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Antimonov Sergei Ivanovich

( Actor)

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Biography Antimonov Sergei Ivanovich
photo Antimonov Sergei Ivanovich
Born in Kursk. Died May 8, 1954 in Moscow.

The brilliant comic actor and movie theater early twentieth century. One of the founders and prime ministers in St. Petersburg burlesque theater "distorting mirror". One of the favorite actors Grigory Alexandrov, was shot in his comedy film "Volga-Volga", "Circus", "Spring".

Sergey Antimonov was born in Kursk philistines. Parents engaged in the merchant business, and to the cultural values they had no special case. Sergei became taught. In addition to the traction acting craft, he has undeniable literary gift, tried to write. I once sent a letter to Moscow, Art-Public Theater (as then was called MAT), personally Nemirovich-Danchenko. He said that he wanted to go to this glorious scene as an actor. Surprisingly, Antimonova answer came: he was lucky - after a year the theater opened an acting school, and Vladimir Ivanovich remembered impertinent letter to the young men of the Kursk. Sergei passed a difficult competition and was assigned to the students.

Position Antimonova was determined immediately. Characteristic. As a student, he participated in almost all productions of the Moscow Art Theater, played minor roles. And after graduating from school, immediately began wandering through the province: Tver, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Morshansk, Kherson, Nezhyn, Krasnoyarsk, Belgorod. In 1904, Sergei Antimonov staged his first play "White, gray, black, and in 1908 his play" The Parable of Love "was chosen as a benefit for the brilliant provincial actress Mary Yarotsky, who became his wife.

. Then it was a decade of service "distorted mirror", the principal and supporting roles in the most ridiculous of the theater
. In the 20-ies Antimonov worked at the Theater of Satire. And with the mid-thirties actor starred in many movies: "The party ticket" (Kulikov), . "Motherland calls" (Ignatiev), . "Happy Traveler" (conductor), . "In the Far East" (Jankov), . "Stepan Razin" (Astrakhan voivod), . "Lenin in 1918" (Polyakov), . "Favorite Girl" (Switzerland), . "Cost of Living" (Head of communications).,

. The famous film director Grigory Alexandrov п¦п+п+п¦п¦пTп+пЁя-п¦яL invited Sergei Antimonova the role of shprehshtalmeystera in one of his best comedies, "The Circus"
. Almost all the heroes of the film have been associated with it. Shprehshtalmeyster controlled the output of each of them to the viewers and was the personification of all years of experience, wisdom and soul of the circus, and the profession as a whole. It is he a hero Vladimir Volodin sang verse: "Everything should be sleeping, but not at work". Antimonov cope with the role brilliantly and was invited to the next - best - film Grigory Alexandrov "Volga-Volga". There he played a janitor Okhapkina closest associate pismonositsy arrows.

. In recent years, Sergei Antimonov worked in the studio theater actor, but played little because of severe illness.

. In 1903 he graduated from drama school at the Moscow Art Theater
. In 1903-1908 he worked in theaters in Tver, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Morshansk, Kherson, Nezhin, Krasnoyarsk, Belgorod.

In 1908-1918 - actor and playwright in the St. Petersburg theater "distorting mirror". In 1919-1920 - at the Theater in the name Lunacharskogo Pokrovsky (now - Engels). In 1920-1922 - in the Saratov Theater Marx. Since 1922 - in a Moscow theater: "Crooked Jimmy", the Free Theater, Theater Square, named Komissarzhevskaya. In 1926-1933 - actor Satire Theater, in 1933-1937 - Chamber Theater. Since 1937 - at the studio "Soyuzdetfilm". In 1943 he played in the All-studio pop art. Since 1948 - in the studio theater actor.

. Author of plays "The Parable of Love" (1908), . "Vodotolcheya" (1909), . "Woman and Death" (1911), . "Husbands and Wives" (1914), . "Love and the Doctor" (1915), . "Young wine" (1916), . "Bowa, the King" (1918), . Columbus "(1920), . "We need a piece of paper" (1924), . Petrova Fun "(1924), . "Alien Head" (1925), . "Groom" (1927, . with N. Aduyevs), . Sleep handsome "(1932, . with A. Argo), etc.,

. Actor's work:
. 1
. Circus - 1936 (Melodrama) ... shprehshtalmeyster
2. The party ticket - 1936 () ... Kulikov
3. In the Far East - 1937 () ... Yankov
4. Volga-Volga - 1938 (comedy) ... janitor Okhapkin
5. Lenin in 1918 - 1939 (Historical / Biographical) ... Polyakov
6. Stepan Razin - 1939 () ... Astrakhan voivod
7. Favorite Girl - 1940 () ... Switzerland
8. Russian question - 1947
9. Spring - 1947 (Lyric comedy)
10. Comedy of days long past - 1980

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Antimonov Sergei Ivanovich, photo, biography
Antimonov Sergei Ivanovich, photo, biography Antimonov Sergei Ivanovich  Actor, photo, biography
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