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FREEDMAN Alexander

( famous mathematician, physicist and cosmologist)

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Biography FREEDMAN Alexander
photo FREEDMAN Alexander
Alexander Friedman was born in St. Petersburg, June 16, 1888. His father, Alexander Friedmann, was figurant St. Petersburg Imperial Theaters, and his mother - pianist.

Mathematical ability Alexander Alexandrovich one of the first academician noticed A. Markov, at a time when Friedman was in high school.

In 1906, Alexander Friedman graduated from the Second St. Petersburg High School with a gold medal.

After that he joined the Mathematics Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University.

One of the teachers was Professor Friedman (later - Academician) Vladimir Andreevich Steklov.

In 1910, Alexander Fridman and his friend, I. Tamarkin on the recommendation submitted by the Steklov after graduation to prepare for a professorship.

In 1922, I. Tamarkin, a friend and co-author Alexander Alexandrovich Friedman on several items, illegally left Soviet Russia.

After passing the Master's examinations in 1913, Alexander Friedman joined the Central Physical Observatory, Russia Academy of Sciences. As Friedman specialized in aero-hydrodynamics, engaging in "dynamic meteorology" was for him a relatively close.

More Alexander Friedman went to training at University of Leipzig.
After the First World War, Alexander Friedmann joined the aviation unit, where he studied the organization of upper-air observations and the creation of upper-air stations in the North and South-Western Fronts.

Friedman was involved in intelligence operations, flying in an airplane.

Following these events, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Friedman taught at the school aviators in Kiev.

Since 1917, Friedman has lectured at the University of Kiev. Then he moved to Moscow, then - in Petrograd.

Since Friedman revealed heart disease and the doctors did not recommend him to Petrograd climate, Alexander Alexandrovich had to leave for Perm.

April 13, 1918 Alexander Alexandrovich was elected to the post of extraordinary professor of the Department of Mechanics University of Perm. Friedman taught courses on differential geometry and physics.

In May 1920, Alexander Friedman took a sabbatical and went to Petrograd.

In December 1920, the scientist resigned as professor of mechanics of Perm University finally.

Alexander Friedman in his paper "On the curvature of space" claimed that our universe is not stationary.

Friedman believed that the field equations in their original form may agree with the cosmological principle and the assumption of a finite mass density in the universe, only if space is not static.

In the spring of 1922 in "Journal of Physics" ( "Zeitschrift fur Physik") published an article by Alexander Friedmann.

In 1922 Albert Einstein wrote in the article "Remarks on the work of A. Friedman's "On the curvature of space": "The results on the unsteady peace contained in the above-mentioned work, seem to me suspicious. In fact, it turns out that it referred to the decision not to satisfy the field ".

But May 31, 1923 Albert Einstein wrote: "In a previous post I criticized the above work, but my criticism, as I have found a letter from Friedman's, based on a calculation error. I think the results of Friedman's correct and sheds new light. It turns out that the field equations admit as well as static, dynamic, and also (r. e. variables with respect to time) solutions for the structure of space ".

But astronomers did not pay attention to Friedman's theory until Edwin Hubble discovered the phenomenon is not the universe's expansion experimentally

In 1925, Alexander died of typhoid fever.

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FREEDMAN Alexander, photo, biography
FREEDMAN Alexander, photo, biography FREEDMAN Alexander  famous mathematician, physicist and cosmologist, photo, biography
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