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Alois Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber)

( underling, the father of A. Hitler)

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Biography Alois Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber)
Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber; from 23/11/1876 - Hitler) Alois (7.6.1837, Shtrones, Lower Austria - 3/1/1903, Leonding), a petty officer, the father of a. Hitler. The son of a wandering miller Johann Georg Hitler (paternity has not been proven). He was the illegitimate son of a peasant woman Anna Maria Schicklgruber (died 1847) and therefore received the name of mother. His parents were married in 1842, but Schicklgruber was not adoptable and retained its name. He was educated in the family of his uncle Johann Nepomuk Gidlera (Hitler). In 1876 Johann Hitler in the presence of 3 witnesses formally declared himself a father Schicklgruber, which was recorded 6/6/1876. How, according to contemporaries, Johann confessed, he did it to get the inheritance Johann Nepomuk Gidlera. From 1850 Schicklgruber worked as an apprentice of the shoemaker. In 1855 he entered the civil service in customs. Served in Lower Austria. The first marriage in 1864 was married to Anna-Glasl Herer (1823-83), second - on Mattselberger Francis (died 1884), from which he had a son Alois (p. 1882) and daughter Angela (p. 1883). 7/1/1885 married his second cousin to. Peltsl. In 1895 he retired. In 1895-99 he lived near Linz and studied beekeeping. Categorically objected to the fact that his son Adolf in the arts, believing that he should become official. With son his father were standing conflicts. He died of pulmonary hemorrhage.

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Schicklgruber, Alois (Schickelgruber), (1837-1903), father of Adolf Hitler. Born June 7, 1837 in Shtronese, Lower Austria. Bastard of a seasonal worker Johann Georg Gidlera and peasant Anna Maria Schicklgruber. His parents were married only 5 years after his birth in May 1842 in the town Dellersheyme. Being born outside of marriage, Alois wore mother's name nearly 40 years. He grew up in a family of his uncle Johann Nepomuk Gidlera, who in 1876 had already fathered adult Alois. In early 1877, for 12 years before the birth of Adolf, Alois Hitler took his surname.

Leaving the house of his uncle, Alois age of 13 began working as an apprentice of the shoemaker. At age 18 he joined the Imperial Customs Service and the rest of his life served the customs official in Braunau, and other cities in Lower Austria. This position allowed him to climb the social ladder, unlike their ancestors, farmers. In a magnificent uniform with shiny gold buttons, a velvet cap with gold piping and a revolver on his belt, Alois gave the impression of a respectable representative of almost the middle class.
. Life Alois Schicklgruber was closed and unhappy
. In 1864 he married Anna Glasl, the daughter of a colleague, who was sick for a long time and died in 1883. A month later, he married Francis Mattselberger, a young maid in the hotel, which is still before the wedding, gave birth to a son. This marriage too was a failure - Francis died of tuberculosis. January 7, 1885, receiving pastoral marriage license with the second cousin, Alois married Klara Peltsl, the former 23 years younger than him. She was the mother of Adolph Hitler.

In 1895, when Adolf was six years old, Alois retired by age. During 4 years of their family constantly moved from place to place in the vicinity of Linz, where Alois was engaged in breeding bees and drunkenness in rural inns. A hot-tempered and tyrannical Alois constantly tyrannized own family. Adolf did not just suffer the blows of his father's cane and a belt. He often had to lug home from the local hotel drunken father. Between the 64-year-old Alois and 12-year-old Adolf occurred constant conflicts. Wants his son to become an official, Alois was shocked to learn that Adolf prefers art. The father was furious: "As long as I live - for anything!" Alois died in Leonding 3 January 1903 from a hemorrhage in the lungs. His widow was left with two children and a tiny pension.
. Detractors of Adolf Hitler ever tried to glue his name Schicklgruber and poisonous hinted that he would not take that name because the phrase "Heil Schicklgruber!" lacks euphony
. This was an allusion to the fact that Adolf Hitler's grandfather was a Jew, but a sufficient basis for such approval was not available.

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  • Barry Willig for Alois Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber)
  • Gidlera was probably 17th century Czech and was Germanized to Hiedler and Hitler. Anti-semitism was absent from the family since the doctor, Dr. Bloch, was Jewish. Be sure that once he had killed the Jews of Europe, he was after the Slavs and Gypsies. I don't think he was concerned about hiding Jewish background but wanted to hide any Czech forbears. Lidice was destroyed in Bohemia in 1942 after Heydrich's death.
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    Alois Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber), photo, biography
    Alois Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber), photo, biography Alois Schicklgruber (Schickelgruber)  underling, the father of A. Hitler, photo, biography
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