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McAuley Thomas Babington

( English historian, poet, literary critic, speaker, public and political figure Whig-liberals)

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Biography McAuley Thomas Babington
photo McAuley Thomas Babington
English historian, poet, literary critic, orator, public and political figure Whig-liberals. Born in Leicestershire (England), received a liberal education. Macauley literary career began in the 'Edinburgh Review' - Journal Whig-liberals, the service which he devoted his life. Its purpose was to defend the financiers of the party, . merchants, . Manufacturers, . the reputation of the party 'greedy and murderous hunters for profit', . responsible for all the negative aspects of British history, . for the repression against radicals, . Democrats and labor,
. 'But I think, . - Exclaimed Macauley, . appealing to the voters of Edinburgh, . - That when you look at your past history can point to the great Party, . many decades remained unchanged: the Party, . which, . although often assimilating the vices of his age, . ever, . however, . was ahead of him, which, . Although many mistakes and committed many crimes, . can boast, . that planted on solid foundations of our civil and religious freedom,
. And I am proud that I am a member in its ranks'. In these words of Macaulay's credo and as a politician and as a historian.

The main work of Macaulay - 'History of England from the accession of James II'. In it he gave an unequivocal history of strictly peaceful nature of the steady ascent towards progress. Such events as the revolution of the mid-17. (cm. English bourgeois revolution 17.), With its civil wars, Macaulay took a chance, arising from errors and mistakes, and overcoming of which is the drama of history. And if this drama came to a happy finale - the creation in England of civil society and rule of law, the credit for that belongs exclusively to the Whigs. It was they who were against the monopoly of privileged companies under Elizabeth I, . organized the first opposition MP under James I, . forced to abandon ship dues of Charles I, . destroyed the Star Chamber and High Commission - guns royal tyranny, they are forced Charles II issued the famous Habeas Corpus Act, . recently brought under the protection of the law of liberty, . property and dignity of each,
. The Whigs appear as a kind of force, at all stages of history prompts England in a certain direction, a decisive role in the eventual triumph of which played a 'carried Whigs' 'Glorious Revolution' in 1688, Mr.. - Peace apical coup d'ц?tat without the participation of the masses. All the democratic gains of 18. - 1-st half of the 19. Macaulay also considered merit Whigs.

The concept of Macaulay, directed primarily against the utopian socialist quest Chartists (cm. Chartism), contained a polemical attack on thorium, who saw the 'golden age' in the feudal past. According to scientists, society should concentrate efforts on improving the present, as soon as it "leaves room for a decent human existence '. That is the main idea, creativity permeates Macaulay.
. Written by a true master of historical fiction, containing a large thematic material, having a huge impact on the senses and minds of the readers of Macaulay's book was a success, was translated into many languages, including Russian and
. In spite of limited historical conception Macaulay was a genuine contribution to the culture.

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McAuley Thomas Babington, photo, biography
McAuley Thomas Babington, photo, biography McAuley Thomas Babington  English historian, poet, literary critic, speaker, public and political figure Whig-liberals, photo, biography
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