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Demin Galina

( Actress)

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Biography Demin Galina
Brilliant actress, a veteran of the Maly Theater. The creator of images of mothers and women in several dramas and movies: "Farewell", "Odnolyuby", "Carousel on the market", "Wormwood - a bitter herb," "Children Vanyushina", "Conversations with the clear moonlight.

. Galina Demina began his creative career in the city of Gorky, where were her childhood and youth
. Sister, she organized a home theater, often ran in the cinema, adored Vera Marecki and Lyubov Orlova. During the war, Galina worked in the hospital and made the first steps on stage at the variety and circus school. In 1944 she entered the studio of the local theater drama.

In the theater Gorky Galina Demina started as a travesty, play a dozen different boys from Styopka in the "courage" to Radhika Jourkina in "Young Guards". Then there were the girls, mother and grandmother in the play "The Insulted and Injured," "The Convent", "Flag of Admiral," "There Was an Old Couple". Ibid played a male role, which had dreamed of since childhood.

"I very much wanted to try, if I can overpower the role of men" - recalls the actress. The case presented itself, when we started rehearsing the play "Ambassador Extraordinary". Demina persuaded to give her a cameo role tailor.

"Okay, but you are not my voice, let it be what it is" - he said,. At the premiere of the scene with the tailor was under continuous laughter of spectators, after which members of the artistic council protested: "Why so much laughter at such a serious show? Why all this?". This actress played the role once more, and then was replaced. However, Galina has drawn the conclusion that with this work, she passed.

. In 1971, Gorky went on tour to Moscow, where in the play "My heart is with you" Galina Demin as Nastasia saw the famous director Boris Ravenskih
. The Ministry of Culture, he categorically stated: "It must be taken to the Little Theater!". Director of the Small supported his colleague Mikhail Tsarev. In private conversation Ravenskih Demina said: "We take you as a team goes away by itself.

In the team, which consisted entirely of folk artists, legends of the Soviet theater and the "grand old ladies of the scene Galina" passed ". She brilliantly played in such successful productions of the Maly Theater, as "Golden Fires", "Retro", "Love Yarovaya", "Zykov," "Children Vanyushina," "Jackass" and almost all of Ostrovsky's plays.

. The main feature deminskih heroines - organic "nation",

. naturalness, pronounced Russian specificity
. "On the street I was one of the actress does not take much too simple a person - often says Galina. - How many mothers, I overdo it, how many tears shed on the stage! ".

In cinema Demina came immediately to the role of age. The best of them played in the pictures "Odnolyuby", "Wormwood - a bitter herb" and "Carousel on the market". Starred in the films "Farewell", "Court in Ershovka", "pie in the sky", "Umbrella Suite," "Forgive me, Alyosha," "Happiness Anna", "accomplice", "Just do not go away", "Three Sisters, "bribe".

. People's Artist of Russia (1999).

. In 1947 she graduated from the studio at the Gorky Drama Theater named after M. Gorky, and became an actress of the theater
. In 1965-1971 she taught at the Gorky Drama School. Since 1973 - at the Maly Theater.

Actor's work:
1. Anna's Happiness - 1970
2. Crane in the sky - 1977 (Melodrama)
3. Farewell - 1982 (Kinopovest)
4. Wormwood - a bitter herb - 1982 (Melodrama)
5. Odnolyuby - 1982 (Kinopovest)
6. Forgive me, Alyosha - 1983
7. Do not go, girls, married - 1985 (Romantic Comedy)
8. Umbrella Suite - 1986 (Melodrama)
9. Carousel on the market - 1986
10. Accomplice - 1990
11. Just do not go away ... - 1992 (Melodrama)
12. House on the rock - 1994 (Drama)
13. Three Sisters - 1994 (Drama)

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Demin Galina, photo, biography
Demin Galina, photo, biography Demin Galina  Actress, photo, biography
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