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Alex Andronov

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Your age
Look what they consider. I agree with the winged phrase "Age - not the number of years lived, and the amount of accumulated experience". If we proceed from it, I am older than his physical 23. I'm not sure that I can be called generation of 75-year birth of our own - a lot easier and feels at ease in society of those over 30. In general, more often than we would have problems in communicating with peers.

Marital status
Single. Twice almost tied the knot, as I understand now, it would be wrong. And hurry, I think, in this respect absolutely nowhere.

Do you consider yourself a wealthy man?
No, of course. Journalism, the more athletic - not the industry, where at my age can fortune. While on the other hand, I have a car - a five-year "nine", a mobile phone, but I think - this is a normal working attributes. I do not play in the casino, and do not go to expensive clubs, so queries can keep the ratio of funds and expenditure in the normal proportions. Anyone who wants to earn more, and I - are no exception.

Your favorite drink
There are many. Since childhood, a passion for milk, especially - to the guy, just out of the cow. I love citrus fruit juices. Of the alcoholic drinks I prefer beer and whiskey. Asceticism not suffer.

Your bad habits
Smoking. Manner to stay up late, and accordingly - to wake up, although there life schedule does not allow especially relax. Actually I kind of - an owl, and it is very annoying many. I do not know how much this habit is unhealthy, but if I do something really decided, I am going to target by any means. Absolutely any. Sometimes people do not like it too.

What kind of dish you are ready to have 7 times a week?
Dumplings, kebab, fried potatoes, pickled green tomatoes. Often, a lot can eat dishes of Caucasian cuisine - lobio, Cuisine, and so on.

Your favorite pastime
As in the previous questions, give a definite answer is difficult. I love to drive a car, absolutely do not get tired of this, and even catching kicks. I love to play billiards, although I can not (I hope that yet) boast of the results. I love fishing, hunting, dinner with friends at a restaurant. I try not to move away from active sports, and, when possible, to play soccer and tennis. Are among the hobbies and computer games - in a reasonable, though within. I think many will agree with me, although not everyone will take the risk to admit publicly that sex - is also one of the favorite pastime. In fact, of course, if people have to each other certain feelings.

Tell us about your debut in the sports journalism
First, you need to talk about journalism in general. I was thinking about this lesson, but they raved. Played in the school theater, and more inclined toward acting career. One day we came to a performance poet Alexander frail, who led the newspaper "Book Review" department of literature and art. He invited me to try his hand at journalism. And while my friend and I went to a variety of pop concerts for the accreditation of lime. And that does not look like there is a black sheep, approached the artists with a voice recorder, though we did not know when and what we will do these records. And just two days before the show we talked with Oleg Gazmanov. This interview, published in the newspaper "The Voice" and was my first material. Some years I worked in "Book Review", and once "struck" there interviews with players and coaches to match the CIS - United Kingdom. I remember that was struck by the fact that Byshovets very interesting talking about the work of Russian writers abroad. At the match I met the guys from the newly established newspaper Football Express ", and further the already very confidently walked up the stairs - sports journalism. My first interview was with Yuri football Tishkov.

Are you a fan and for anyone sick?
This, to a football journalist was absolutely indifferent to all commands, just does not happen in nature. And if someone beats his chest, insisting that no one sympathizes, I do not believe. Another question - objectivity. We somehow believed - once simpatiziruesh team, player or coach, it means that you can not judge them objectively. From my point of view it is absurd. So I am not ashamed of the fact that in the German championship, which matches commenting on the NTV-Plus sick for BV Borussia Dortmund. As for our country, I was a fan since childhood Dinamo Tbilisi, and since then, as it has gone from national championships, his heart still no one gave. Sympathies - is, so for someone ill - no. As for other sports, then I, for one, worry for Ferrari in Formula 1, and over Evander Holyfield in professional boxing. Carefully watch the presentations biathletes Albina Akhatova, and skier Julia Chepalova. The reason - to me these girls are pretty far gone from the stereotype of the Soviet gymnasts.

Your boyhood idol in sports journalism
Kote Makharadze. When I heard his voice and accent "He says and shows Tbilisi, in the soul something happened that did not describe in words. Liked comments Yevgeny Mayorov, who was with us, unfortunately, no longer, Anna Dmitrieva, but an idol in the true sense of the word was just Makharadze.

Your favorite book about sports
"Whistle" Tony Schumacher. This is a rare example of a truthful story about what happens in modern sport. Generally, in most books about sports writers hide the essence of what is happening in the wilds of the methodology of scientific data, bulky narratives and figures. Can still be called "rich man, poor man" Irwin Shaw - is not so much about sports, but about how the sport changed man.

. Which newspaper (magazine, television, radio) you feel close to the sample?
. If we talk about domestic journalism, I do not see more newspapers, except for "Sport-Express", as if it does not include
. Everything Else - "propaganda sheet" that is true, does not mean that there are working mediocrity. I am with great respect, for example, "football" and "Football Review", and I sincerely regret that talented people is not possible to realize a 100 percent. Blame and the situation in the country in general, and specifically in the market of sports periodicals. Of the world's media highlight German "Kicker", although not put it above the "SE". As part of the television I am a patriot of his company. Although there are very good moments in the work of colleagues - for example, highly professional broadcast Formula-1 on the channel TV Center.

. The words-parasites, who have settled in your work
. Most recover from them could not, probably, no one
. There is not even in parasites cause - in football frequent typical situation, and if each time, getting out of his pants, they invent new epithets, will voice the circus. Another thing - the words-parasites, in fact, in a speech unnecessary. "A little," "enough", "frank", "virtually" - by these and other words I once had to "cure". Sometimes we have now.

Words by parasites that cause you the most violent reaction
There are many, but the most violent reaction caused by those that live in their own work. Good smile is a passage that Team X is widely using the flanks ". Do not like it when the air is constantly referred "in general". "Snatched victory - also not a good turnover.

. Who of the sports people like to work easily?
. In recent years their numbers are growing - growing a new generation of Russian athletes, very different in terms of communication, contact
. But this is not the only thing that provides ease in. The most important thing - a person must have his own view of things, must be a person, a spiritual way of. I do not like people-Weathervanes. I have never experienced problems in communicating with players Omari Tetradze, Andrei Chernyshov, Vladimir Nidergaus. Now I am very interesting to talk with Vladimir Bout - for Russia's sports personality he is very bright and nonstandard. It was easy to Nikolai Kolesov, Bright his memory. It was an amazing person, as a footballer, he has achieved the great heights that allowed him to be a direct and interesting to talk. It is easy to Eugene Lovchevym easily as someone does not seem strange to Valery Gazzayev - if only to observe certain rules of human relations, with which many of my colleagues have big problems.

. Do you consider it necessary to maintain themselves with people of sport friendly relations, or think that they hurt the job?
. It depends on a specific person and situation
. Friendship with many of these people I do not interfere with their sometimes criticize. On the other hand too close to the lot of our athletes is dangerous - they do not accept criticism, and believe that every journalist is with them on friendly terms, you should evaluate all the only positive. To avoid unnecessary "false situations and conflicts, now to the question friendships I approach selectively. That is, do not aspire to it and do not fill to friends. This is my personal position in relation to itself, the very fact of friendship with the athlete did not see the criminal. If only that friendship, and not a deliberate convergence of the calculation of some benefit.

. Do you often regret that engaged in sports journalism?
. At one time, felt not very pleasant feelings, seeing the elongated faces of friends, especially girls, when they learned what I do
. Now, though, the attitude to sport is changing, and in that aspect of me too. As for self-examination, you will not regret ever. I am happy to do this. Moreover, . seems, . I am more a man of sport, . not journalism, . because hardly imagine a parliamentary correspondent, . but easy - within a sports team, . to post a press attache, . or on the coaching bench, . really sorry for the indiscretion.,

. It is insulting to you that the majority of our fellow journalists working in other topics, consider sports "low sphere"?
. No, absolutely
. I also have the attitude of certain sectors of the national journalism. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Another thing that can not be low the entire field - the world is not as straightforward. Everywhere has its pluses and minuses, and everywhere there is a low and high. By the way, from their colleagues working in other areas of life, I never heard of that sport - low sphere.

. Do you think that the level of sports journalism in Russia below the level of, for example, political journalism?
. No, I do not
. Sport, as well as its derivative, and sports journalism can not be separated from the life of the country. The same applies to politics. The only thing - yet another sport is not so unwound, in sport is not all understand the role and function of the press, and this creates some problems. I am sure that they are temporary.

Your creative plans?
Grow and develop as a professional. Not only in football - there are other areas that attract attention and ambition. While I can not say that completely satisfied with their jobs. There are some successes, but they can not get hung up. "Better mountains can

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