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Biography NORRIS Chuck
photo NORRIS Chuck
Carlos Ray Norris was born March 10, 1940 in the small town of Wilson. Grew up in poverty, especially when there were born two more brothers. The family moved from place to place in search of work, at one time lived in a caravan, because paying for better conditions there was nothing. My father drank a professional, the mother was a housewife, so that his son took care of himself. After high school, worked, so that about sports and not dreamed. In 16 years of honestly earned money bought the first car - worn-out piece of iron, which proudly rolled a classmate Diana Holecek, two years later became his wife. And the limit of his dreams, which is typical for people from such families have been served in the police.

But first he had to serve in the army so that it no long hesitation after school donned their uniforms and soon after, leaving a young wife in the States, was in Korea Air Force Base. There, from the inevitable boredom - not drink alcohol, did not play cards, do not read books - decided to do judo. But, not having any athletic training at one of the first train broke his arm and was released from service, all day aimlessly hanging around the town, which was stationed part. I accidentally saw on the ground floor in the white people practiced punches and kicks.

As it turned out later, fate brought him to training school to Tang Soo - Korean martial art. Foreigners did not take it, but on the advice of coach judo for Norris made an exception. Trainings are held every three hours, with an American, especially no one was busy, did not make concessions to him, and he acted the same as any other, although most involved wore black belt shops. In short, the situation was the same as that of a man who can not swim: thrown into the water, and then Tony or swam - it's your business.

Carlos, who in the Army Chuck, yet emerged, although later admitted that at first did not sleep at night - the whole body ached with pain. But the school was such that when he returned a couple of years in the States, has quickly become one of the leading masters.

Then, in the early 60's, experts in martial arts in America has been negligible, and they all returned students who are in Japan, who is in Korea, who is in Europe, have been friends. Trained together, shared experiences, opened the first school - all the way, called himself karate, but studied and kung-fu and Thai boxing, taekwondo, and other arts. Called himself karate and Norris, . who after returning from the army went to work in the archives of one airline - has been, . that to become a police officer is not so easy, . and the need to wait a whole year, . in order to qualify for examinations in the Police Academy,

Soon he opened his first school, and after some time away from the archive, becoming a professional trainer. Pupils became more, . fame grew, . he even invited on television to advertise cologne "Black Belt", . and the video shoot, he perekolol a number of boards and bricks, . that ever lost interest in breaking things, . not demonstrate that section, even in his films,
. Karate was a good piece of bread, . the more skill that he was not doing - to train with renowned Japanese instructors Hidetakoy Nishiyama and Fumio Demura, . future stars of world kickboxing Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace, . many other celebrities,

On the advice of Lewis, he went to his first competition. Championship all-star in 1965 in Los Angeles became the reference point from which began his series of victories. Over the next five years, he has won several international tournaments, the U.S. championships and world championships among the pros. Americans love high-profile names, but the first full-contact competition world championships could be called on the law - before this professional FULL-contact fights anywhere in the world were. So Norris, who became one of the pioneers of professional karate and kickboxing titles of their deserved. As well as respect, because there were few if people willingly fought in full contact on a very strict rules and treated for a victory a few tens of dollars.

Even in the 65-m, just after the first victory in his first tournament, Chuck met Bruce Lee. Thanks to him, and in the movies came three years later, Bruce invited him to take pictures of "emergency team" to the small role of tacit bodyguard, who says the script just one sentence. The debut was not very successful - to the set Norris came immediately after the final battle for world title with a black eye and broken jaw and uttered a single sentence correctly with the hundredth attempt. But in the second film - "The Way of the Dragon" - it worked wonderfully well, playing a memorable role as an assassin, dying at the hands of Bruce

. By the time of the sport Norris has already left, . although he could still have a long, . but to replace the "old guard" the beginning of a new generation, . Senior does not respect, . of friendship and brotherhood and not thinking of ever-increasing amount of prize money was fighting relentlessly,
. So after the death of Bruce Lee in 1973, Norris was at a crossroads. Coaching sick. Although coached such stars as Elvis Presley's wife Priscilla, actor Steve McQueen and the like, do not withdraw the proposals received, the future was covered with darkness. It was then that McQueen and advised him to go to acting school. Norris, after finding out that Hollywood already has 16 thousand unemployed actors, his advice still followed. However, in his 34 years in school, he was the oldest, as well as achievements in karate there are not traded, the disciples did not stay long. But the movie career did take place, and pictures with Chuck in the title role - "Power of One," "Lone Wolf", "walking on a fire," "An eye for an eye", "Demolition Man", "Missing", "Unit" Delta "" and others - began to emerge one after another. "Hitman", brought them to Moscow in 1992, has already become the 20 th of his picture, the 21st - "Side impact".

Of course, his films masterpieces of the world one can not be called. Soundly made by militants, in which the good guy - a detective, paratrooper, just karate retributive negative characters, among which varies from one to several tens of. There is not much violence, or horrific cruelty, and a sea of blood does not rage on the screen, but the bad guys, out of stupidity caught the eye of a positive character, always receive their. In general, all known in advance - evil will be punished, justice will triumph, happy end is inevitable. And yet, despite the simplicity and simple, movies Norris went around the world. And although the hits do not have, the chief of his hero on kinoolimp cast. Of course, such a glory, what are Jack Nicholson and Patrick Swayze, he never dreamed of, but at the studios, specializing in films about the martial arts, especially Cannon Pictures, his authority unquestioned.

Besides creating a advertising Norris knows perfectly. Wrote an autobiographical book called "The secret inner strength" - brought her to Moscow in order to publish in Russian, is constantly giving interviews to specialized journals such as "Black Belt", "International Fighter" and "Karate Bushido". Willingly advertises kimono linings and other miscellaneous equipment karatistsky. Included in the World kikbokserskoy organization KMC. Invented a program to combat drug, . which is dubbed "Vybem drugs from America karatistskim blow" - members of his Pan-American Association of Martial Arts and the Academy black belts provide free classes in schools, . attended by children from poor families,
. In 1989, . boat, . with American football star Walter Payton set a new world record: on the road Chicago-Detroit on Lake Michigan, they were stronger than 612 miles in 12 hours, . 8 minutes and 42 seconds, . improving the achievement of the previous, . belonging to the son of Ronald Reagan, Michael, . as much as 26 minutes,
. And in 1991 became U.S. champion in the races for superkaterah, speeds of up to 140 miles per hour.

So all he has to Mayakovsky - "always shine, shine everywhere". And when Norris asked for help before the election campaign, George Bush, Norris held a campaign in several states at the highest level.

However, there is no doubt that such a method, as in Moscow, Norris did not have anywhere. Despite his fame, he was shocked by the fact that the Palace of Sport "Olympic" he managed to leave unharmed only by strong guys from inviting his league "Kitek". They say do not even want to go to the presentation of his own movie in the Cinema House - feared that once again will make its way through the crowds in the center of the iron square. So in America, apparently, he is seen quite differently. And take along a staff of attendants, including a hairdresser, and all at the expense of the organizers, do not give. And for the hasty flight from the press conference, seemingly due to fatigue, the head not iron. And various quirks, and there were so many that a separate article is needed, do not satisfy. So perhaps, in Moscow, he had not yet come again, where else he might feel like here, where woozy from his own wildness audience looks at him as a living god. And yet, despite all his whims, he is a bad guy, that Chuck Norris. In his years muscular and smart, admitted that three times a week, a bodybuilder with a special program under the leadership of the former "Mr. Universe, Lou Ferrigno. Apparently, karate and do not forget, at least in the advertising pictures calmly sits on a full cord and easily demonstrates the beautiful high kicks. And moves for each provider nearby, so much charisma, that even though you know that all this is performed intentionally and automatically, involuntarily smile in response, penetrating inexplicable sympathy. And the desire to find out, what is it, Chuck Norris, in fact, disappears by itself.

"Sometimes I say to myself: remember where you came from, and see who you become, - says Norris. - I was born into a poor family, and the limit of my dreams was a police form. Then I was interested in karate and fought on the mat for ten dollars. And eventually became known karate, the actor, a personal friend of former U.S. President. I remember who I was, I look at myself today, and all that I really, really like. In life as in my films, the good guy always wins ... This, as I ... "

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  • More would be people such as Norris, you look - and life would be different ...
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    NORRIS Chuck, photo, biography
    NORRIS Chuck, photo, biography NORRIS Chuck  Actor, martial artist, photo, biography
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