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Dupuy Roy

( Actor)

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Biography Dupuy Roy
photo Dupuy Roy
Roy Dupuy was born April 21, 1963 in Abitibi - a remote region of Quebec.
As a young man for a long time he lived in the small town of Kapuskasing in Northern Ontario. Roy is also the younger brother of Roderick and sister Roxana. Roy excellent ice hockey (ice hockey on grass), basketball and volleyball, as a person engaged in this age of seven. In the same age he moved with his family in Montreal.

Dupuy was not going to be an actor. He loved science and did nothing until it, . until he saw the film 'Moliere' (starring Marlon Brando - now favorite actor Dupuy, . which he simply worships and only for the sake of which has agreed to play in a cameo in the movie "Easy Money"),
. The next day he left physics for the sake of the theater and, in some proportion of another of his new passion - history. Roy's career on stage began at a time when each podvignul his pass for the company plays in the National Theater School of Canada, and Dupuy, a joke, agreed. He was chosen from two thousand applicants for the role. Later Roy appear in a cameo in the film with Brando's 'Easy Money' ( "Free Money"), in which he was 'given the privilege of being killed by a living legend'. At the same time he was finishing work on the film 'Hemoglobin' ( "Hemoglobin") with Rutger Hauer, where he played a man without family and the last with an unknown blood disease Science. His other films - 'Jesus of Montreal' ( "Jesus of Montreal") and the 'Screamers' ( "Screamers") with Peter Weller, a hit at the Toronto Film Festival, after which Dupuy received recognition in a large cinema in the United States. In 1991, he starred in the film, superbly taken around the world - 'House with Claude', which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. Dupuy received the award for best actor at the Cannes Film Festival and music for her role in 'Emily' ( "Emilie"), and became a real star by playing the same character in the sequel 'Blanche' ( "Blanche").

. American audiences first became acquainted with Dupuy, . when he appeared in the role of Olive Dion in the television series 'Wee for a million dollars' (Million Dollar Babies), . stories of five twins diones, . simultaneously broadcasted across Canada and America for CBC and CBS.,

. He has major roles in theatrical productions' Romeo and Juliet 'and' Harold and Maude "( 'Harold and Maude')
. His theater and film awards include two consecutive Metrostars (Best Actor at the Gala Metrostar in 1991 and 1992, . Dzhemenai Evords), . Best drama series actor for 'Daughters of Caleb' ( "Les Filles De Caleb") in 1992, . and Rose d'Or (Rose D'Or), . Canadian popular vote, . actor in 1991.,
. In the series La Femme Nikita Roy Dupuy acts as coach and mentor, Nikita
. As a dark angel, . mysterious and sophisticated, . it is easily manipulated by Nikita, . using it for assignments Division, . until, . until his demands, . often had a deep inner motivation, . not show a sincere tone, . This concern about her,
. That is what is strictly prohibited in the Division.

Mysterious, sexy and lonely: such epithets are often rewarded his hero - a secret agent Michael from the amazing series "La Femme Nikita '. Contrary to many predictions, this project was so successful that the audience does not want to part with his charming characters, require another sequel, and shots 'Nikita' continues. In real life the actor Roy differs substantially from the cold and calculating, Michael, who gives the impression of a heartless person. Roy - thoughtful, subtle, intelligent. He loves life and is planning her with joy and pleasure.

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Dupuy Roy, photo, biography
Dupuy Roy, photo, biography Dupuy Roy  Actor, photo, biography
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