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Comments for SWIFT Frank
Biography SWIFT Frank
Born December 26, 1915.
Died Feb. 6, 1958
Country of England.
Position goalkeeper.

He played for the 'Manchester City' (1933-1950). Champion of England 1937. Cup England 1934. In the English first division championship played 341 game. For England was made in 19 games (1946 - 1949). One of the best goalkeepers in the history of English and European football. After retiring from active sporting career was columnist. Tragically died with the team 'Manchester United' in a plane crash on February 6 1958.

Perhaps not in the 30 th - 40 th years of the British Isles soccer is more popular than Frank Swift. Fans of all, without exception, English clubs, . known for their fanaticism and devotion to local idols, . pronounce his name with awe and reverence, . allowing himself except that with good-natured familiarity called him 'Big Swifty' - Big Swift ',
. Paying tribute to the talent, courage and sparkling gaiety this lanky goalkeeper.

He really was a great guy: and growth (191 cm) and weight (89 kg) God is not offended that it was as impossible for him by the way. Goalkeeper in the 30 years in England was a kind of kamikaze football, which is relentlessly and sometimes brutally attacked tall and cheeky boys weighed under 90 kg - that these athletes were selected to the position of center forward. They have no special ceremonies were ready to make a goalkeeper with the ball at the gate. Regulations, for example, if allowed to (and this was considered particularly chic) knock the ball from the hands of the goalkeeper and mockingly peg into an empty net. The audience especially enjoyed these goals, they are valued even higher than the resultant 'fool' from inside the penalty area or a powerful blow to the head. In such battles Swift felt like a fish in water: when the ball in his hands, . immediately looked around and, . if seen, . that 80-pound locomotive rushes at him for a frontal attack, . immediately fell on his knee, . pulling his shoulders, . and turned into a ski jump for the attacker, . which flew over his head straight, . the gate,
. You can imagine what is happening at this moment in the stands. Therefore, players who knew Frank, dared to have such an attack, fearing to become a laughingstock in the eyes of the stadium.

. In those years of romantic football, when the output opponents one on one with the goalkeeper was not uncommon, in Swift and in such an extreme case, there were piles of corporate secrets
. Leaping toward the attacker and thus decreasing the angle of attack, Swift in handball was overshadowed by his very long arms and casually shifted to one corner, opening the Beat tempting target. In the game, when the time for decision is compressed into one moment, players often come across on this simple trick: once beaten in the open angle where the Swift is already reflexively tossed his lanky body. But it happened that our hero circled around her little finger turned out to not less resourceful enemy.

In this manner, Frank punished famous frontline of the 'Derby County' Peter Doherty. In the May match, . held immediately after the Second World War, . bout Swift and Doherty was the core audience's interest and reminded Aragonese corrida, . where the bullfighter in the goal-gloved opposed burly bull with short cropped head,
. At one point Doherty broke away from defenders and ripped to. Gate. Swift went to meet them, out of habit slightly displaced to the right, releasing the left corner, and when according to his calculations is the moment of impact, rushed. And left ... felt a frightening emptiness: Doherty deftly tossed the ball from foot to foot and put it to the right, where stood a moment before hitromudry goalkeeper.

Swift was the brightest personality, attracting crowds of fans to the stadium. He, in turn, loved the audience, it would start its merry pranks, nothing inconsistent with the discretion of the English character. A striking example of how Swift could make a striker carnival doll can serve as the match in Charlton, where he confronted the player England Don Walsh, a well-known fact that cruelly treated by the guardians of the gate. So, Frank three times, like a circus juggler, Walsh left in the cold. Taking the high transmission in the goalmouth, Swift in one hand holding the ball in his right hand which more resembled a pea, and was ready to enter it in the box, when Walsh ran up and stood up in front of him, nose to nose, did not give goalkeeper to move. Then Frank showed that he wanted to inject the ball over the left shoulder Walsh, and this movement was so natural that Don immediately butted heads left, confident that intercepts the transmission. Swift is elegantly, . in basketball moved the ball from right to left through Doing this trick, . worthy Magic Johnston, . three, . thrice Walsh, . like bultereru, . avail rushed from side to side, . then Swift with deadly, . impassive face katnul ball nearest defender,
. Local fans (and the Swift was the guest) were dying of laughter.

Comedian and actor in the gate - it is about the Swift, but this assertion is only partly true. It is also a great goalkeeper, a true professional. When he played for England, it was very attention and integrity. Above the gates waving his standard with the brand slogan: 'The result is above all - fun for a snack'.

. International career of Frank emasculated the Second World War, because of what Swift has played for England only 19 matches and only two matches England team lost
. Basically they were playing with teams of the United Kingdom, not inferior, though, according to inflame other matches in soccer. Some of them entered the 'gold reserve' of English football.

In 1948, Swift has played one of his most memorable matches at the famous 'Hampden Park' in Glasgow against Scotland in the presence of 140 thousand visitors. Early in the game Englishman Stanley Matthews, his unique dribbling walked five defenders and gave warmhearted Tommy Laugonu pass the course, after which 'piper' began with the center. However, this is not the beginning of their confused, and Swift started this doomsday. But to the amazement of the Scottish players and fans of his hands and feet always an insurmountable obstacle in the way of the ball. At the beginning of the second half in the fight for the ball Swift riding collided with Billy Liddell, the extreme leftist 'Liverpool', and collapsed, writhing in pain. At the gate, despite the protests of the doctor, he was. It is thanks to him, the British won a principled match - 2:0. From the dressing room, Frank was sent to hospital, where noted fractured three ribs. How could he play the game for nearly 45 minutes in this state, having made a few desperate throws and constantly battling the outputs, only God knows.

. Frank Swift was born on Dec. 26, 1915 and was the second son in the family, who lived in the fishing town of Fleetwood in Lancashire
. His older brother, Fred was already a professional football player (incidentally, also a goalkeeper) when the 14-year-old Frank finished school. Fred played for the 'Blackpool', which at that time had fought in the Second Division. 'Blackpool' laid, eyes, and Frank, but the signing of the contract prevented her mother, wisely considering that does not matter if the two siblings will be sharing one indivisible place as a team.

. So Frank had no choice but to do, how to catch fish instead of balls with dad and occasionally flexing football
. He tried several jobs until he stopped at the mill, and then only because they had a football team. And, perhaps, mill komandochka was that we should, once again was chosen for sparring by 'Manchester City'. Then Swift invited to a famous club with a three-month probationary period for 10 shillings a month.

At age 18 she withdrew the fate of Frank on the road to unfading glory. On the eve of his adulthood in December, on request (one word - fate!), One after another, were knocked out two main goalkeeper - Barber and Langford. 'Manchester City' suddenly had as soon as possible to decide on the purchase of an experienced goalkeeper. Meanwhile, Frank Swift entrusted to take a seat at the gate on Christmas Day 1933. Filled 'Maine Road' - the citadel of 'MC' - has witnessed the funeral of Jonathan Swift, when the 'Derby County' four forced him to catch the ball from the grid. 'They would be crazy if you put me again in the gate' - and thought himself Swift, later recalling the beginning of his career. The more so that the next cup match with 'Blackburn Rovers'. But the leadership of the club, strange (I think, have to), gave him another chance to prove themselves. It was he who proved decisive in the fate of Swift, who was born the same day as the main goalkeeper 'M C', and helped to overcome 'Rovers' - 3:0. Next national cup games with the 'Sheffield' and 'Hull' Frank stood up to zero, so that in the quarter to come together face to face with the great Stanley Matthews, speaking for the 'Stoke'. His handshake after losing 'Stokes' 0:1 match meant for the young Swift very much.

In the semi-final against the 'Aston Villa' Frank played by his own admission, one of the best matches of his career. Birmingemtsy traditionally national cup fighters, had nothing to do with this lanky young man at the gate. The blows rained down from different distances, but Swift was caught boldness in the day did not penetrate. In one attack, the ball, hulled with crazy power with five meters, hit him in the face, and ... subsequent minutes of the game he remembered the bad. Eyewitnesses recalled that after a concussion Swift nonetheless took some very difficult goals and played flawlessly on the outputs. Mankuniantsy, led by legendary coach of the future 'Manchester United' by Matt Busby, supported by his selfless play goalie, breaking the 'Villu' rout - 6:1, and reached the FA Cup final. By that time, and goalkeeper recovered Langford, but as Frank said the league and played quite steadily in the 'MS' decided to put on the Swift and released it in a crowded field of 'Wembley'. Who would have thought! Five months ago he was only the third player in the team, and now shakes the hand of his king George V on the traditional representation of players before the final match in the FA Cup.

. Opponent 'MC' for the finale of 'Portsmouth' is considered in this meeting, the clear favorite, and nobody was surprised when the Swift in the middle of the first time in the hearts kicked the ball had been in his gate, to the center of the field
. 'Portsmouth' methodically build up the tempo mankuniantsy stubbornly tried to equalize the game. A few minutes before the break there was an episode that could cost Frank entire future career, Matt Busby, seeing how terribly nervous Swift after a missed goal, decided it would be no more than. If the goalkeeper, taking a pass, and the rest will go down in rhythm game. And with thirty feet slightly katnul ball in his penalty area. Well, who could imagine that Frank ran out of the gate, awkwardly spread out his arms and will miss him between the legs. Under the growing roar of the 'Wembley' the gate 'M C' rolled the second goal, and followed him on all fours crawling frantically frightened goalie. At the last moment for the meter to the brink of Swift in a desperate dash managed to knock the ball on the corner. Players 'Manchester' finally realized that now play without a goalkeeper, and increased the pressure on the 'Portsmouth', without giving opponents a single chance to break on their gates. Swift, were virtually out of the game, stripped the paint from the bars of their gates, trying to pull myself together. 15 minutes before the end of the 'M C' equalized, and five scored the second goal. Last minutes were unbearable for Swift, and when the judge (and it was none other than future Sir Stanley Rose) gave the final whistle, Frank in front of the stadium collapsed unconscious over the goal line. A few minutes later came a Swift was standing in a number of their partners, waiting for the medal and congratulations from the King. 'His Majesty asked me how I feel. Myself, I replied that I had never felt better because I won my first award in my life, and how! Medal winners of the English Cup! "

Like many players, Frank was terribly superstitious. Before the final, he mistakenly took the boots and my brother not being able to change later on their own, was forced to play them against the 'Portsmouth'. And, winning the Cup, I left them as a priceless relic. Wear them only on the most important matches in the club and national team and kept them as the apple of our eye.

Becoming the first team goalkeeper 'Manchester City', Swift gained confidence, gained experience and their nervous breakdowns at the dawn of youth football recalled with a smile. Less than two 'seasons, as in England, everyone who had any connection to football, were firmly convinced that the best goalkeeper of the country - Frank Swift. Season 1936 - 1937 period was generally the star in the history of 'MS'. The team was in the juice, a lot of players were about thirty, they were experienced, fast and aggressive. Swift as a rock, stood at the gate, cementing an already solid defense. So it is quite natural that the 'Manchester City' won the championship that year, England, and his supporters were optimistic about the future. However, the following season was marked by a deafening crash. The club began abruptly give ground, losing the match the match. Began dismantling, the change in leadership, shuffling the composition of that in the end is not brought to the good. Swift is playing better and better, becoming a leading candidate for the national team, but his club's slide into the second division could not stop. A year later the Second World War, and 'M C' bye to the first league to ten years.

As a family man with two children. Swift is not drafted. The English Football Association decided that professional football players during the war could play for any club. located in the vicinity of their place in military service or work. In this case the players do not have the right to permanently move to the club, as well as enter into any financial contracts. According to the verdict of association football players receive a match for two pounds sterling. Even in the terrible war years, football is not dead: the Churchill government understand how much this game means for thousands of people standing under arms or working in factories. However, sometimes the team could not score in the whole match. "Many players were drafted into the army and fought at the front. Therefore, for the 'MC' on the field ran out and the secretary of the club, never before seriously playing football and himself a coach who has exceeded far beyond fifty.

Swift, on the advice of a friend went to serve in the police in Manchester. 'Newfound constable was charged with the duty to regulate traffic on the streets and catch saboteurs. Take part in the fighting he did not have, but by an authorized official - happens. And as a cop skills he 'did not have any, he felt the full all the fathomless depths of the great language of Shakespeare. In the midst of war, with the start of the bombing of Manchester, Jonathan Swift, a volunteer goes to the army post at a sports instructor. His were assigned to the camp for recruits in Oldershote, traditionally considered the heart of the British army training. As every English town, Oldershot had its own football team, which performed in the third division. Since the beginning of the war Oldershot was a storehouse of the best English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh players called into the ranks of the armed forces of His Majesty. Every week previously unremarkable town could stand a new team full of stars. After the war he returned to football groove. In the season 1945-1946 years Swift again defended Gates 'Manchester City'. While still a soldier, he received a leave each week to play league and Cup.

After demobilization, Frank was at a crossroads: it was already over 30, his family, that it should contain, and in the pockets of sparsely. The war has eaten all the savings obtained later in training and games. A friend offered him a job a clerk in one of his grocery firms. Adoption of the proposal meant the end of professional football career, what would not hear in the 'MS'. Affairs team were clearly on the mend, and in 1947, 'MC' is back in first division. Swift, a new youth. His playing was simple and reliable. It is thanks to him mankuniantsy after the resumption of normal tournament were able to show a stable, guaranteeing the return to the first division game. The club had a lot of ambitious newcomers, and Frank with his experience and unquestioned authority could bring another great benefit to the team. Storm of indignation aroused intentions Swift and the English Football Association.

Renewed and intensified the war interrupted the international contacts. The British came out of the shell of isolation and planned a series of meetings with continental teams. Swift regarded as the undisputed candidate at the gate of the national team.

What it means for English football, showed Unexpected Britain and Europe, held May 10, 1947 in Glasgow. The British won 6:1, but that they would be without the Swift? Their aggressive and straightforward game 'Europeans' in opposition Fast, combination, where the protagonists were the Swedes Gren and Nordahl. First his clever pasami tore defense of the islanders, the second - as the spearhead, was ready, effectively complete the attack. Three times in the first half Swift figured out the puzzle and the Grenadines, time ran out to the boundary of the penalty area, his favorite method eliminated outputs Nordahl. A blow Dutchman Wilkes meters from the fifteen, parried Frank of 'Nine', provoked applause for 'Hampden Park'. Sometimes through the match, as grades at school, do not always reflect the true state of affairs - is just the same case. 6:1 was formed from the mistakes of the 'European' goalie Daru, a dubious penalty, a judge appointed by the reader in favor of the British, a powerful British attack led by Matthews and Lawton, and, of course, a brilliant game Swift. No wonder after the match at Frank's neck ached from the friendly slaps partners, admiring his play.

In April 1948 Swift broke three ribs in the already mentioned match with Scotland and ... suffered a massive attack of their home, demanding that he finished his football career. Increasingly, and he himself came to mind is a sad thought for any player. England manager Walter Winterbottom, knowing Frank, tried to delay the moment of parting, as seen in the British clubs goalkeepers, comparable to Swift.

. May 16, 1948 England held in Turin in principle match with the Italians for the right to be called the strongest in Europe
. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the friendlies at the time traded as high and caused a huge wave of interest: Italy was a double world champion in the tournament, which ignored the inventors of football. This match was a kind of point, to be delivered over the 'i'.

Legendary Vittorio Pozzo gathered under its banner all the best, what is the italian football on the day. 'Stadio Comunale' in Turin was filled to the last town two hours before the game and fueled musical arias tiffozi, no doubt the victory of his 'skuadry Azzurro'. And indeed, despite the fact that Mornensen already at the 4 th minute opened the scoring, the Italians steadily held in the hands of the threads match. And here the hour Swift. It was simply not clear how he could fend off a powerful blow in a row, Valentino Mazzola and Karapellese. Particularly fine was the Italians Mazzola. His dribbling and sharp blows three times, forced to start not only local fans, but players of the English national team. And three times, Frank reached for the ball, knocking it out of the ground under the feet of Italian football. After one of these feats Valentine shrugged his shoulders and ran up to the Swift, raised his thumb and shouting 'Bravo'. World champions were defeated 0:4, and Italian journalists on the next day ... praised his players for their dedication and diligence, while expressing its sympathy to them, so that had to play against the 'lanky rock' at the gate.

. When Frank finally finished his speech, and it happened in 1950, it did not go into any office, he supivshie big profits
. He gladly accepted the invitation to a football column browser in the journal 'News of the World'. His natural humor and thorough knowledge of football gave a special live report of the attractive force. Alas, his no less brilliant journalistic career tragically interrupted by the death. Swift, welded together from Manchester, was one of eight journalists who accompanied the 'Manchester United' in 1958 in his visit to Belgrade to back Champions Cup quarterfinal match with the 'Red Star'. The path to the semifinal was opened, and for Frank it was a great joy - not his favorite 'City' let 'United', but it went to Manchester heroes. Ice-covered plane crashed at Munich airport, taking a different color to the world of English football. There is something mystical in the fact that in the cabin were sitting next to a rising star 18-year-old Duncan Edwards and the Swift and the legendary Busby. As fate would have it pick up Edwards and Swift, as Matt Busby to give a chance to create a new legacy for their loved one with Frank in Manchester. God willing, he succeeded.

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