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Takeshi Kaneshiro

( Actor)

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Biography Takeshi Kaneshiro
photo Takeshi Kaneshiro
Takeshi Kaneshiro was born in Taiwan. Takeshi was one of three children in the family, his father was a Japanese by nationality, and his mother - native women in Taiwan. He grew up in Taiwan, and the age of 18 years, only the first trip to the homeland of his father in Japan.

While still in school, he noticed an unusual appearance of a pretty TV producers, inviting him to appear in advertisements. At the age of 19, he debuted as a pop singer, in 1992 to the year of releasing his first album. He was lucky, and in such a tender age, he signed a contract with a huge company Polygram. Of course, it was not without victims - Takeshi had to leave school after grade 10.

After his album became a hit, he was invited to one of the roles in the action movie "Heroic Trio 2: Executioners". We can not say that the film was very successful, but Takeshi noticed, and for the next year he can weigh in four films and released three albums of songs.

. His career is on the rise, . and although it is not yet particularly active for principal roles in large projects, . charge of the grandees of commercial success, . so, . as Sammo Hung, . Yuen Byao or Jet Li, . in the second half of the 90 films in Hong Kong begins to drastically change its face, . Then Takeshi was just what we needed,
. Being recognized as a great romantic actor (he starred in two films by Wong Kar-wai), he begins a career in film shooter. No, I do not think that before he starred in such films, just before his role in such films limited or comic character or a soft and fragile friend of the protagonist.

. Big breakthrough happens in 1997, when the output of "Downtown Torpedoes", representing his audience in a pair with the already-promoted action-star Jordan Chan
. The picture was even released in the U.S., as well as its aftermath for their film "Hero". Suddenly, an attractive appearance and excellent plastic coupled with a huge unspent internal energy led to his invitation to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it has not gone as smoothly as we would like. Ribbon "Too Tired to Die", although that was filmed back in 1998, so long and did not come out on U.S. screens. Recently, however, it decided to release a limited release, so that in August it can already be seen on the screens of several selected cinemas there.

1998 becomes a turning point for Takeshi. After the shootings in the U.S., he has long remained in Hong Kong, drawing his attention to the Land of the Rising Sun, where and departs torturing his happiness. Japan immediately revealed to him his arms, taking him as a star. In the two years that he spent there, he managed beschisslennoe number of times to visit on the covers of various magazines and even released a video game "Onimusha: Demon Warrior" with them (okompyuterizovannym) starring. His latest film "Space Travellers" in Japan caused a lot of noise, and now at this moment he returned to Hong Kong to take off in the painting "Lavender", which will play an angel.

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Takeshi Kaneshiro, photo, biography
Takeshi Kaneshiro, photo, biography Takeshi Kaneshiro  Actor, photo, biography
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