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Biography ARENA
photo ARENA
Current Members (2003)

. Rob Sowden - Vocals
. Ian Salmon - Bass
. Clive Nolan - Keyboards
. Mick Pointer - Drums
. John Mitchell - Guitar

. Prog-rock composition of the ARENA was established in 1993 at the initiative of two veterans of the British progressive scene: drummer Mick Pointer (Mick Pointer, ex-MARILLION) and keyboard player Clive Nolan (Clive Nolan, ex-PENDRAGON, SHAD0WLAND, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN)
. It is their creative alliance, as well as guitar, under the Rotary and vocals a la Fish (Marillion), led to what today is a collective one of the most significant and impressive early followers Marillion.

Initially the project was called AVALON, but then found out that there are at least three groups with a similar name and was renamed as part of ARENA. The first project was a guitarist Jeff Ward (Jeff Ward), but was soon replaced by a more experienced Keith Mohr (Keith More, ex-MSG, DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS, TINA TURNER, FIVE STAR, THINKMAN, NATASHA, ASIA). The composition was beefed up with vocalist Johnny Carson (John Carson) and bassist Cliff Orsi (Cliff Orsi). In January 1994 the group started recording their debut album, and especially for the production of their products Poynter and Nolan created his own company Verglas Music. Using his connections, Poynter unrolled a new name, but at the same time protect the interests of mass-media, invited to play at one of the songs guitarist Steve Rothery (Steve Rothery, MARILLION). All of these maneuvers ended with a brilliant breakthrough in a progressive stage of.

On "Songs From the Lion Cage" Arena offered students a typical "neo-prog", sustained in the best traditions of this sub-genre of the 80's. Sumptuous sound digital synthesizer, . resemble the listener in the past decade, . lingering solo, . sometimes frankly obscene "borrowed" permanent Arenovskim guitarist John Mitchell (John Mitchel) by Steve Rother, . some "weepy" vocals Carson, . - That features the debut of the group,
. Nevertheless, in spite of its damp "Songs From the Lion Cage" is arguably not just a nice plate, but also an important phenomenon in the "neo-prog". The Classic Rock Society awarded the "Songs from the Lions Cage" the title of best album of 1995.

On the second disc, "Pride", the vocals have no one to belong to Paul Wrightson (Paul Wrigthson). I must say that this album was released in 1996, markedly inferior to the first work group and, of course, is the weakest of release "under the name" Arena.

First, Wrightson - rather faceless vocalist. Secondly, the already rather worn-out tale musical passages Nolan got on this release some majeure tint that sometimes makes "Pride" close in mood and sound to a rather typical AORu.

In Wrightson, on the album "Pride" came bassist John Dzhovitt (John Jowitt, ex-IQ, ARK, WHITE TRASH), and in 1997, more and new guitarist John Mitchell (John Mitchell), made its debut at the maxi-single, "The Cry". In addition, Mitchell was a great producer, and helped the band record a live album "Welcome To The Stage" during the Canadian tour in 1997.

But only the spring of 1988 the world learned with the next studio album - "The Visitor" and it works without any doubt become a classic of progressive rock end of the century. In any case, sales of the disc was surprising for this style of pace. With clearly took a firm step forward. From majeure "Pride" has disappeared. Although the album was somewhat tightened, but from the first minutes of listening it becomes clear that it is much more interesting in terms of musical material. "The Visitor" - drive concept and today is certainly the darkest in the team. It Nolan and Co. spoke mystical subjects, rather unusually for a "neo-prog". One way or another, but it is "The Visitor" we might call the best creations of the group.

. The wave of fame Nolan managed to put across a project with the son of Rick Wakeman NOLAN AND WAKEMAN'S JABBERWOCKY, and Mitchell to create your project THE URBANE, but that momentum is over

In March 1999, abruptly left the group vocalist Wrightson, and some time later, his example was followed by Dzhovitt. The achieved stability was again disrupted. Replacing the truth was found rather quickly: bassist Ian Salmon (lan Salmon) Nolan pulled from his other project SHADOWLAND, and vocalist Rob Sowden (Rob Sowden) little was known on the prog-scene. The updated composition debuted in May 1999 in Holland at the convention fan club group, and shortly thereafter in the studio Thin Ice began to record a new album "Immortal?", . on the issue of cloning and the possibility of immortality Rights, . which can be achieved within the next 200-300 years,

Oddly enough, rookie Rob Sowden (Rob Sowden) is even less charismatic than Paul Wrightson. Oddly enough trend: every new vocalist Arena individual and less interesting than the previous. This disc also compete at the conceptual, but not on texts, but solely on the general idea. It is devoted to various passions, fears, and vices. Nevertheless, the strong prolongation of the plate, and even with the apparent shortage of interesting ideas, not allowed "Immortal" to press for the quality nor debut work, nor the previous album, 98 years.

. After the release of the disc 25 April 2000, the group, as is usually carried out a successful European tour, following which was released another live album - Breakfast In Biaritzz (2001).

. In 2002 was finished a new album - Contagion
. For Clive and John was a true test, which, as they seemed to never end, tk. disc was recorded in multiple recording studios. Clive said: "We are very pleased with the results, it is nice to hear the album as a whole". Mastering is scheduled for 10 th September with the participation of a sound engineer Nick Webb. He has worked on many projects of Clive Nolan, including "Hound of the Baskervilles" (Nolan & Wakeman). Although it is sad that the album will come before the 27 th January 2003, but the group is planning several promotional concerts. They plan to play an acoustic concert in Holland in early November (possibly concerts also take place in Poland and France). Mick Pointer said: "The positive for the delay in release of the album lies in the fact that we can spend more time on promotion, including acoustic concerts and interviews. We hope that this is well reflected in the sales of the album ". But what about the tour? Musicians are planning it for April next year. They also agree with the video by corporations, to film the most successful video.

. All CDs Arena go on the label Verglas Music, founded by the same Clive Nolan.

. Discography:

. "Songs from the Lion Cage" 1995
. "Pride" 1996
. "The Cry" 1996 (EP)
. "The Visitor" 1998
. "Immortal" 2000

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ARENA, photo, biography
ARENA, photo, biography ARENA  Music Group, photo, biography
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