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Biography Leonidas
photo Leonidas
Born September 6, 1913.
Country Brazil.
Position Striker
. Clubs: "Havaneza", . "Barroso", . "Sul Americano, . "Sirio Libanes", . San CristцЁvцёo ", . "Bonsusseso Rio de Zhayneyro (all Brazil) (1931-1932), . Nacional Montevideo (Uruguay) (1932-1933), . "Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro (1934), . "Botofago" (1935-1936), . "Flamengo" (1936-1942), . "Sao Paulo" (all Brazil) (1942-1951).,
. Total spent 800 matches and scored 760 goals
. Titles: 3rd winner 1938 FIFA World Cup (8 goals in 4 games, top scorer of the tournament), member of 1934 FIFA World Cup Champion, "Carioca League, 1934, 1935, 1939, champion, league paulishta, 1943, 1945, 1946, 1948, 1949.
. Brazil squad 1932-1946: held 19 matches and scored 21 goals

Leonidas da Silva first came out on the field in December 1932, ten minutes before the end of the match against a team from Uruguay - world champion and Olympic Games, when the Brazilians lost 0:1. During his time Leonidas scored two goals:

Then he was only nineteen years. Two years later he participated in the failure to Brazil World Cup-1934: the team flew in the first match, lost to Spain 1:3, but the Brazilian goal was scored it was Leonidas.

. After the failure of the Brazil squad for over a year was not going, and when preparations began for the championship of America 1936-1937 period in Argentina, a new coach Ademar Pimenta Leonidas neglected
. Initially, the tournament that was formed for the Brazilians successful: they crushed all rivals. But in the final of Argentines lost. In the first match - 0:1, in the second - 0:2. The main scorer of the Brazilian team at this tournament was Carvalho Leite, also a legendary figure in those days one of the best players 'Botafogo' - the club, which is not rated Leonidas.

. Meanwhile, Leonidas, Homen de boracha (Rubber people), so named because of the incredible flexibility, continued to admire his virtuoso torsidu feint and fantastic goals
. From humble, never claimed the big victories and championships 'Bonsusesso' he moved to Uruguay 'Peц?arol', but a year later he returned to Rio. First - in the 'Vasco da Gama', then in 'Botafogo'. There, he had difficult: in this aristocratic club, which later became famous black Didi and Garrincha Injun, in the thirties, is not tolerated 'color'. And because club officials have easily sold it, more precisely, yielded less intelligible 'Flamengo' for a purely symbolic price: five pin. It is in this club Leonidas played from 1936 to 1942. And it is here that came to him his fame.

In 'FLA' Leonidas famous for its famous 'bisikletami' - a blow in the fall through a. Today, this technique confidently and gracefully performed by many artists, but in those years, he shook torsidu as a circus trick. However, not only torsidu: One day in Buenos Aires in the Game 'Flamengo' against the Argentine 'Independiente' Leonidas at this reception kicked the ball off the line like a penalty to the corner of Argentine gate. Goalkeeper 'Independiente' Bello ran to him, still lying on the ground and began to enthusiastically embrace the virtuoso. To him there and then joined by other Argentines who ran to congratulate the hero. The stands roared and cheered. As is now jubilant spectators, seeing the magnificent trick Copperfield.

Other Brazilians, too, shaken magnificent bare, was touched, felt themselves involved in this feast of universal love. Playing regular football after such a virtuoso goal was simply impossible, and this benefited the Argentines. While the players 'Flamengo' continued to hug and slap on the shoulders of Leonidas, the referee had already whistled for the continuation of the match, the Argentines quickly organized, intercepted the ball at the cheering guests and scored a goal back. And then another. I won the fight.

Convincing statistics

For Leonidas team played 37 games, including formal and friendly. And they scored 37 goals.

His size, speed and cunning Leonidas looked like a mosquito.

He was absolutely the Brazilian player, the Brazilian - from head to toe. He had imagination, the gift of improvisation and fun reckless peculiar to our best players.

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Leonidas, photo, biography
Leonidas, photo, biography Leonidas  football player, photo, biography
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