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Andrew Grove

( Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation)

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Biography Andrew Grove
photo Andrew Grove
Andrew Grove (Andrew S. Grove) was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1936. He graduated from City College in New York in 1960, receiving a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. Ph.D., he received the University of California at Berkeley in 1963. After working in a research laboratory of the company Fairchild Semiconductor, where in 1967. He was appointed Assistant Director of Research and Development.

In July 1968,. Dr. Grove participated in the founding of Intel Corporation. In 1979. he became its president in 1987. executive director, and in 1997 CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. In May 1998, Mr.. He refused the post of executive director, remaining as chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Grove has written over 40 technical papers and holds several patents in semiconductor technology and devices. During 6 years he taught in semiconductor device physics undergraduates at UC Berkeley. Now he gives lectures on "Strategy and Action in the Information Processing Industry" in the business school at Stanford University.

Andrew Grove has been awarded several prestigious academic awards, in particular, the degree of Honorary Doctor of Science City College (New York) in 1985, a doctorate in Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute, Mr.. Worcester in 1989 and an honorary Doctor of Law at Harvard University in 2000. in 1967, was used as a textbook in many leading universities in the U.S.. The book "High Output Management" ( "Effective Management"), published by Random House (1983) and Vintage (1985), was translated into 11 languages and has recently published a new edition published by Vintage Books. The book "One-on-One With Andy Grove" ( "Face to face with Andy Grove") was published by GP. Putnam's Sons (June 1987) and the Penguin (in 1989). Book Grove, called "Only the Paranoid Survive" ( "survive only possessed"), was published by Doubleday in September 1996, and his latest work, entitled "Swimming Across" was published in November 2001. published by Time Warner Books. Grove is the author of many articles in the magazines Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and also carries a column on management in several newspapers and magazine Working Woman.

Andrew Grove has been elected a Fellow of IEEE and a member of the National Academy of Engineering Sciences (National Academy of Engineering). Activities Andrew Grove won numerous awards in t.ch. Engineering Leadership Recognition Award (1987), awarded by IEEE, and a medal AEA (1993) for outstanding achievements. In 1997. Industry Week magazine awarded the title of Andy Grove "Technology Leader of the Year", the magazine announced its CEO, Executive Director of the Year ", and Time magazine named him" Man of the Year ". In 1998. Academy of Management called the Grove 'Executive of the Year'. In 2000. Andrew Grove received an honorary medal of IEEE (the American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). In 2001. he was awarded the medal for outstanding achievement (Lifetime Achievement Award) Strategic Management Society.

List of awards by Andrew Grove
1960 Award of the American Chemical Society
1966 Award 'for achieving', IEEE
1974 J Award. Ebers, IEEE
. 1975 Certificate of Merit of Merit, Franklin Institute
. 1979 Award of the National Academy of Engineering Sciences
. 1980 Townsend Harris Medal, City College, New York
. 1984 is brought to the Hall of Fame Information Industry Association
. 1984 Award 'of the hundred', University of Arizona
. 1985 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, City College, New York
. 1987 Medal for leadership in the engineering sciences ", IEEE
. 1987 Award "Enterprise Award", Association of Business and Professional advertising
. 1989 Honorary Doctor of Engineering, Polytechnic Institute, Mr.
. Worcester
. 1990 George Washington Award, the US-Hungarian Fund
. 1993 'Citizen of the year', World Forum of Silicon Valley
. 1993 'Head of the Year', University of Arizona
. 1993 Medal "For Achievements', American Electronics Association
. 1995 Technology Award Foundation, Heinz
. 1995 Medal of John Von Newman, US-Hungarian Association
. 1995 Medal Steinman, City College, New York
. 1996 'State of the Year', Business School, Harvard University
. Award 1996 'International Achievement', World Trade Club
. 1997 IEEE 1997 Computer Entrepreneur Award
. 1997 Cinema Digital Technologies Award, International Film Festival
. 1997 'CEO of the Year', Journal of CEO
. 1997 'Technology Leader of the year', Industry Week Magazine
. 1997 'Person of the Year', Time magazine
. 1998 'Outstanding Manager of the Year', Academy of Management
. 2000 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law, Harvard University
. 2000 IEEE Medal of Honor
. 2001 Medal "For outstanding achievement ', Strategic Management Society

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Andrew Grove, photo, biography
Andrew Grove, photo, biography Andrew Grove  Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation, photo, biography
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