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Wakamatsu Koji

( Directed)

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Biography Wakamatsu Koji
photo Wakamatsu Koji
Koji Wakamatsu was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1936. Worked as an assistant director on TV. In 1963, his debut as a director of the film "Amaiwana". Since then he has become known as the "Master of the porn movie.

Wakamatsu, founded the production company Wakamatsu Productions, which in the 60's and 70's involved in producing films, which were the main themes of sex, violence and politics. His film "Affairs in the Wall" (1965) was screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Directed by over a hundred films, Wakamatsu - also the producer of several films, among them - "In the Realm of the Senses" (1976) Nagisa Oshima.

Since directorial debut in 1963, Koji Wakamatsu has become known as "Master of the porn movie". He put more than a hundred films, filled with scenes of violence and cruelty. Due to the filming of the Red Army in the Palestinian territory director became the object of attention of Japanese authorities and Interpol. Currently, he is unable to leave Japan. According to Wakamatsu, staged films - a "game for adults"
. In an interview with Koji Wakamatsu was also attended by director Masashi Yamamoto.

. Wakamatsu: Two or three days ago in my house was searched ...

. -insite-Tokyo: What, sorry?

. -You do not know? Pro is announced in the newspapers and on TV
. The cops came to me in the morning, at 6:30 am. Before my house there were cameras, cops show me a search warrant, and about 15-16 of them came into my house. They carried out several large boxes. In fact, all that they took, - a pair of photographs, newspaper and magazine on cinema. It was just a "circus" for the media.

. -What are we going to talk today?

. -Please tell us how you became a film-maker.

. -I arrived in Tokyo from the countryside, was moonlighting for casual work in Asakusa and Shinjuku, but when I was 18, I became yakuza
. Up to 23 I was a criminal, then I was arrested and imprisoned for 6 months. Not wanting to go back to prison again, I started in film-meykerstvom. In his films, I get rid of many cops. Whenever I see a smug government officials or bureaucrats, I want to beat them. Interestingly, in my films whether the highest rate of murders cops. I think this makes me the leader of the Palestinian guerrillas, do you think?

-Why did you engage in pornography?

-First, I think pornography - something that should not be outside of society. It should always be underground of. This is what you see in secret. Funny, when people secretly go to cinemas to watch my films, but when the come out, say: "What a wonderful movie!". But since then, as we have no budget, unlike studio films, we have to find a way out of this by trial and error.

. -When it was announced the participation of the film "Affairs in the Wall" (1965) in the Berlin Film Festival, talking about it as a "national disgrace"
. You do not find it strange? The fact that one film could stir up the whole nation. All the Japanese film industry and critics attacked the film, which, however, contributed to its advertising. I think only those people with whom have fought in a way - it's me and Ingmar Bergman.

-The film begins with how a guy has sex with an ugly prostitute in front of a portrait of Stalin. I think it's a real shock.

. -What can you say about the Red Army and the front side of the ideology of the liberation of the Palestinian Declaration of World War II (Sekigun-PFLP Sekai Senso Sengen)?

. -The reason that I went to shoot a documentary about Palestinian guerrillas were, frankly, money
. Because of this movie I was declared a terrorist, I am still searching. When I tried to get them permission to make a film from the inside, they asked what I'd do in case of emergency: I took a weapon or camera. I said that I would take arms. After that I was ready every day to become a partisan. Dressed in guerrilla clothing, I got water from wells, digging ditches, learned to use weapons and deal with it - that's the whole guerrilla training. They did not let me make a movie. Then, once they gave me that opportunity, so I had to do everything: shoot the film and interview - within one of the day. When I was, so to speak, descended from the mountains, I wanted to show the world the Japanese public. When I tried to present his film, I became the object of attention of Interpol. Since I am not allowed to leave Japan, even though I'm such a good guy ...

-Change the subject of conversation. When my daughter was at school, I sent her to study in the United States, Wisconsin. Three years later, she returned completely Americanized, full of all these absurd ideas about the ego-centric identity. I was upset and sent it to Beirut to join the partisans. I wanted her there remodeled. She spent four years moyas under the old oil wells and wiping his clothes by hand. I told her that she will never again return to Japan. I also asked the guerrillas not to send it back. You can imagine which of my parents. First, she'll really hate, but a little later, she invited her younger sister to join her. They both seem to love it. Guerrillas good, cohesive and caring for their squads. This is a good training. Money can not buy such experience. As the old adage: "If you love your child, send him straight to hell."

-You left or right? Do you have any connection with the Right?

-Neither one nor the other. But I get along well with the right.

-Once I brought a film from China on Nanjing Massacre. When I tried to show him, so much right resented them in their car, that I had to use the patronage of the police during a demonstration movie. Right to assert that there was no massacre, but if you go to Nanjing, you will see 300,000 of stones laid out on the ground in a line. Rights say that the number of people killed by the Japanese - about 3,000 or 30,000, but even if it was one man slaughter is slaughter. I said then: "Why can not we just accept this as fact and to improve our relations with the whole of Asia?" Because of this, I had a lot of problems. I entered into discussions with more than 150 people right politorientatsii. I wrap up in magazines as a bulletproof vest in case someone tries to shoot me.

. -Ever since I get along well with them however.

. -What do you think about Japanese cinema at the moment?

. -I believe that it degrades
. I think France, Korea and China - all of these countries restrict the number of imported foreign films in order to protect domestic producers. But in Japan there are no such restrictions. That's why so many filmmakers here - no more than a monkey. No more original ideas. So many films resemble ordinary "soap operas" on TV. Priezhie from the countryside to Tokyo after viewing these films have to admit that they are totally unrealistic. That same crime. Technology has greatly progressed, but the filmmakers rely too much on technology. The directors need to express yourself, to put aside cheap technological tricks.

-A large number of Japanese films - is "movies about the yakuza". In fact, the Yakuza is not as steep as it seems. These are people who live in order to harm another, threaten them, raping women, exploit people. Currently it is impossible to distinguish between yakuza appearance. Although internally they have not changed. Yakuza is yakuza.

"What you have movie-meykerstvo?

Game-for adults. Excellent toy for adults. I am not satisfied by any film that I have done so far. But it gives me an incentive to shoot next film. I never revise their films when they were removed. If I, then, still revising his film, I'm very sorry about this. I think: "Oh, why am I not done something!". And I feel confused.

-Finally, you can tell us what you think about Tokyo?

-This cemetery. Once I saw a city in the sky: skyscrapers seemed tombstones ...

-I have many personal memories of the city. A lot of memories of Shinjuku. City takes a variety of people. Even today, this is. Most different types of people live here: the provincials, yakuza, foreigners, homosexuals, prostitutes. This makes the city fascinating.

-Tokyo - a place where you can meet anyone.

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Wakamatsu Koji, photo, biography
Wakamatsu Koji, photo, biography Wakamatsu Koji  Directed, photo, biography
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