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Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich

( Soviet athlete (speed skating), Honored Master of Sports)

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Biography Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich
photo Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich
Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich was born in 1930 in the village Ulitin Staritskogo district of Tver region, Soviet athlete (speed skating), Honored Master of Sports. Olympic champion in the picture d'Ampetso (1956) Speed Skating at a distance of 1500m.

It all happened suddenly. At the finish line first came out a young runner from Kalinin Yury Mikhailov, and experienced Muscovite Yevgeny Grishin hopelessly lost ... There were preliminaries to the Winter Olympic Games in 1956. When another couple Mikhailov - Grishin came to start the race at 1500 meters, all were confident of winning the world champion from Moscow. Only guess: whether he can cut the time Shilkova?

Running led Mikhailov, but it seemed it was just a challenge to the beginner. Passed 300 meters range, and Mikhailov still ahead. He is ahead of schedule Shilkova. Grishin, despite all attempts, could not catch up with rival. Mikhailov wins the race and shows the best result. By decision of the board of the coaching of his include the Olympic team at number one. But this does not convince some fans, and professionals: win Mikhailova they were inclined to consider random.

But just a few days, the skeptics were confounded. From Davos came the information that Mikhailov ran a lorry with a fantastic result: 2.09,1. For setting the world record Mikhailov was awarded the traditional prize - the gold edelweiss with a diamond. He became the fourth run before in the world and the first Soviet athletes in the history of ice skates to receive such an award ... In 1949 he became the champion Yuri Kalinin region in boxing, and then distinguished himself even in the youth national championship, winning the 'bronze'. Everyone said that Mikhailov has become in the future, good master ring. But away from Kalinin boxing coach Boris Mor and carried with him like Yurino passion. According to Mikhailov, boxing he liked more because of training in Mora were varied, included elements of athletics, cycling, gymnastics, bars. The new coach is forced to spend all Mikhailova time in the boxing hall.

Then Yura decided to try their hand at skating. Prior to that, dating from the skates had ended only a dashing race for cars with an iron hook in the hands. He came to the rink. Liked. Perhaps because training resembled previous studies boxers. Initially, Mikhailov, according to him, did not care what kind of sports do - if only to the muscles was given load, due to which they were flooded with force. But later he fell in love with skating, and the day could not live without them. Natural coordination helped Mikhajlava quickly master the difficult technique for beginners skating. Soon more apparent and the propensity to run for short distances.

In 1951 he had to cut the time classes - Yura was drafted into the army. Having been discharged, immediately ran to his mentor, Vladimir An honest. Soon about Mikhailov spoke as a promising runner. The greatest success achieved in the Jura lorry: was medalist Russia in Gorky in 1954, the same year, thanks to excellent performances in the 1500 meters, managed at national championship meet standard USSR Master of Sports in the all-around. The following season Mikhailov became double medalist of the USSR on individual distances, became the champion of Trade Unions and was included as a candidate for the USSR national team. But all were agreed that the newcomer to his favorite distance of 1500 meters will be held in the shadow of eminent Shilkova, Goncharenko and Grishina, the winners in this discipline in the World and European championships.

. ... In the first day of the Winter Olympic Games-56 in the Italian town of Cortina d'Ampezzo Grishin set a world record for 500 meters, Mikhailov also fell on the turn
. But ahead was his favorite distance.

In the eleventh race Grishin shows an excellent result - 2.08,6. New world record! In the next couple Mikhailov without a single blot conducts the race, and repeats the achievement of their comrade.

. In the evening, under floodlights, two joyful Olympic champion and world record holder, hugged and shook hands like men.

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Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich, photo, biography
Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich, photo, biography Yuri Mikhailov Matveyevich  Soviet athlete (speed skating), Honored Master of Sports, photo, biography
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