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Natalie WOOD

( Actress)

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Biography Natalie WOOD
photo Natalie WOOD
Born in San Francisco, California, USA. Natalie Wood has earned the reputation of the most beautiful and Samra scandalous actress, still a mystery its smetri ...

She sought in life is absolutely everything you wanted. If it is not fatal passion for booze and not flighty nature ... Natasha Gurdina, the daughter of Russian architect and a French ballet dancer, she knew that talented and very beautiful. And therefore, peace must be at her feet.

The first role is played by Natasha in four years and eight have already earning thousands of dollars a week, and actually contained the parent. At age 18, married to Robert Wagner. Marked the beginning of another life, in which her passionately adored her husband was destined to play a fatal role.

On the night of November 30, 1981 in the Los Angeles area snorter. The morning the fishermen found the body of a woman in a nightgown, a red jacket and socks. Corpse quickly identified. Few in those years did not know the face of the Queen of Hollywood Natalie Wood. At this time, a drifting boat "Glitter" peacefully slept her husband Robert Wagner and a close friend and partner in films, Christopher Walken.

What proizoschlo between these not very sober people on that fateful evening, it is not clear so far. The criminal case was closed on the pretext that the actress found a large blood alcohol content. "Normal accident!" - Shook his head investigator. At the same time no one paid attention to the fact that the life of Natalie Wood was insured for 13 million dollars, which in the case of the death of her husband received. Years later, their daughter, Courtney Wagner told that the joint lives of parents consisted of constant scandals. Several times the couple apart, but they once again attracted some higher power. In between divorce Natalie managed to spin the affair with Warren Beatty, to marry a British theatrical agent Richard Gregson and give birth to a daughter Natasha. But all men do not go to any comparison with Robert. And in 1971, Natalie for the second time the offer of Wagner. Alas, the quarrel continued. The main reason was the jealousy of scandals. Natalie could not see how her husband has signs of attention to other women. In Hollywood Natalie called "queen of scandals" and feared it as a fire. Many, it's great ruined life. After another scandal, the husband asked his wife to spend a weekend on the yacht "Glitter.

Actor's work:
1. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - 1947
2. Rebel Without ideal - 1955
3. Searchers - 1956 (Western)
4. Splendor in the Grass - 1961
5. West Side Story - 1961
6. Sex and the lonely girl - 1964 (Lyric comedy)
7. Great race - 1965 (comedy)
8. Internal Daisy Clover - 1965
9. Eavesdropper - 1975
10. The last couple in America - 1980

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Natalie WOOD, photo, biography
Natalie WOOD, photo, biography Natalie WOOD  Actress, photo, biography
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