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Vittorio Pozzo

( Coach)

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Biography Vittorio Pozzo
photo Vittorio Pozzo
Born May 2, 1886 in Turin (Italy).
. Died Dec. 21, 1968.
. Country Italy.
. Position coach.
. Club Lago Maggiore, Roveto, both of Italy; Grasshoppers, Switzerland.
. Head coach of the Italian Olympic team (1912, 1924.) Team in Italy (1929-1948 gg.)
. Head coach as head coach spent the Olympic team in Italy 8 matches (3 wins) in the Azzurri 87 matches (60 victories).
. Achievements (as coach) World Champion (2 times): 1934, 1938.
. Olympic Champion (1 time): 1936

. ERA Vittorio Pozzo
. First supersbornoy XX century was the team of Uruguay, who won the Olympic Games 1924 and 1928 years, as well as the first world championship in 1930
. But the South American refused the right to defend his title four years later. And the leadership role in world football 30's took the Italian team. Under the leadership of a brilliant coach Vittorio Pozzo she won in their home world championship in 1934 and four years later repeated this success in Paris. And in between those victories of the Italians managed to win the tournament and the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

. In 1929 started the first championship of Italy, . in which 18 of the strongest clubs from across the country met in the tournament of one group, . rather than several subgroups, . as it was before, . The country started this football boom - football has become a sport's number one, . everywhere began to build new stadiums, . and the word "National", . when and wherever it was used, . certainly belonged to the Italian national team in football.,

. Championship ended in 1930, the victory of Milan club Ambrosiana-Inter, the best scorer of the championship and was the 20-year-old Giuseppe Meazza, who scored 31 the ball.

. Another name to engage the attention of fans - the name of Vittorio Pozzo, who at the age of 44 was appointed as coach
. He previously led the Italian team that competed at the Olympics in 1912 and 1924. Pozzo then worked as secretary of the Italian Football Association, as well as regularly writing about football in the newspaper La Stampa in his native Turin.

. And here he was again appointed to the team and became the only person responsible for the selection of players and the training team, which was to win two world championships in a row
. Throwing all his former occupations, Pozzo worked with "skuadroy Azzurro" 20 years!

. Victory At home
. Excellent organization of all-Italian Cup has led to a rise in the level of football clubs and as a consequence, the sharp rise of team
. Italians are now on a par with the Austrians began to set the tone on the continent. At the FIFA Congress in Stockholm in 1932 of two candidates for the second World Cup (Sweden and Italy) was elected Italy. 32 teams entered the qualifying fight, and 16 of them have the right to play in the championship, held at cup system. Even the Italians had to play a qualifying match: March 25, 1934 they were in Milan to beat Greece - 4:0.

. By the World Cup team Vittorio Pozzo went, having to its credit some brilliant results, shown in the preceding year, the primacy
. She won against Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia, played a draw against England and lost only one match - the famous Austrian "vundertimu" - 2-4 in Turin.

. Now the Italian fans are dreaming of winning the world championship, and Vittorio Pozzo had to get it at any cost.

. TEAM BASED Juventus
. Pozzo decided to build a team based on one or more clubs, of which could be taken immediately to a few players
. After preparation for the tournament was not long enough to achieve full understanding of soccer. Blocky same principle makes it possible to take the whole links from one club, the players who have played together for a long time, and therefore understand each other without words.

The wise coach understood that the technique and tactics are inseparable. Team - Pozzo said, would never be able to play better, more efficiently and more quickly than permitted by the technical capabilities of its players. And even the most outstanding tactical maneuvers meaningless if performed slowly. Even in the 30 years the rate was the decisive factor, but one speed, if not backed by the accuracy of performance, it was still not enough for success.

. Pozzo made a bid for Juventus Turin to win the championship of the country from 1931 to 1934
. Seven players of the club formed the basis of "National": estate goalkeeper, defenders of Rosetta and Caligaris, Monti tsentrhavy Bertolini, Ferrari and Orsi forwards. "Ambrozianu" in the team Pozzo were key players of the club Meazza and Allemande, "Bologna" - frontline Schiavio, "Roma" - extreme right Guaita.

. Vittorio Pozzo always striven for excellence and never ceased to look for new talented players for his team
. At one time he had long lived abroad - in France and Switzerland - and a few matches played in the Zurich Grasshopper-Club. And in 1933 he reappeared in Switzerland. His goal was to get magnificent Swiss defender Severino Minelli. By origin Minnelli was an Italian, a native of Bergamo, and Pozzo invited him to go to the Italian club - "Ambrozianu or Juventus, so then join the team. But surprisingly the world Minnelli turned down the proposal.

But in exactly the same situation with the other three players excelled Vittorio Pozzo. There are three prominent Argentines of Italian origin who moved to Italy, have the right to speak for the "National". Luisito Monti, . high tsentrhav, . possessing a good sense of position and perfectly knowing how to fight for the ball, . served in the Argentina squad for World Cup 1930, . but then moved to Juventus, and later played 18 matches for the national team of Italy.,

. His compatriot and partner in the Turin club, the left extreme Raimundo Orsi, played for Argentina in the final of the Olympic Games in 1928
. and then held 35 appearances for Italy, scoring 13 goals.

Both of these football players were born in 1901, so that the world championships, they were on 33 пЁп+п¦п¦. Their extensive experience has become one of the main components of success "skuadry Azzurro.

Third "oriundi" was an extreme right "Roma Enrico Guaita. It was a quick and decisive football, despite its clearly not heroic complexion, who had an unusually strong impact.

. So, Vittorio Pozzo solved the problem of the three positions that were considered in those days, the key, resulting in an attack against Italy was the strongest in the world
. Two extreme forward - Guaita and Orsi - as if in a vise, took defense rival, providing accurate pasami Frontline Angelo Schiavio, which in an attack supported by insider Giuseppe Meazza and Giovanni Ferrari.

. At the core tactics of the future champions lay fast inspired attack - Pozzo was not afraid to take risks, relying entirely on the reliability of the line of defense that allowed an attacker to play relaxed, without regard to his own goal
. Another difference Pozzo from other coaches of his time was that he always tried to carefully examine the future of the opponent, using every opportunity to see it in the game, and in accordance with what he found to vary his tactics. He spent and individual sessions with each player, and modeled during training game situations that could arise during a meeting with one or another rival. Players piously believed in his coach, seeing him as his best adviser.

As a result, the Italian team was a single team, rallied no less than any club team. This was the key to success in those days, when all tackled the preparations for the game, because if not allowed to change during the match.

. Two matches in 24 hours
. The first game of the world championship - May 27, the U.S. team against the Italians played very confidently, winning the joy of the 25-thousandth the crowd of spectators with a score of 7:1
. Schiavio scored three goals, two Orsi, one - Meazza and Ferrari. But the easy ride is over.

In Florence, the Italians had a tough Game 1 / 4 final against the Spaniards, who became one of the most dramatic championship games. The hosts could not find the path to the gates of the legendary Ricardo Zamora, a stadium and then froze in horror, when the Spaniards were taken in account: Regueiro scored after a free kick goal against estate.

. In a similar situation and managed to score the Italians: Pitstsiolo executed free-kick, Schiavio diverted the attention of Zamora, and adroitly Ferrari completed a combination of good ball
. Account and remained tied until the final whistle. In extra time the Italians had several opportunities, but they were not used, and the next day stand before the replay.

The same stadium 24 hours later. Only the referee another - instead of the Belgian Maerta game judged Swiss Meree.

Before the match Pozzo spoke heart to heart with each of the players, checking their condition, and made changes to the composition. Ferraris replaced the broken leg Pitstsiolo, and Borrell of 'Juventus' led the charge ...

Require replacement and as part of the Spaniards: Ricardo Zamora was unable to enter the field because of injury, and besides him. was replaced with another six players.

43 000 visitors came to the "second act", which began with tragedy for the Spaniards: already at the fourth minute of injury has left extreme Bosch, but the substitution is not permitted because. At the 12 th minute after a corner, filed Orsi, Meazza scored the goal, but the Spaniards did not surrender. And again until the last minute retained the possibility of a tie. After the final whistle, the exhausted players could barely stand on my feet. But the Italians had only 48 hours to prepare for the semi-final match with Austria in Milan.

Austrian "Wunderteam"
In the early 30's of the world and only said that the "Vienna vundertime (superkomande) Hugo Mayzlya. Well-known specialist of football has created a team that triumphantly walked across Europe, defeating Germany - 6:0 and 5:0, Hungary - 8:2, Italy - 2:1 and 4:2, France - 4:0. Of the 15 matches before the World Cup Austrians lost only one, and then on a visit to the British - 3:4. This game, held on Dec. 7, 1932 in London, was so high in quality that, despite the defeat, "Wunderteam" earned the highest rating.

But for the World Cup 1934 team Hugo Mayzlya already beginning to outlive themselves. From the stars of past years were few - sit down, Smistik, Tsishek, Bican and Sindelar - and their young partners were not so talented. Nevertheless, the Austrians had the strength to win on the road to the semi-finals the team of France - and Hungary 3:2 - 2:1.

Hugo Mayzl realistic about the chances of his team before the game with the Italians: "In Italy, a stronger, more balanced team. It is better prepared, and also for her audience.

At the game in Milan, it's 35 000 fans, and organizers have received from this match is the highest revenue for the entire tournament - 811 thousand pounds. Vittorio Pozzo put up against the Austrians Schiavio and Ferrari (they did not participate in a playoff with Spain), contrasting Hugo Mayzlyu strongest line of attack. The main intrigue of the match was a duel of two world class players - Sindelar and Monty. On the 18 th minute after a corner Guaita scored the only goal, moving his team to the finals. Finally the Italians had a whole week to prepare for the game. June 10 they were to meet in Rome with the team of Czechoslovakia, who beat on the way to the decisive match of team Romania, Switzerland and Germany. Judge for the finals was appointed Swede Ivan Eklind, who conducted the semifinal Italy - Austria.

The decisive match was full of struggle, and to address its outcome took more time. Nerves of 50 thousand spectators were strained from the beginning to the end of the game. Puig, the left extreme of the Czechoslovak national team, he brought it forward at the 69 th minute, noting his return to the system - long before that moment he was injured, and he was within a few minutes, provided medical care outside of the field.

. When the end of the meeting remained ten minutes, Ferrari and Guaita organized combination, which ended one of the cannon strikes Orsi, and the score became equal - 1:1.

. In extra time Pozzo made changes to the game of the Italian team, reversing Schiavio and Guaita, as well as giving an indication of Monty increasingly connected to the attack to help the injured Meazza
. But it is beautiful Meazza Paz Guaite began a combination that ended in a 97 th minute of the victorious bare Schiavio. The Italians won the world championship in his native walls.

Curious memories of that time, Jiri Sobotka, tsentrhava Czechoslovakian team, later became known coach. "Our team - he told - was a team of Prague: Eight players from the" Glory and three of the "Sparta". We did not even prepare for the tournament specifically. We paid a hundred crowns a day during the tournament, but many of us hoped for a speedy departure, and therefore did not take with him to Italy, no belongings, except that the pajamas and toothbrush. But we have far to go - and this even without the normal coach, because our delegation was headed by Peter, secretary of the Football Association.

Italians in the second half to slow the pace somewhat, and we deservedly taken in account. At this moment on the podium for the guests of honor, where watched the game Benito Mussolini. began some confusion.

But we do not even occurred to me that we can keep the score, increasing defense. And our Peter was not even watch! So a few minutes before the end we missed the goal, and all our hopes vanished like smoke. "

With the victory at the World Cup 1934 Italian soccer reached its peak. As we approach the third world championship was the question of title defense. Vittorio Pozzo understood that this was necessary to create a new team, and began to build it around the captain Meazza and Ferrari - two previous winners of the tournament. Besides, one of the world champions in 1934 was left in the new team of Vittorio Pozzo.

Graduated to play goalie estate, finish the game and oriundi - Monti, Orsi and Guaita, and Pozzo began to think about the future. The decision came two years after the Roman triumph, the Olympic tournament in Berlin. Pozzo brought to the capital of Germany team of students, who beat the U.S., Japan, Norway and Austria, and returned home with gold medals of the Olympics. During the tournament the coach discovered two excellent defenders - Alfredo Foni and Pietro Ravou, as well as attacking midfielder Ugo Locatelli.

In place tsentrhava, deserted, Luis Monti, came another "oriundi - Uruguayan Michele Andreolo. As always, Pozzo carefully selected the wing, which was founded by the attacking play of his team. In 1936, the "Bologna" was able to interrupt a series of victories for Juventus in the championship and repeated their success in the 37-m. These victories club was first obliged Andreolo creative talent and excellent game of extreme right Amadeo Biavati. Biavati and Gino Kolaussi, the left extreme of the "Triestina," became the new "wings" "National".

. Star forward Silvio Piola
. In 1935 a new name appeared in the list of the best scorers of Italian football, dominated Meazza, Guaita, Cattaneo and Borel
. This name - Silvio Piola from Rome Lazio. Physically strong striker, who joined Lazio from the Pro Vercelli, was unique in the completion of attacks and is unmatched in the game head. "Piola Gzmbalunga" ( "Piola - long leg") called his fans. During his career he scored 290 goals in the Italian championship, becoming the top scorer of all time (since it could not compete any contemporary Meazza, nor the stars of next generation - Nordahl and Altafini).

. Piola has become the new Frontline team Vittorio Pozzo and in 34 matches for "National" has scored 30 goals
. So, in Italy again had three high-strikers - Biavati, Piola and Kolaussi. The line of attack has been completed.

In 1938, the clouds began to thicken thicken over Europe. The political situation could not but affect the World Cup. 35 teams were involved in a qualifying fight, but many of them and then abandoned it, and some (eg, Austria) simply ceased to exist independently.

But the World Cup still held. France has taken him to seven cities and the rights of the hostess will automatically hit the number of finalists. World Champion - Italy has also been exempted from the qualifying games. Winner of the first championship - team again refused to visit Uruguay and Argentina, battling for the right to host the championship in 1938, at the last moment, too, decided to stay home. England still ignoring the world championship, although the relationship between FIFA and the English Association, have become much less tense than before. The British were told that at the end of a busy domestic championship can not build a good team. Instead, some aimed at the leaders in the football scene up little-known teams - Cuba and the Dutch India.

Protecting your rank champions arrived in France confident. In the match of 1 / 8 final in Marseille on June 5 of their rivals were the Norwegians, on the Olympics in 1936 delivered the team a lot of trouble Vittorio Pozzo. Then in the semi-final the Italians were able to prevail only in extra time - 2-1. However, after this in a friendly game in Oslo a year before the World Cup they confidently won - 3-1. Gave them confidence in their strength and victory in the training games before the championship over Belgium 6-1 and Yugoslavia - 4-0.

Yet in Marseilles "skuadre Azzurro" had to be easy. It is not the spirit of the Hall after the goal, Ferraris, Norwegians, shortly before the interval equaled the score (it did Brustad) and then had plenty of opportunities to win. Italian goalkeeper Aldo Olivieri and over again saved his team, often resorting to bars and beam. At the beginning of extra time, a 94 th minute, Piola scored the winning goal, but winning the Italians could hardly be called conclusive.

. By the quarterfinal, which were to play against France, Pozzo made several changes in the composition, firing on the field the strongest
. Foni took place in the defense Monzelo and Biavati Kolaussi and replaced on the flanks of Ferraris and Pazinati.

In this part of the team Pozzo and reached the end of the tournament.

June 12 world champions took to the match against the hosts in Paris. This quarter, gathered 60 000 spectators, was the most visited championship match. Italians did not take long to regain his game. Their physical superiority over his rival was drawn to the constant fanning tempo game. possession of the ball skills and not leave the owners a chance to bring down this rate of. Within nine minutes from the match was opened: the next breakthrough on the edge of the bare ends Kolaussi. The French responded bare Eysserera, but two goals Piola second-half response was not found.

. Semifinal Italy - Brazil could turn out worthy of any final if not for the fact that the South American to hold two matches against Czechoslovakia, and their forces would be almost at the end
. They had to produce on the field of seven new players, to the same due to injury was unable to reach the famous Leonidas - "Black Pearl".

The spectators were rooting for the Brazilians, but goals in the match were killed mostly Italians. The first half ended without result, but after the break Piola organized goal scored Kolaussi. From Frontline Italian rivals could do nothing: after another foul against him Meazza scored a goal, decided the outcome of the struggle. And only three minutes before the final whistle Romeu able to hold a goal of prestige.

Italian rival in the Finals was the Hungarian national team, is very easy to overcome the previous three - phase. The Hungarians defeated the Dutch East Indies - 6-0, Switzerland - 2-0 and Sweden - 5.1. Having great players ahead - Zhengellera, Sц¦rosi and Titkosha, has wonderful technique, the Hungarian national team could be anyone, not just an outsider. But the class of Italians to everyone's surprise turned out to be an order of magnitude higher. On that day in the ranks of champions once again stood out Kolaussi and Piola, scored two goals. The joy that covered the whole of Italy after the "National" was able to defend the championship title, was as great as it is disappointment in Hungary. In Budapest, waiting for much more than the defeat with the score 2-4.

Well, Vittorio Pozzo and still remains the champion among coaches. But he managed to lead his team to two victories at the world championships, and in between them and win the Olympic Games. After the championship in 1938 was for 12 years, until finally, the fourth world championship. By the time Vittorio Pozzo retired: having worked with the team 20 years, he left her after the Olympics 1948 in London. Following the 1938 triumph at the world championship of Italy was waiting for 44 years.

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Vittorio Pozzo, photo, biography
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