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Biography COHEN Scott
photo COHEN Scott
Date of Birth: December 19, 1964.
Place of Birth: r. Bronx, New York, USA.
. Sign: Gemini.
. Real Name: Scott Cohen.
. Wife: Anastasia Train (married in 1989).
. Hair color: brunette.
. Hobbies: playing the piano, traveling through the mountains, reading, playing baskebol.
. Favorite music: Beethoven, 60's, jazz.
. Favorite actors: Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Deborah Winger, Dirk Bogart.
. Favorite director: Martin Scorsese.
. Favorite author: Scott Fitzgerald.
. Favorite drink: cold water.
. Favorite food: meat !!!!".
. Pets: lizard Lizzie.
. Council of rising young actors: "If the acting - is something that you want to devote your life, then go for it!" Test your strength and enjoy what you are doing
. Praise should not become an end in itself. And remember the words of the great basketball player Bill Russell: "It's not important who you are, it is important that you do!"
. Scott Cohen was born on Dec. 19, 1964 in the Bronx, New York, USA, in a family jazz musician and teacher and was the fourth child in the family
. As a child dreamed of becoming a musician, playing the piano. But in college at State University of New York - New Paltz, when Scott was 18, his plans have changed. Cohen returned to New York and enrolled in the Actors Studio. "There was a time when I lived down the beer and sneakers," - recalls Scott. But soon his life changed. In 1989 he married Anastasia Triana. In 1990, the debut of Cohen in the movie "Jacob's Ladder" with Tim Robbins. Scott also played several roles in plays on Broadway. He fought for his role in the film "Law & Order" 7 years and not in vain - for her Cohen was awarded the television awards Emmy. Since then, the young actor's career went uphill, but time and the family remained less ...
. Scott works a lot on the set of his new films - sometimes he has to absent himself from home for 11 months a year, and his four son Liam is bored
. "When we both rested in New York in December of this year, . - Says Cohen, . - He saw David Schwimmer at the television screen and shouted: "Dad, . it's you! "Indeed, . when so seldom appears at home, . and his son can not forget! And Scott enthusiastically removed in three projects: it is a wolf in the 10 th Kingdom ", . a detective in "perfect murder, . perfect city ", . is an alcoholic cop in the film, Kim Delaney "NYPD Blueas",
. "I know that it's hard to be away from family, but I love Scott and I expect it back," - says Delaney. And David Carson, director of "10 th Kingdom," adds: "He paraded on the set as Jack Nicholson. What is it, peeps wolf nature? "(An allusion to the role of the wolf).
. I must say that in an interview with Scott Cohen is often recognized that the role of the Wolf (imaginary creature: half-beast, half man in the movie "10 th Kingdom"), one of the most beloved and successful
. "I think that played in the film itself," he recalls, often. From the first moment intuitively finding the right note, Scott Cohen to the end of play in one breath. Of course, he is very good in the form of a wolf!
However, such heroic work is clearly not in vain: movies with Scott Cohen took a total of 17 hours of television broadcast in a month! Well, it can be called a record. In addition, he was awarded the title of "Mr. February", and the magazine "People" included in the list of Scott's 50 most beautiful people in the world, and he came in third place. What I "for"! Model Angelina Jolie, his partner in the film "Gia", called Scott's "Prince of darkness" for a characteristic number of feline charm.

. "Like all actors, I have from time to time occur during periods of unemployment that makes these months doing nothing particularly wonderful," - says Scott
. What can I add? Cohen-talented actor, who has already worked out their own style of play, and I hope that soon it will become popular among us.

2000 murder, the perfect city .... mini-TV series .... Det.Steve Thomas
2000 Tenth Kingdom .... mini-TV series .... Wolf
1999 Cross-Eyed .... Melville
1998 Gia .... Mike Mansfield
1997 Kiss brother .... Rapist
1997 Private Parts .... Friend
1996 Gotti .... Gene Gotti
1996 Final Vendetta .... Michael Miller aka Sweet Evil
1996 Ripper .... Jake Quinlan
1995 tenants .... Attending Intern
1995 Vibrations .... Simeon aka Cyberstorm
1995 Pier traitors .... Matt Martin
1994 Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor .... Fighter
1994 One Life to Live .... TV series .... Ray Martino
1992 Mambo Kings .... Bernardito - The Mambo Kings Band
1990 Jacob's Ladder .... Resident Doctor aka Dante's Inferno

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COHEN Scott, photo, biography
COHEN Scott, photo, biography COHEN Scott  Actor, photo, biography
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