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Vivian John Woodward

( football player)

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Biography Vivian John Woodward
photo Vivian John Woodward
Born June 1, 1879 in London.
Died Aug. 31, 1954 in London.
Country of England.
Position Striker.
Clubs 'Klekton' 1895-1900 gg. 'Harwich-Parkerston' 1900. 'Chelmsford' 1900-1902 gg. 'Tottenham' 1902-1909 gg. Chelsea 1909-1914 gg.

. In the championship and FA Cup: 326 games 191 goal.
. Honors Olympic champion 1908, 1912.
. British Champion 1903, 1904, 1905, 1908, 1909, 1912, 1914.
. National Teams: England 23 games (14-captain) - 29 goals
. England Am 30 games (28-captain) - 44 goals.
. Total for team 53 games - 73 goals

. Since 1906 in England there were two parallel teams
. In addition to the professional - England (or rather mixed, as the fans were allowed to go there too), was created purely amateur, which was supposed to represent Britain at the Olympic tournament - England Amateur. The International Olympic Committee, in contrast to FIFA, did not recognize the independence of the four British countries.

These two teams have never labeled the English Association as the 'first' and 'second', 'home' and 'incidental'. Both supervised by it on a completely equal footing. Neither the game nor the results of an amateur is not inferior to the professional. In individual matches, they force not merilis.

FIFA uses the concept matches the class A, meaning by that match the first team of one country against the first team other. This federation of the country that participates in the match, she defines the 'first' team, she exposes or some other (ie. team Class B), this can be anything - team league, the youth, the second, Olympic and t. d. but in this case, the main set-off game is not going.

. In those years the England team and England Am were equal rivals, and differed only in tournaments which have the right to speak, so goals scored Woodward correctly considered as equal teams of Class

. For professional team he scored 29 goals in 23 matches
. For England Am 44 goals in 30 games. Total in the history of world football, he is a 5 place! with 73 goals. More he scored only Puskц¦s - 83, Pele and Al Daei on 77, Kocsis - 75.

And since 1914 - almost 40 years, it was an absolute record.

The most interesting is that in England, in contrast to FIFA, this figure is not considered a record, tk. they still maintain separate statistics on these two teams.

And, in fact about the record-:
Born June 1, 1879 in London. Then the family moved to Klekton. In 16 years, Woodward made his debut in the main team Klektona, with unusual for the time manner of playing - he was one of the first playmaker, playing at the same position on the left insiders. While the team has played with seven attackers. Game five attackers appeared only after 1900.

In the season 1895/96 'Klekton' joined the league of North Essex, excel in its second division in 1899 and 1900. Simultaneously, the club's youth team, led by Woodward, became the strongest in Essex in his discharge. In the same 1900-m he left Klekton (this city, by the way, still considers him his best-known in the history of population). He played a dozen matches for 'Harwich-Parkstoun', and then decided to settle in 'Chelmsford'. These names are now nothing they say, but then these clubs were quite popular. In 1902 Woodward was invited to a game called 'South against the North', in which he advocated Southerners. The game was held on 'UaytHartLeyne' - Arena 'Tottenham'. Once again, he led all delighted, and 'Tottenham' took him to his. Woodward became the first superstar in the history of the 'Spurs'. Interestingly, his first big trophy - FA Cup 'Spurs' win in 1901 in the two legs match with Sheffield United, ie. before the arrival of Woodward's, and more professional awards not won until 1921 (2 nd place in the Championship and FA Cup).

. 'Spurs' is not included in the occupational structure of England, then counted 40 clubs (20 in the two divisions), it took only a few months in order to Vivian called into England squad
. February 14, 1903, he debuted in its composition against Ireland. Scored the first two-goal at the 19 th and 52 th minute, to which partners then added two more - 4:0. In reviews of the press on this game about Woodward said this: 'lean and fast as a greyhound', 'football with magic boots. "

. In intellectual Woodward and manner of playing was more subtle: he would not climb ahead, but tried to overcome the defense at the expense of technical specialties, feint
. For the English football at that time it was a unique phenomenon. This facilitated the creation of the uniqueness of many around the halo superstar. According to its constitution Woodward was tall and lean. Players such a warehouse are rarely prominent techies, but it was an exception. Eyewitnesses told of his manner of bursting into the penalty area on the wide step, while cleverly hiding the ball from defenders.

Woodward is never a professional was. For today's generation seems paradoxical, . as an amateur can play a leading role in England, . which included the best 'pro', . but also over five years to fulfill her duties in the captain, . which he entrusting these very 'pro', . admiration for his talent.,

. When he had reached fame and was even called the national team, he learned to be an architect
. And in the future could not imagine a different source of earnings, except for architectural activity. That is why he consistently refuses to numerous and persistent calls to contact the football professionals. November 1, 1906 the premiere amateur national team of England, which left no stone unturned in French - 15:0. Woodward wrote in his account four goals. Nevertheless, in the first five games for this team, he made a poker and three hat-tricks (just make a reservation: in the modern sense of the word. Then a hat-trick understood not just three balls and three balls, stuffed in a row). Once again he has done for the Amateur Poker May 20, 1909 - with Switzerland in Basel (9:0), and the highest personal achievement was his six goals in the gate Holland (9:1) at 'Stamford Bridge' on Dec. 11, 1909.

. Woodward was the captain who won the first two of these Olympic football tournaments-1908 and 1912 years
. 1912 in Stockholm, even carried the banner of the UK ahead of the Olympic delegation at the opening parade. In the game the British stressed the ligament on the right flank attack, which formed the Woodward, and Arthur Berry. Usually, this couple was doing the basic work, after which the Frontline - in 1908 it was Stapley, in 1912 - Walden - had only to substitute the leg.

. In 1908 the Swedes were defeated 12:1 (Parnell-4, Woodward-2, Hawks-2, Stapley-2, Berry and Chapman to 1), Netherlands 4:0 (Stapley -4) in the final 2:0 Denmark (Chapman and Woodward)
. Damning account for the game at that time was not uncommon enough to say that the Danes defeated France A 17:1 (10 goals scored top scorer of the tournament Sophus Nielsen), and France B (9:0 Nilmena still have one goal - total 11 goals)

. In 1912, opponents were Hungarians 7:0 (Walden-6, Woodward), 4:0 (Walden-4) in the final re-Denmark 4:2. (Hoare-2, Walden, Berry)
. Forces teams then were far from equal, such as Hungarians, led by Schlosser defeated Germany 3:1 in the consolation semifinals of the tournament, which, before this team defeated Russia 16:0 (Fuchs-10, Forderer-4, Burger, Oberle). Team Russia had then two games in the other yielded the Finns 1:2 (Butusov-Ohman, Wiberg).

At both tournaments Woodward not demonstrated superrezultativnosti - he was a pure playmaker. No wonder I have the number of balls being driven by other players - in both tournaments Woodward was named best player! And this despite, for example, the ratio of goals scored in the tournament to them, Stapley and Walden - Frontline champions.

. Because of congestion on the work of Woodward was denied the opportunity very often to train, but he still played, not only for the amateur team, but also for the professional, where he was, as mentioned above, also chosen captain
. Here, he twice made poker - June 8, 1908 with Austria (11:1) in Vienna and 31 May 1909 in Hungary (8:2) in Budapest - and even double hat-trick: 16 March 1908 against Wales in Wrexham (7:1) and 1 June 1909 with Austria in Vienna (8:1). For a pro, he has ceased to act in 1911, when work began to take more time than before. And for 'love' - until the moment when the team was disbanded in connection with the war.

In 1908, the 'Tottenham Hotspur' was included in the second division English League. In September 'UaytHartLeyn' was an unprecedented sell-out: 'Spurs' take 'Wolverhampton' in his debut. 20 thousand fans filled the stadium to see how Woodward had a 6 th minute initiated Gholam 'Tottenham' in the English Championship. He also scored the second match, and ended the game with the score 3:0.

In the first season of 'Spurs' have made the strongest recovery in the division, but Woodward acknowledged Player of the Year. He not only played, but also served as director of the club. His well known in official papers: playing the director. In autumn 1909 'Tottenham' was going to start their first campaign in the top twenty of the elite of English football. And in that moment Woodward has decided to leave him. Apparently, . point here was in his deep decency: if the season 1908/09 he could afford to play regularly (27 matches with 18 goals), . it then responsibility for the work demanded of him more time and effort, . and the first division and demanding, . and he believed, . that its occasional appearance on the games and even more rare in training will not be compatible with the ethics,
. In total he played for the 'Spurs' 197 matches. Leaving, Woodward said that he plans to return to 'Chelmsford', which is still standing on the amateur rail. But instead, in November, suddenly reappeared in Chelsea, which, like the 'Tottenham', belonged to the elite top twenty. Apparently, the leaders of this club were ready for any conditions. Chelsea that season (1909/10) and took the last place left in the second division, but Woodward's guilt was not there: giving priority to his profession, he was able to escape only 13 of 38 matches. A similar situation occurred in the next two seasons, which Chelsea have spent on the return to the elite: Woodward was able to play them a total of 33 matches (he scored 8 goals). But with the autumn 1912 to autumn 1914, when his team again played in the first division, with free time, he again became better: 60 games, 17 goals.

The war interrupted his career in the big football. He was sent to the French front in the rank of Major in the so-called 'football Battalion'. Meanwhile, Chelsea in 1915, reached the final of the FA Cup. And although Woodward did not play the whole year, the club found him at the front and asked to borrow from the military authorities to release him permission to participate in this match. Permission was granted, but Vivian himself refused to play in the final. He said that it would be unfair to the player (Bob Thompson), who exerted effort, prompting the team to the finals, only to have that in the final match was replaced by someone else.

. This act once described him as an exemplary gentleman
. And this trait manifested itself in the fact that when Woodward's team received a penalty, and ought to beat him, he specifically sent the ball softly into the hands of goalkeeper, if he saw that 11-meter was undeserved. And before the game he is sure to shake hands with each player.

After the war ended, 40-year-old Woodward has performed in a single season (19/20) for the Essex County team, which also was captain. In football, he was fond of tennis and motorcycle sports, and cricket has reached the level of the second team of Essex After retiring from football, he bought a farm, combining work on it with the architectural work. In addition, from 1922 to 1930 he served as director of Chelsea, who had to leave for health reasons, is seriously undermined by injuries to the front. In his old age Woodward took to the breeding of pigeons and fishing. Noisy metropolis preferred quiet provincial Chelmsford. He died at age 75 in a London hospital, alone and forgotten by all.

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Vivian John Woodward, photo, biography
Vivian John Woodward, photo, biography Vivian John Woodward  football player, photo, biography
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