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Biography KATRELL Kim
photo KATRELL Kim
Kim Katrell (Clare Woodgate) was born August 21, 1956 in the UK, in Liverpool, however, when she was 3 months, her parents emigrated to Canada and settled in Vancouver. Kim graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the School of Fine Arts in Banff (Alberta, Canada), the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. In the film actress made her debut in 1975 in a painting by Otto Premindzhera 'rosebud', appeared in films in Canadian and Hollywood films. Popularity has brought her role Karen Thompson of "Police Academy" (1984). Kim Katrell is also known for thriller 'Masquerade', . melodrama 'Bonfire of the Vanities', . adventure fanstastike 'Big Trouble in Little China', . fantastic show, "Wild palms' and 'Star Trek', . as well as on the main New York 'educational' TV series 'Sex and the City'.,

. Most of my life I played women, obsessed with sex
. Now I entered the age when it's time to really go to the role of mothers and wives', "stated publicly Samantha - Katrell. Home temptress and erotomanka American television ( "Sex and the City ') words in the wind does not throw. In the film 'Crossroads' she played the mother of Britney Spears:
'It was one of the most challenging roles of my career. I was supposed to behave towards Britney as rasposlednyaya bitch. And she is so cutie, yuzhanka and she merely 20 years old. And throughout the paintings' Crossroads' I am in every way showed their indifference to it, because they played a lousy mummy-ku, which left her '.

The number of real and screen suitors Kim Katrell long exceeded all conceivable limits. Among them once there was even a former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. It is no accident 'Golden Globe', . obtained for the 'Sex and the City' in 2003, . actress commented as follows: 'You and do not represent, . how many men I had to sleep, . to receive this award ', . - Meaning, . likely, . Yet the second category - suitors screen,
. Image erotomanki Samantha, in which resides Katrell since 1998, so firmly entrenched for the actress that seems to have come to believe in him and she. In any case, the third husband, Marc Le Vinson, with whom she is married both times in 1998, when started 'Sex and the City', believed without a doubt. He married not Kim Katrell, and on Samantha Jones, and he was not interested in a particular woman of flesh and blood, and her screen image, money and fame.

Mark Levinson is not just flattered star status spouse. He persuaded her to write co-authored a book called 'Satisfaction', full of recipes, how to deal with intimate partners to achieve better results. The book was published in 2002 and immediately became a bestseller. Mark was making plans to continue writing the book - 'How to achieve satisfaction, part II' and the documentary film about sex, where Kim would act as a guinea pig.

. Of the close to the family Katrell-Levinson sources that Kim did not suit such an attitude to her husband
. In the end, she and so many have fallen into the 'Sex and the City' to sex in their own family turned into a real nightmare of a public. Judge for yourself. If a series of impunity undermines the servant of one lover, . and another maid at all of discarding the bed master, . If her boyfriend have fun: a) receiving at the moment of orgasm on the head, b) reporting on a new hobby directly in the bed, etc., . then at least in private, . zaek-rannoy life she wanted peace and quiet,
. No such luck. Not only that Levinson has made their family life and sexual relations in the way of earnings, he still-being 10 years older than Kim was wrong husband. And it was the last straw. When Mark returned from a three-week trip to Tokyo, at the door of their luxury apartment in Manhattan, waiting for him packed suitcases with personal belongings. Kim did not allow him even to step over the threshold. He is now settled in their house on Long Island - temporarily, until the final divorce. Katrell threw him not only from the apartment, but from his life. While friends of the family still hopes for a possible reconciliation, to date deceived Kim configured more than determination.

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KATRELL Kim, photo, biography
KATRELL Kim, photo, biography KATRELL Kim  Actress, photo, biography
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