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Velezheva Lydia Leonidovna

( Actress)

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Biography Velezheva Lydia Leonidovna
Full Name: Lydia Leonidovna Velezheva
Date of Birth: October 2, 1966.
Place of Birth: r. Kiev, Ukraine
Activities: Actress
Education: Shchukin Theater School (1988)
. Family:
. Mother: working in a factory
. Sister - Irina
. Husband: Alexei Guskov, actor, producer; sons - Vladimir (r.1989), Dimitri (r.1994)
. Lydia Velezheva a wide audience until now has been unknown, though it has long played in the film and Theater
. Vakhtangov. Her name sounded as soon as it played a major role in the television series "Thief". Glory - lady capricious. Yesterday, still talking about you, but today is no. And no time to recover Lydia, how did the second, more powerful wave of attention to it - in connection with the release of the screen continuation of the famous detective series "The investigation leading Connoisseurs".

Born Lydia Velezheva in 1966. Five minutes later my sister. My mother worked in a tobacco factory, brought the sisters first one, then with her stepfather. He is a retired colonel, and the girl regarded him as a father. With his own father, they do not communicate. They lived in Kiev, where Lida and graduated from high school. Always wanted to be an actress. Not embarrassed, wherever it was possible, sang, danced, recited.

At age 13, she first came to the studio Dovzhenko - brought a picture for child actors CATALOGS. The girl, who was sitting in the window, all data is recorded, then looked at carefully and Lida said: 'Wait a minute, dear, do not go'. Immediately phoned somewhere and said: 'There came a girl, I think, what you are looking for' ... So Lida was approved by the main role in the painting 'Waiting'. They worked many famous actors: Pashkova, Grinko Talyzina. And Yuri Katin-Yartsev, who taught at that time in Schukinskaya school, went to my mother Leda and said: 'Lidochka necessarily need to enroll in a theater, you go to Moscow'.

The boarding school, where she studied Lydia Velezheva, was a real school survival. Hence, such a character, commitment, confidence.

Lydia Velezheva arrives in Moscow, but never went to the Katin-Yarcev - scared. And wildly worried that he will know it at the contest, fearing that it would be awkward. And he did not know. Then already, when was the first lesson on the skill of the actor, which is just and led Yuri, he suddenly said: 'I think I have somewhere seen'. Here Velezheva and recalled his. How he laughed! Then asks: 'What are you doing to me do not say? " 'And I surprise - said - wanted to do'.

The family of Lydia Velezheva decided to rely only on their strength, anyone about what not to ask. For other request - please, for themselves - no.

Lydia Velezheva talented, beautiful actress, whose hope is still a lot to do in life and on stage and screen.

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  • Site Lidia Velezheva: www.lidiyavelezheva.sp.ru
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    Velezheva Lydia Leonidovna, photo, biography
    Velezheva Lydia Leonidovna, photo, biography Velezheva Lydia Leonidovna  Actress, photo, biography
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