ANNIHILATOR recorded the demo "Welcome What Your Death", after which Jeff has dismissed all but the drummer Paul MATEK (Paul Matek), deciding that the rest just get in the way, not allowing to work in full force. The next demo tape "Phantasmagoria" Jeff began to write itself. In the film had four songs. Waters has composed music and lyrics, . performed all the vocal, . guitar and bass, . and also arranged parties for shock MATEK and produced the whole record as a whole! Although, . it was all done at home on chetyrehdorozhechnom recorder, . news of the group called ANNIHILATOR quickly shattered country,
. Jeff moved to Vancouver and decided to work really. In the new town, Jeff signed a contract with management agency TKO, which now has to conduct all its affairs. TKO found group to a decent rhythm section in the person of bassist Darl Wayne (Wayne Darley) and drummer Ray Hartmann (Ray Hartmann, ex-ASSAULT), a singer, after a long search was invited to the former bassist of the famous Canadian hardcore band DOA. Randy Rempeydzha (Randy Rampage), in 1982, he released a solo mini-album "Randy Rampage".

This composition started to record a new demo, which came up with the name "Alice In Hell". It is interesting that Jeff once again tried to do everything alone, he would not let Darla register, performing all the bass parts independently. It is the autumn of 1988. At this time found a TKO for ANNIHILATOR decent contract with Roadrunner. Management of the company ready to listen to the material and decided to release on the basis of demo-tape full-length CD. He was released in April 1989 and the outcome of this year was recognized as the most successful debut. It was a really brilliant album that Waters had invested most of his talent arranger, composer and musician skills. All rock critics in one voice celebrated virtuoso guitarist and melodious musical structures, which are very fresh look at the powerful background of thrash riffs. ANNIHILATOR even begun to compare with METALLICA for the degree of impact on the thrash scene. Immediately after recording their debut album, Jeff decided to enrich the composition of the second guitarist. on behalf of David Scott Davis (David Scott Davis), which imposed Jeff Darla on the pretext that 10 years ago they were together in David played in a team. In 1989. ANNIHILATOR embark on a European tour, speaking in the first part before ONSLAUGHT. At this point, Jeff gets rid of Randy Rempeydzha. In his place is invited Coburn Pharr (Coburn Pharr), which until 1990. sang in OMEN, and even earlier - in PRISONER. His invited to ANNIHILATOR just in time for recording a new disc. This was done on time, because the voice of Farrah sounded more diverse than the vocals, Randy. The second disc ANNIHILATOR largely won thanks to a new approach to the vocal parts. In late 1991 the band locked in the studio to record their third album with a new second guitarist Neil Goldberg (Neil Goldberg). But in the course of work between Waters and Farr have serious disagreements and Farr leaves of. Find a new vocalist in the person of Aaron Randall (Aaron Randall). Given the nature of his vocals, the new album is preparing for more in-popsovannoy public and eventually collapses. ANNIHIATOR lose the contract and Waters gradually begins to transform the group into a solo project. On the next album is still possible to find musicians (drummer Randy Black (Randy Black), . bassist Cam Dixon (Cum Dixon) and returned Davis), . but later on the disc "King Of The Hell" are just Waters and Black, . and on the "Refresh The Demon" Waters has alone, . sometimes involving guitarist John Bates (John Bates),
. Eventually the end of the 90 ANNIHILATOR turned into a parody of ourselves, . but fortunately, . Waters is realized and in 1999 the band released a new disc is almost the original Tenant leaves: Waters, . Rempeydzh, . Hartmann, . Davis and new drummer Russ Bergquist (Russ Bergquist).,

. In this form ANNIHILATOR in February 2000, visited Russia where he performed in Moscow with heating in the face OVERKILL
. And just a few days after the concert, . Rempeydzh made his concert: after polutorosutochnogo alcohol marathon vocalist, . being still in a drunken state, . threw a knife at his colleagues, . after which he was thrown straight from the tour bus! Several follow-up show in the role of the vocalist once again played himself Waters, . a permanent singer ANNIHILATOR won ..,
. guitar (!) OVERKILL Joe Como (Joe Comeau).

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ANNIHILATOR, photo, biography
ANNIHILATOR, photo, biography ANNIHILATOR  Music Group, photo, biography
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