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Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)

( Aktis)

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Biography Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)
photo Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)
Cattrall was born in Liverpool (England), and then with his parents moved to Canada in g. Vancouver.

After the Academy, she signed a five-year contract with the film director Otto Preminger on the set of his films. A year later, film company, Universal Studios, bought the contract from Preminger. Under the new contract with Universal ", . Kim co-starred in many television series, . after which it was invited to leading roles in film: in particular, . Kim starred in the film nominated for an Oscar "award" (with Jack Lemmon in the title role), . as well as in the movie "Ticket to Paradise", . a role in which she was nominated for "Jenny" (Canadian Oscars),

. Since then, she starred in many blockbusters, . including films, . as "Police Academy 1, . "Porky", . "Mannequin", . "Masquerade", . "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country", . hit John Carpenter's "Big Trouble in Little China" (with Kurt Russell in the title role) and the comedy of Brian De Palma's Bonfire of the Vanities "(with Tom Hanks in the title role),
. For the role of Jamie in the feature film "Naked girls unexpurgated" Kim has received rave reviews from critics at numerous film festivals for independent film.

Besides her work in film and television, Kim has participated in several theatrical productions such as "View from the Bridge" (on the play by Arthur Miller), "Three Sisters" (by Anton Chekhov) and "Misanthrope" (on the play by Moliere). Her debut on Broadway was the play "Wild Honey" (based on works by Anton Chekhov) in the formulation of the National Theater (the main role in the play played Ian Mack Kelly)

. Among her recent television projects worth noting television movie "Heidi Chronicles" - a screen version of the famous play by Wendy Vassershtayna, . the award of the Pulitzer Prize (for his achievements in the field of literature), . in which Kim has played a major role, together Jamie Lee Curtis, . and mini-series Oliver Stone's "Wild Palm" (ABC TV),
. One of her recent work in film is a brilliant cameo role of Cassandra in the thriller, Robert De Niro and Edward Burns' "Fifteen Minutes".

Actress Kim Cattrall, repeatedly nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy, has received rave reviews from critics for her role as femme fatale - Samantha Jones - a super popular HBO television series "Sex and the City"

. Kim Cattrall about the show: "We filmed a series about love three (menage a trois), . we filmed a series of masturbation, . we filmed a series of anal sex, . about, . people are ashamed of those, . who sleep, . we filmed a series of men, . prefer models and women, . prefer men younger than themselves,
. That is, we have talked about the whole range of possible topics ".

"Most of the work on 'Sex and the City" appeals to me that this is a clever, stylish and truthful story about the 30-year-old women 1990 ".

"As far as our show sexually?" I think it is very. I believe that we have obtained very attractive, tough, sexy women, living in a very sexual city - New York ".

"We are teetering on the fine line between acceptable and unacceptable, and perhaps some people might find our series too outspoken, but I hope it will help them be more frank with ourselves".

Kim Cattrall on Darren Stare: "I think that Darren Star did a miracle, brought us together: we are so different, but we are supporting each other in the frame and behind the scenes".

"I believe that our series makes a big step forward in the sense that we are talking about things that most people on television did not say".

Kim Cattrall on his heroine: "I love Samantha, because she is very honest, internal brake it a little. In a sense, she is very lonely, she would gladly have started a serious relationship. But her motto is: "If Mr. destined not waiting for me around the corner, I'm not going to sit and wait for it, I'll go and find it myself. My character - Samantha - works in public relations, and she liked to open the champagne, to arrange great parties, but at heart it is, as we all sometimes dream to be alone ".

Kim Cattrall of "fifth character" of the series - New York City: "In New York so much vitality. Even if the morning ride in the back seat of a taxi, the people shouted: "Hey, girls!". Every day waking up, you realize that everything around you just throbs with life ".

1. Police Academy - 1984 (comedy)
2. Big Trouble in Little China - 1986 (Action)
3. Manneken - 1987 (comedy)
4. Masquerade - 1988 (Thriller)
5. Crazy honeymoon - 1989 (action comedy)
6. Bonfire of the Vanities - 1990 (comedy)
7. The miracle of the virgin wilderness - 1991 (Western)
8. Seconds - 1991 (Thriller)
9. Wild Palm - 1992 (Science Fiction / Fantasy)
10. Auggie Rose - 1996 (Action)
11. Exception to the rule - 1997 ()
12. Sex and the City - 1998 (TV series)
13. Creature by Peter Benchley - 1998 (Horror / Mystery)
14. Crossroads - 2002 (Adventure)

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Photos of Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)
Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)

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Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall), photo, biography
Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall), photo, biography Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall)  Aktis, photo, biography
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