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Biography EVERETT, Rupert
photo EVERETT, Rupert
Real name: Rupert Everett Arthur
. Date of Birth: May 29, 1959
. Hometown: Norfolk, United Kingdom
. Activities: actor, screenwriter, writer, musician
. Education: London School of Speech and Drama, 2 years.
. Family:
. Father: Anthony Everett, Colonel of the British Navy
. Mother: Sarah Everett, a Scottish aristocrat, was engaged in housework
. Rupert was born on May 29, 1959
. "Didymus on a horoscope, but with a noticeable split personality", - joked the actor himself.

While his father served in the army, the family frequently moved from place to place. Up to five years, Rupert lived with his parents that in Malta, Cyprus. When he was eight, he experienced a kind of "mystical experience": Rupert went to the movies. On the screen - Pop star Cliff Richard in the pop-movie "Summer Holiday". All the way! Rupert looked at the Cliff - and it dawned. He very much wanted to become an actor.

Rupert Everett grew up in an aristocratic family. One of his grandfather was an admiral, the other - a collector of paintings, who was proud that in his private collection is a painting by Michelangelo. 'My generation - the last, which was raised to imperial ideals, - said today Everett. - Was: if the sons did not have the military means they're losers. Our parents brought up among us rulers of the empire, not noticing that the empire itself no longer. When they came up, it's all over, they emptied their frustration on children. In all, they say, they are guilty - not worked and did not try. It's funny - in the mid 70-ies the bourgeoisie invented punk, but the aristocrats discovered the heroin. For the aristocrats heroin was riding protest '.

Up to seven years of childhood Rupert Everett was safe, but not very happy. His father, almost all the time spent in the army, coming home only on vacation, and my mother asked her sons care nurses and caregivers. 'My main memory of childhood - a cold and lonely, - says Everett. - Since my childhood I was a loner. I liked to play alone. Adult Entertainment frightened and confused me. Bright remember Fox Hunting: When the youngest member hunt kill a fox, she cut his paw and rubbed the blood of a fox guy. Since then, he could consider themselves 'true gentleman'. Such fun aroused in me a feeling of disgust and fear '.

Rupert was seven years old when his mother gave him in a closed private school. Everett remembers that feeling rejected and miserable. The boy felt as if my mother sent him here, away from home because he is something terribly naughty. 'Gradually I got used to his position, but perhaps that's when my heart started stale, and the feelings come to seem unreal' - he says. To 10 years in Everett formed 'life plan': he would be famous, and the rest will follow. Parents with children taught him to play the piano, and at first the young Rupert dreamed of becoming a rock star.

For 13 years he was in one of the most prestigious educational institutions of England - a Catholic boarding school for boys Ampleforth, where he taught by Benedictine monks, and his dreams of fame substantially transformed. 'It was a real monastery - recalls Everett. - As if I had moved to the XIII century. Sami monks were very agreeable, intelligent and kind. They told us: 'Contemplate his soul - maybe the Lord will send you a sign! " It was scary and interesting '.

Everett decided that would be ... famous saint. 'I went into the monastery garden, knelt down and spend hours waiting for a sign from above. In the end, the monks rang my mother, she came and threatened to send me to a psychiatric examination, if I do not stop fooling around! "

Another passion was the theater Everett. In boarding school was an amateur theater, and Rupert - the most beautiful and feminine of the pupils - were entrusted to the principal female roles. 'In his dressing room, Rupert turned a tiny room behind the stage - later recalled school friend Julian Everett Uodhem. - In this room, he created a world of his imagination, in which he was a famous movie star from Hollywood. I remember two dummy phone: one - directly 'linked' Rupert with his New York agent, the other - with the Los Angeles'.

Everett was 15 years old when he left boarding school and fled to London. Show business seemed to him a magical country, where people are without prejudice to live in a world of fantasy. Later, he realized how very different from the reality of his ideas about the entertainment industry. At 16 years old Everett first learned that such drugs. 'I was very bad from cocaine, but I was proud that violated the law'.

World of pop music attracted him much more than theater. But Everett still has not gone on a musical path as a pop group, he shone only vacancy keyboard, while he could agree only to have become the 'face of the band', that is, vocalist.
The first time Everett in London was bad enough. He does not like to go into details, but does not hide the fact that at the dawn of a career he had to earn money, prostitution, serving clients of both sexes. According to him, once in the subway he was approached by some type and suggested that 'pocket money to last one and a half years'. 'His parents never gave me money - says Everett. - And I needed something to live. So a year or half the main source of income for me was prostitution '.

After several attempts to break into the London scene Everett, deciding to go a roundabout way, went to Glasgow, where by this time formed a pretty interesting company Glasgow Citizen Theatre. In 1981 he played his first leading role in the play 'white devils', and it drew attention. A promising newcomer came to play in the London staging of 'a country' and soon played a major role under the applause of the audience and critics. When in 1984 the play decided to move to the screen, the question of the leading man was not raised - the producers from the outset bet on Everett. Having played in the 'other country' and 'Dance with a stranger', he became the most popular British actor mid 80-ies. And immediately started hounding.

In those days the British press has competed, who invented the most vile of Rupert Everett. 'He was rude, ill-mannered, intolerant and easily takes on the responsibility of the account in the restaurant, from the interview', - wrote the Daily Mirror. "If they paid for courtesy, he would have been poor, if arrogance was worth even a penny, he would be rich '- she responded Times. Conservative Observer incredulously asked: 'Will Everett to a great actor, which he himself thinks? " To be fair to say that our hero himself sometimes inflames passions. He was treated with undisguised contempt for the media.

Rupert Everett, the most famous in Hollywood circles actor gay. Englishman Everett does not like the English press - but not for his sexual orientation, and for the excess aristocracy and the unwillingness to adjust to bourgeois standards. By Gaia Everett is pretty cool is an American gay tusovka. Perhaps because he refuses to join the organizations that advocates for the rights of sexual minorities, he categorically opposed to political statements and waving flags with the slogan 'Gay all countries, unite! "

. Today Everett lives in New York
. He said that in Hollywood travels only when it leads to this job. 'Los Angeles - a city without soul and without culture. Hollywood - a kind of autonomous state, which is absolutely nothing to do with other countries'. No longer rebelling and epatirovavt society, Everett is the same bourgeois lifestyle that he so angrily abused in his youth and who had to jogging, business lunches and weekend trips to the church. The only companion of his life - a great labrador named Moe. 'He - the only creature in the world who understands me to the end! - Assures Everett. - Since it can not be compared neither man nor woman! "

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  • Na $ ok for EVERETT, Rupert
  • Very interesting personazh.Takih little. He, in my opinion, may be "stunningly lonely" and at the same time, all lyubimym.Ego difficult to figure out why he attracts.
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    EVERETT, Rupert, photo, biography
    EVERETT, Rupert, photo, biography EVERETT, Rupert  Actor, screenwriter, writer, musician, photo, biography
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