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Setar Isinomori

( One of the founders and the classics of modern manga industry)

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Biography Setar Isinomori
photo Setar Isinomori
Isinomori Shotaro (real name - Shotaro Onodera, another nickname - Isimori Shotaro; 25/01/1938, Miyagi Prefecture - 28/01/1998, Tokyo) - "King of manga", one of the founders and the classics of modern manga industry.

Isinomori began writing manga in 1950, when he was in high school and together with his friends created the amateur manga studio.

His first major publication was Isinomori manga "second-rate angel" [Ninkyuu Tenshi] (1954) in the magazine "Shounen Sunday".

In 1956 he completed his studies and moved to Tokyo, where he settled in the same house Tokivaso that Tezuka Osamu - closer to the master and teacher. His roommate was also subsequently famous Fujio Akatsuka. Around this time Isinomori takes his first nickname - Isimori Shotaro

. In addition to working on the manga, . Isinomori with Tezuka took part in a full-length film "Journey to the West" [Saiyuki] (1960) studio "Toei Douga" and director Yabusity hills near Taizo explanations Tezuka manga "The Adventures of Goku" [Gokuu no Daibouken] (1952-1959), . which, . in turn, . was based on the classical Chinese novel by Wu Cheng'en,

In 1963 Isinomori began publishing its first gained acclaim manga "Cyborg 009" [Cyborg 009] (1963-1998 - with interruptions), for which he had in 1966 received the Award for best children's manga "published" Kodansha ". This manga has been filmed many times in anime

. In 1964 Isinomori began publication of its first (and one of the very few) Shе-jo manga "It's very, very strange girl" [Okashina Okashina Ano Ko], . which was later renamed "Baby Etsuko Sarutobi" [Sarutobi Ecchan] (1964, . 1971), . to "advance" her unsuccessful anime-screen version (1971-1972),
. However, the TV series Studio "Toei Douga" still failed.

In 1966 Isinomori began publishing the manga "The investigation leads Sabu and Ichi" [Sabu to Ichi Torimonochou] (1966-1968), also filmed. For her, he in 1968 received the award "For the best manga" publishing "Shogakukan".

Also in 1968, created the company Isinomori "Ishimori Professional, INC", in which he participated in the creation of adaptations (such as animation and art) of their subsequent work.

In the late 1960's student and assistant Isinomori been Nagai Go

. In 1971 Isinomori issued manga "Primitive Boy Ryu" [Genshi Shounen Ryu], . which was also filmed (1971-1972), . However, this anime series as a result was much better known outside of Japan (in particular, . Italy), . than herself,

. On the other hand, published from 1972 manga "Drifter in the mask" [Kamen Rider] became the basis for a number of popular films and TV serials and actually created a new genre of Japanese cinema - "junior series with special effects" [sentai tokusatsu show],

By this same genre, and belonged to some other adaptation of his manga, such as Android Kikayda "[Jinzou Ningen Kikaida] (1972)," The Secret detachment Gorendzher "[Himitsu Sentai Goranger] and Kikayda 01" [Kikaida 01] (1973). Also in the 1970 Isinomori issued Fantastico-humorous manga "Forward ROBOCON!" [Gambare Robokon] (1975).

In 1983 Isinomori participated in the writing full-length anime "The Great War in GEMM" [Genma Taisen], directed by Rintaro, a designer of characters - Otomo Katsuhiro. Co Isinomori was science fiction writer Hiran Kadzumasa.

In 1984 he began publishing Isinomori realistic manga "Hotel" [Hotel] (1984-1998), a fictional tale about the staff of a luxury hotel in downtown Tokyo, and how they decide they have encountered while working the problem. In 1990, the manga has been dramatized in the art TV series.

In 1986, to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of his professional activities, he changed his nickname to Isinomori Shotaro. Moreover, the previous nickname was four syllables, and four in Japan - the number of unhappy

. But the really became a pioneering manga, . significantly razdvinuvshaya presentation on the possibilities of this art form, . - "Introduction to the Japanese economy in the pictures" [Manga Nihon Keizai Nyumon] (1986), . present a serious study of the Japanese economy,
. Interesting and accessible, it opened the way for many modern Japanese books comics. Isinomori got for her, among other awards, the Grand Prix of the Union of Japanese manga (1988) - a little later he led the organization. In 1987, the "Studio Deen" has released a TV version of the textbook Isinomori.

Also Isinomori created a 10,000-page manga-textbook "History of Japan in Pictures" [Manga Nihon no Rekishi] - this is one of the longest manga in Japanese history. Both of these textbooks are now considered classics and continue reissued.

In 1993 Isinomori discovered heart disease. Next six years he spent in bed, but not for a moment ceased to work, finishing their latest works.

In 1995 Isinomori took the post of honorary chairman of the Information Center of multimedia technologies city Ueda "Medialand". This was all the more natural that he always stressed: "Manga - a multimedia, and the concept of the manga will be very important in a multimedia society of the XXI Century". Work in this center was not a formality for Isinomori - he was actively involved in the promotion of "Medialand" and promotion of new technologies.

In 1998 Isinomori died, never having added the last chapter of "Cyborg 009".

Baptist Japanese cyberpunk and classic children's science fiction, Isinomori made tremendous creative and organizational efforts to make the manga so comprehensive art, which she began at the end of his life. Like Tezuka, his teacher, his followers Isinomori opened new horizons and inspired to go beyond themselves and not follow the canons of frozen. Well, his manga books will serve, perhaps more than one generation of young Japanese students from other countries.

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Setar Isinomori, photo, biography
Setar Isinomori, photo, biography Setar Isinomori  One of the founders and the classics of modern manga industry, photo, biography
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