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ABBIATI Christian

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography ABBIATI Christian
photo ABBIATI Christian
Born July 8, 1977 in a small Italian town Abbyategrasso. Goalkeeper. Weight 92 kg., Height 191 cm. Serie A Debut: 17/10/1999. He played for the clubs: 1995/96 - Borgosesia, 1996-1998 - "Monza", from 1998 - AC Milan. Idol of his childhood was Walter Zenga. He is fond of basketball, is a fan of the command "Varese".

He broke into the "basis" Milan "as something unexpected. Goalkeeper Sebastiano Rossi in one of the matches of Italy received a red card and left the field while still quite young for Goalkeeper Christian Abbiati. It was assumed that Abbiati will defend only five games - the term of suspension, but the young goalkeeper is so well incorporated into the "rossonerri" that in the same year he became the main "culprits" magical victory Milan in Serie A. ..

. It is now difficult to imagine Milan without Abbiati
. He became a stronghold of the Milan defense - though not the best in Italy. But he was not guilty, this is the style of play Dzakkeroni. And if Christian could play for Milan, who missed on 15 goals a season, then I'm sure Mass he would not spoil.

. But all the assumptions of a series of "if-then", I'd go back to the present, which does not bear any conditionality
. On Sunday, AC Milan "a difficult game against Parma and even more in its field. This match is extremely important for both teams: if successful, "Parma" is wedged in the fight for the medals (and incidentally, and the struggle for ligochempionskie vouchers), "Milan", however, gaining 3 points, or becoming a real contender for the gold, or "silver". What is "rossonerri" will be able to claim after the match to "Tardini" decides more "Gvozdeva" match tour Juventus - Lazio.

Who will win the battle "Milan" or "Parma"? Answer this question, in fact, not possible. One can only guess the account ... Here is what our today's hero, Christian Abbiati: "We are fully prepared for this important battle. I feel great and I hope that showed on Friday (the game with Juventus) that I am now in good shape. "

But I must say that "Parma" is also in excellent condition. 4 wins in a row vivid evidence. Abbiati is not such a smart aleck, as it might seem from the preceding paragraph. He just really appreciates things. "The last matches Parma, frankly, to induce fear. She scored a lot of points in the last month and now really claim to a place in the Champions League, behind us by only 3 points. "

After losing a match in Venice, the newspapers began to write that, say, from Abbiati - zvezdnyak ". But the keeper believes otherwise: "I never conceited, this goal - only a coincidence. I just feel about the wrong time and chose the wrong decision. That's all! But I think that the match against Juventus, I partly rehabilitated. Our joy of victory slightly brightens the game is not very intelligible, but is the result, but the main thing that interests us today!

As for the Series A, Abbiati believes that Juventus deserved "Scudetto" in this year. "I think that we have already lost too much to count on the championship. In fact, soccer has become a rivalry, Juventus and Lazio. Juventus, in my opinion, preferable to "sky blue". "Old lady" - a team with the best to date, the organization game. In Saturday's mast against Lazio, it is a favorite. Of course, we will fight till the last round, but except for "Parma" we have yet to meet with "Romoy" and "Knockin '.

Abbiati is young, and therefore he characterized errors. In general, the goalkeeper with no errors, it is as a student without a "deuce". The only difference is that the student can correct the "deuce" and the goalkeeper - no. But the fact that for Abbiati chasing the strongest club of the world - Manchester United have already speaks volumes. In fact, Ferguson is looking for replacement which became during his lifetime the great Peter Schmeichel, since the unstable game Bosnicha and Van Der Gove Sir Alex not happy. "Regarding my future, I'll stay at Milan for as long as the club will need in me, though I must admit I was flattered by the offer of" Manchester.

. Recently it became known that from Milan goes, actually became a teacher for Abbiati, Sebastiano Rossi
. Rossi, of which the whole epoch in the history of a century Milan. With Seboy (as it was called in at the club) "Milan" 5 times, became the champion of Italy, and also won the Champions League. Rossi spent in "rossonerri" 10 seasons, and would finish his career in the great Milan, but a quarrel with Alberto Dzakkeroni seems to be negated those plans ... Thus, Abbiati is replaced by Russia, which, of course, holds the young goalkeeper certain duties. Many were saying that the departure of Seba, Abbiati further strengthened its position regarding the "number one" "Milan", but Christian does not think so: "I do not think that Russia's withdrawal would play on my hand. The team must have two equal goalkeeper. I had a class mate, with whom I could learn a lot. Healthy competition only stimulated the growth of my skills ... "

At the end of the conversation Abbiati little philosophize: "I always try to do their job as best as possible. Sometimes it happens sometimes - not quite. Goalkeepers - not machines. Although, perhaps I am too critical of himself, taking every error is close to my heart. "

AC Milan enters the new millennium with a new goalkeeper. This should be a trigger for a new renaissance. Abbiati and Shevchenko - are the two characters "Milan" beginning of the third millennium, which should return the "Milan" the glory of the late 80th early 90th ...

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ABBIATI Christian, photo, biography
ABBIATI Christian, photo, biography ABBIATI Christian  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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