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Biography AUTECHRE
Autechre - one of the most prominent representatives of this genre as IDM, Intelligent Dance Music - "Intelligent Dance Music". However, where there is "one of the representatives! Autechre - is a cult, Autechre - it's my own ...

. "Autechre!" - Is what you should answer to the question of the enemy: what music do you listen to? U metal is Metallica, of all others - Modern Talking, and we, the electron-literate, - Autechre
. Icebreaker Revolution. Not some frivolous dance mayfly, a serious and meaningful electronic music. And the main thing - a complicated. The magic word "complicated" many times pops up in every interview with Autechre, in each review. Complicated! The complexity of th! And as Comrade Major: I'll explain again for idiots - complicated!

. Passions around IDM and around projects such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Sabres Of Paradise, behind which stood label Warp, broke out in the second third of the 90
. By the same jet were German projects such as Atom Heart and Mouse On Mars. This is an electronic music that does not have to dance, and you have to listen ... not even listen, and listen, watching all the curves, and intersections buildup ... preferably sitting at home with headphones. IDM - this music is not supposed to rhythmically uhayuschego techno-herds, and for individualists and aesthetes. IDM - this is music with pretensions to complexity. For complex rhythms and strange sounds. However, the crush of electronic squeaks, shriek, clicks and meows, as a rule, is only a veil, in music there and hitting drums, and tinkling cymbals, and bass-line ... and is always in place for quite melodic tunes. Ideally, the music was constantly changing, meant that every cycle of repetition should differ from the previous.

In his interview with Autechre said: "We are constantly swap components, building a puzzle. This game is on several levels. In one layer puzzle finally get together, but in the other suddenly disintegrates. Shifting the focus to another layer of music rasfokusiruet account. You have to control several parallel layers of developing, that is, move the focus of attention inside the track and decide for themselves, for what should follow in this moment ... - Sean Booth told (Sean Booth) in an interview with Wire. - You're quite able to follow the process of transformation, because it comes at the same speed at which your brain works. Of course, there are people whose brain is working at a higher speed, they can hear everything that happens in our music, and they all seem zanudlivym. And there are people who work at a slower speed, they generally can not sort out what is happening to them - too many events. And we are working at the right speed, it is on it and set up our music ". This is a fairly old interview, nothing like Sean and Rob do not say, now they refuse to comment on their products. But today, they remember the days when they played at an illegal party alive, and no one noticed, they give birth to a drum machine or twisting records. The idea of multiple layers takes its origin in the practice of DJs to make the sound of a records quieter, and another - loudly. Some time playing both plates. This is a time of some uncertainty. Autechre this transition point between the two tracks have an idea of his music. The number of layers increased, and mix the musicians are not strangers records, but his own rhythm tracks, but the principle - the same. But, I repeat, this is the exposure of four years ago, today about music - no gu-gu. Discussions allegedly did not reflect the essence of what is happening. And although the technology of music Autechre reached a new level, twisted, crushed and devious way interlocking rhythmic barrage of their new album, "Cornfield" sound not at all intriguing and exciting. And very quickly begin to act on the nerves of its monotony. What, generally speaking, it is strange, if we take for granted the talk about the complexity, multilayered, manipulating the listener's attention ... To my great regret, of the many tracks Autechre long ears sticking esid Hausa.

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  • Dewier for AUTECHRE
  • Autechre very atmospheric music ... lying in the headphones and listening to their creations, completely forgetting about the existence of our world - you have something of their own, rooted in the group's ideas, which they have embodied in their compositions.
  • sobac for AUTECHRE
  • And to write such interesting articles, you must first sign the text, where you have chosen it (for example: Andrei Gorokhov in Muzprosvete)
  • Ae Is Best / / / Sound of Nickel Underground! I knew the world .... heard love ... laid the foundation of the soul from AE! TipaZwei!
  • Alex for AUTECHRE
  • Text of the book brazenly spizzhen Gorokhov Muzprosvet! You suck!
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    AUTECHRE, photo, biography
    AUTECHRE, photo, biography AUTECHRE  Music Group, photo, biography
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