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( Chief Executive Officer of Intel)

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Biography BARRETT Craig
photo BARRETT Craig
Barrett was born Aug. 29, 1939 in g. San Francisco (pc. California). In 1957-64 he. studied at the famous Stanford University (z. Palo Alto, pc. California), where he earned bachelor's degrees, master's and then doctorate in materials science. Thesis within the next ten years, Dr. Barrett has taught at Stanford University in the Faculty of Material Science and engineering, eventually getting as Adjunct Professor. In 1964-65 he. He held an internship at the National Physical Laboratory in England (funded under the program of NATO Postdoctoral Fellow), and in 1972 on a Fulbright scholarship fund worked at the Danish Technical University.

In 1974, Dr. Barrett went to work at Intel. Successively served as manager of technology development, the vice-president (1984), Senior Vice-President (1987), executive vice-president (1990) Corporation. In 1992 he was elected to the board of directors of Intel, in 1993 was appointed Senior Director of Operations. In May 1997, K. Barrett was the fourth, since the founding of the corporation, the president of Intel, in May 1998 is also the CEO.

In 1969, Dr. Barrett received a gold medal after Hardy, awarded by the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Currently, he is a member of the National Academy of Engineering Sciences. He is the author of more than 40 technical articles on the influence of microstructure on the properties of various materials, as well as a textbook on the basics of materials science, which was issued in 70-ies. and is still widely used in American universities.

Barrett is a member of the State Committee of the U.S. to teach mathematics and science in the XXI century, as well as the Committee on U.S. foreign policy in a globalizing world of the XXI century.

To. Barrett is a member of the board from Intel, the company Qwest Communications International Inc., The Semiconductor Industry Association and U.S. National Forest Foundation

. List of awards Barrett
. 2001 Akira Inoue Award for outstanding achievement in the field of environmental protection, health and safety in the semiconductor industry, International Institute of semiconductor materials and equipment
. 2001 Award for Distinguished Service, Institute of International Education
. 2001 Medal Gurney Ford II "For Leadership in Business, National Association of Business
. 2001 Honorary Professor, University of Xi'an Jiaotong, g
. Xian (China)
. 2001 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of the Philippines
. 2001 Medal "Green Cross for Safety" National Security Council
. 2000 Medal "For outstanding achievements in 2000 ', Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group
. 2000 Medal for distinction in the field of engineering, University of Arizona
. 1999 Medal for Technology Development and Management, College of Engineering and Mines, College of Business and Management, University of Arizona
. 1999 Medal for exceptional leadership in management, Anderson School of Management, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
. 1999 Honorary Doctor of Science, National Technical University, Mr.
. Lima (Peru) 1999 Named among the 25 outstanding leaders of the Business Week magazine
. 1999 Named one of the Top 25 Executives of the Year by Business Week
. 1998 Award 'Darjah Yang Mulia Pangkuan Negri' (DMPN) (honorary title of 'Datuk') - the highest award the State of Penang (Malaysia)
. 1998 Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Arizona
. 1998 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Arizona
. 1998 Award "for outstanding achievements in production management", University of Southern California
. 1997 Honorary Doctor of Science in aerospace, Air Technical University, Embry Riddle
. 1997 Award for outstanding achievements "American-Irish Foundation
. 1997 Award ", the Executive Director of the Council of 100 Elders, Business College University of Arizona
. 1996 Honorary Lecture and Prize
. Harry Gatosa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1969 3olotaya Medal. Hardy, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

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BARRETT Craig, photo, biography
BARRETT Craig, photo, biography BARRETT Craig  Chief Executive Officer of Intel, photo, biography
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