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TIRE Charlie

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Carlos Irwin Estevez (or simply - Charlie Sheen) was born on September 3, 1965 in New York in the family of the famous American actor Martin Sheen and Janet Estevez. 3 brothers, Charlie - Emilio, Ramon and Renee Estevez, who also tied his life with film, decided not to rest on his laurels and his father set a goal to make a name Estevez no less famous in Hollywood. Charlie is logically thought that the name of his father, too, should not be lost in vain and decided to make his career as Charlie Sheen. Initially, this led to many accusations against him and the constant comparisons with Martin, but Charlie still managed to eventually escape from the shadow of his father and prove that he himself was something worth it.

. Education is not heavily occupied by a young bus, his only interest was the school baseball team, but a guy kicked out for his constant absenteeism training
. As a teenager, Charlie took a great interest in this sport, . worked at one time in a special baseball camp, . and even had some success in this field - his coaches were thinking seriously about, . to translate Charlie in the main league,
. But Sheen decided to go to his father's footsteps and chose cinema baseball.

His first appearance on the screen was held at 9 years, but the major role he began to offer only 10 years later. Now in the filmography of the actor appear on more than 40 paintings, but not all of them enjoyed success with viewers and critics.

. Breakthrough of the young actor recognized strip Oliver Stone's "Platoon" / Platoon, 1986 /, as well has been evaluated, another work of this director with the bus - "Wall Street" / Wall Street, 1987 /.

. Also worth noting is now "Major League" / Major League, 1989 /, where Sheen paid tribute to the passion of his youth - baseball, and the parody band "Hot Shots" / Hot Shots!, 1991 /, won the love of viewers around the world.

. Unfortunately the list of mediocre and outright failures of films with the tire will be bigger, but to enumerate them all does not make sense
. This and "The Chase" / The Chase, 1994 / and "Terminal Velocity" / Terminal Velocity, 1994 /, "Men at Work" / Men at work, 1990 / and many others.

But Charlie was not discouraged and continued to work, producing a year of 2-3 pictures. So talking about the decline of his star still premature.

Personal life the actor is also characterized by a succession of ups and downs, the last, unfortunately, perhaps, still more. His only marriage did not last half year, but the enthusiasm Bus call girl has been more permanent nature - it now and then caught with a different "Pretty Woman," the journalists, the police. And the actor addiction to alcohol does not help improve the reputation of bus in Hollywood.

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TIRE Charlie, photo, biography
TIRE Charlie, photo, biography TIRE Charlie  Actor, photo, biography
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