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Ivan Shapovalov

( Producer of 'Tattoo')

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Biography Ivan Shapovalov
photo Ivan Shapovalov
Ivan Shapovalov was born in the city of Volgograd region Kotovo. In 1988 he graduated from the Saratov Medical Institute, specializing in psychiatry and worked as a child psychiatrist.

In 1992, after experiencing the massive psy at a special seminar medicine has been forgotten. Shapovalov created a "Service of the formation of public opinion" Context ". One of her first customers was the campaign headquarters of the future governor of the Saratov region, Dmitry Ayatskov, for which Shapovalov came up with to build campaigned on the image of "victims of the communist leadership". The elections were won.

From 1992 to 1994 he studied advertising and marketing in the local financial companies - insurance Slavia and pension fund "Russia's Capital. "My job was to ensure that as many citizens have become suspicious investors in these companies," - remembers Shapovalov.

In 1993, the business companies spread to Moscow. Shapovalov was sent to conquer the inhabitants of the capital. One of his first steps was the order for the Slavia advertising clip at the agency "Aurora". A year later, the capital had to close offices - business is not set. "I could not return to Saratov loser" - says Shapovalov.

Thanks to new acquaintances he managed to stay in Moscow. In 1996, Shapovalov has received an order from a computer company R & K on the script advertising video brand computers Wiener. In the same year Shapovalov took a job at "Russian wine-vodka company" (RVVK). For two years he worked there in PR. "This was a talented guy with innovative thinking", - says Director of Marketing RVVK Herman Klimovsky. Yet in 1998, Ivan Shapovalov was dismissed. "For people such as Ivan, the routine can not be of interest," - said Klimovsky.

Shapovalov went on pre-prepared positions. By the time he had worked in the U.S. advertising agency network Ark J. Walter Thompson (JWT), group companies WPP Group. Senior Copywriter Shapovalov managed to make a presentation clip for the most JWT advertising video and script of the car Ford Mondeo. After the crisis, the advertising business temporarily went into decline, and Ivan Shapovalov is again on the free bread.

"I wanted to make music videos, but was a stranger in a musical get-together", - said Ivan Shapovalov of the time. But the composer Alexander Voitinskii, mostly writing music for advertising, in show business knew many. So Shapovalov and Voitinskii decided to retrain in producers. Spending $ 300 on its own casting, they have chosen to be the future stars of the fifteen Lena Katina and recorded several songs with her. Concept Group was invented later, when the project there was a second girl - Yulia Volkova, Lena Katina's best friend. In September 2000, he directed his first music video. And in October the duo Tatu song "I'm crazy," on the top of the charts.

In May 2001 between the company Neformat "and Universal Russia signed a contract for the publication of three albums in three years. The first album - the same "200 on the counter" - went on sale last year and sold a total circulation of nearly a million copies. Moreover, 850 thousand. of them were sold in Eastern Europe - Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, on which the duo rolled with performances. The group is now preparing for the tour to western countries.

Such success Shapovalov reached almost from scratch - two years ago, the group "Tatu" did not exist, and Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova were ordinary Moscow schoolgirls.

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Ivan Shapovalov, photo, biography
Ivan Shapovalov, photo, biography Ivan Shapovalov  Producer of 'Tattoo', photo, biography
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