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Biography Jairzinho
photo Jairzinho
Born December 25, 1944
Country Brazil.
Position Striker
Clubs: Botafogo (Brazil) (1961-1974, 1981, 411 games, 189 goals), Cruzeiro (1976-1978), Olympique Marseille (France) (1974-1975, 18 games, 9 goals), Kochakambu (Bolivia).
Titles: World Champion 1970 (6 games, 7 goals), Copa Libertadores 1976, Champion League "Carioca" 1967, 1978, Member of 1966 FIFA World Cup, 1974.
Team 1965-1976: Held 87 matches and scored 38 goals.

FROM "Botafogo" There is no escape

Jairzinho was born in 1944 in the Christmas night - from 24 to 25 December. The fate of Brazil presented a perfect football gift.

As a teenager growing up on the street Jair Zheneral Severiano, literally across the street from the stadium, which played club Botafogo ". Therefore, the children's team quarter, where he spoke little Jair Ventura, called "Estrela de Botafogo" - "Star Botafogo". Such teams have been set in Rio, and there are half-savage manner, but they are often supervised by professionals from the big football. "Star Botafogo, led by Oswald, who had close contact with the sector of youth football" Flamengo ". Therefore it is no wonder that the talented teenager while he lived in two steps from "Botafogo", was originally in the "Flamengo". But from the "Fogo" he still was not destined to get out, and how it happened, says he Jairzinho:

"Outside it was in 1960, I was 15 years old. Walter Abbas, coach "Flamengo" in this age category, I found promising and recorded in the team as an amateur. He behaved like a strict father, without whose permission it was impossible to come to the gym, or even take a step. Two months later I was at the time the match was a strong blow to the leg and the month could not play. When he felt healthy again and come to practice, Abbas took me aside and didactic tone asked: "Why sir have not written a word to me?" Apparently, I did not understand what he wanted from me. The upshot was that he threw my shoes and said: "Get out where you came from."

. Perhaps, he said, so rashly, but that's what I did: went back to his "Estrela", which is next Sunday, met with the team of a neighboring district - Forte do Leme "
. She oversaw Lucas' Sete-Bolyai ", reserve left back from" Botafogo ". We won 3:1, and I scored two goals. "I never knew you in the boots and play as great as without them!" - Surprised Lucas, who had seen me during the games only barefooted.

. Lucas led me to his club, and the first meeting against Flamengo on "Laranjeiras, Sergipe" I scored the winning goal
. "What have you betrayed me?" - Rushed to me with reproaches Miralem. I had the slightest desire to continue the conversation with him, I muttered something and pretended to be in a hurry.

C Junior "Botafogo" We excel in Rio for three consecutive years - in 1961-m, 1962 m and 1963 m. In 1963 I traveled with an amateur team competition at the Pan American Games and also returned to the winner.

Where did the nickname Jairzinho? The fact is that when I was on the way to the first team "Botafogo", there already was one of Jair, Jair Bala. This created difficulties commentators and journalists. As they say: Jair Jair given a pass? So they called me, because I came later, a diminutive version of the. Then came another nickname - "Furakan" (hurricane). I do not care how they call me: the main thing was to play. "

HEIR Garrincha

In the early 60's "Botafogo" had the strongest line of attack in its history. Garrincha, Didi, Quarentinha, Amarildo, Zagallo - all five were major stars of magnitude. Jairzinho initially substituted occasional Frontline Quarentinha when he got injured.

And then, in 1962, broke his leg and permanently incapacitated Garrincha, and this trauma has predetermined the fate of Jairzinho. Right flank, which had previously been the preserve of the great-hearted Manet, henceforth belong to him. I must say that it was Garrincha served Jairzinho idol. Garrincha, when they became mates, taught him his famous feint and not less valuable art withstand the endless attacks, side steps and kicks, without which the attacker also can not do. And Jairzinho became the successor Garrincha on the right flank of the attack as a "Botafogo", and in the Brazilian national team (in the "Botafogo", true, years later, he retrained in the center-forwards).

. Transfer of authority "did not occur overnight, it has been stretched over time
. Two outstanding master still played together, when Garrincha is back in operation. In including the infamous World Cup for Brazil in 1966, where Manet occupied its usual position, and Jairzinho moved to the unfamiliar left flank.

. In 1967, when the right wing "selesao" came to him finally, Jair has been spared the sad fate of his predecessor - has received a double fracture of his right foot
. But for the next World Cup consequences of severe trauma were eliminated, and Jairzinho regarded as the undisputed number one candidate in their roles.

. The first match against Czechoslovakia showed that Jairzinho in great shape: he scored two goals, one of them - with obygryshem four rivals
. And besides, helped hammer Rivelino, was attached to the "wall" and opened a breach in the time of the performance penalty. Incidentally, Jairzinho was, if not the first, then exactly one of the first players who began practicing technique now become an integral feature of football.

. Having a good start, got into the habit Jairzinho hammer strictly on the ball in each of the next game - a total of seven goals
. Sometimes it is called the sole holder of such a productive series. This is not quite so. In all the matches of his team, subject to passing it the full distance and were killed in 1950 by Uruguayan Alcides Gidzha and in 1958, Frenchman Just Fontaine. Why are their achievements were in the shadow of achieving Jairzinho? Apparently, . because of the greater antiquity and because, . that Uruguay in 1950 had only four games (the group he was truncated), . and France in 1958, participated in the "comforting", . not present the final,
. To this we add that Jairzinho and Fontaine - the only two people who were killed at the world championships in six games in a row. Jairzinho long owned the record for Brazil, and even the number of games at the world championships - 16. In 1998 alone, it overtook Dunga and Taffarel.

During 13 years of performing in "Botafogo" Jairzinho scored 189 goals in 413 matches. He - the third scorer in club history. Survey fans, held at the turn of the century, showed that he was third in popularity - after Garrincha and Nilton Santos. But all the other legends - Tulio, Heleno, Didi, Quarentinha, Gerson, Amarildo - gained fewer votes than he.

I Jairzinho had a dream to try his hand at European football. In 1974, she seemed to be realized: it was bought "Marcel". But stay in France turned into a bitter disappointment for him: the Brazilian was unable to get used to the new environment, disciplined and quickly ran away home. "Marseilles" would not agree to break the contract, resulting Jairzinho a year had no right to play somewhere else. And only after this period it came to the camp "Cruzeiro".

While Brazilian clubs for a long time, since the great Santos (1962-63 years), not winning the Copa Libertadores. Of the 12 follow-up jokes in ten Excel Argentine clubs. Jairzinho helped "Cruzeiro" put an end to their hegemony. Speaking under the guidance of coach patriarch Zeze Moreira, who turned 70 years, "Cruzeiro" won by a phenomenally effective football. Forty-six heads of the team to split the 13 matches! Fourteen of them scored Jairzinho, the best scorer of the draw. True, no one - in a series of three finals with the "River Plate" (4:1,1:2,3:2). However, the second of these matches, "Hurricane" played only a half (he was ejected from the field), and the third missed out through suspension.

. "Cruzeiro" dedicated his victory in the Copa Libertadores memory Roberto Batata, who played the far right, but tragically died after the match away with a Peruvian "Alliance" (4:0), the latter for "Cruzeiro" in the semifinal group
. The machine on which the 27-year-Batat returning home, came under refrigerator. On the day of the tragedy that player received an invitation to the national team and was in seventh heaven.

Team a long time could not move away from a depressed state. And, incidentally, available at Zeze Moreira had no right forward (Jairzinho played central), whom he could cover up the empty position. We had to move to this place right back Nelin.

The man who opened Ronaldo

The next club in the biography Jairzinho became the Venezuelan "Portuguesa" from the city Akarigua. Of the strongest club in South America - in a provincial, though laurelled national champion club soccer with the most impoverished in terms of the continent. Such a transition only at first glance it may seem shocking. In fact, the Venezuelan soccer suffered while the process of active re-entry into his powerful sponsors in the face of agricultural corporations. In many clubs, and it is provincial appeared wealthy patrons. As a result, on the one hand, capital's team took second place, on the other hand, football, Venezuela was an orgy of foreign players. Even such notables as Jairzinho and another world champion in 1970 Brito, not disdained to fly to easy money.

In 1982, the Brazilian national team, preparing for the World Cup in Spain, held control match with Czechoslovakia in Sao Paulo. Over a hundred thousand spectators came to the stadium, to his surprise, they saw among the players who take to the field, 37-year-old had already been completed career Jairzinho. As it turned out, the coach Tele Santana as a friend gave him the opportunity to bring the number of their performances for "selesao" to hundreds. The veteran spent on the field the first 11 minutes and gave way to Paulo Isidoro. Further life shows futility of efforts Jairzinho in the direction of statistics. Criteria for counting intensified, and his experience as the experience of many of his comrades, was significantly podsokraschen. Currently, he is officially representing 81 match.

In the 90 years the name Jairzinho again resounded in the press in connection with the fact that he discovered in the depths of the Brazilian soccer talent Ronaldo. He discovered it when he was 14 years, and 16 "Nibbler" has already scored during the year for "Cruzeiro" 54 goals in 54 matches, giving rise Jairzinho utter the phrase, leafless, many mass media: "Even Pele did not begin his career as brilliantly.

. In 1962 he broke his leg and permanently incapacitated Garrincha, and this trauma has predetermined the fate of Jairzinho
. The right wing, which had previously been the preserve of the great-hearted Manet, henceforth belong to him.

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Jairzinho, photo, biography
Jairzinho, photo, biography Jairzinho  football player, photo, biography
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