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Alessandro Mazzola

( football player)

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Biography Alessandro Mazzola
photo Alessandro Mazzola
Born November 8, 1942 in Turin (Italy).
Country Italy
. Position Striker
. Club: Inter Milan (Italy) (1961-1977, 418 games, 116 goals)
. Honors: Vice-World Champion 1970, . European Champion 1968, . Member of 1966 FIFA World Cup, . 1974, . Champion of Italy 1963, . 1965, . 1966, . 1971, . The best footballer in Italy 1964, . Top scorer in Italy 1965 (17 goals), . Champions Cup Winner 1964, . 1965, . Champions Cup finalist 1967, . 1972, . Intercontinental Cup 1964, . 1965.,
. In the list of the best players in Europe in 1971 took 2 nd place
The first match in the national team: 12 May 1963 with Brazil (3:0) in Milan.
Last match in the national team: June 23, 1974 against Poland (1:2) in Stuttgart.
Team 1963-1974: conducted 70 matches and scored 22 goals.


Sandro Mazzola from the dynasty of champions

Name of Sandro Mazzola in our country has become widely known in 1963 when he was in the European Championship qualifying match failed to score 11-meter Lev Yashin
. That game ended with the score 1:1, but since the team won the first meeting of the USSR, and it came out in quarterfinals. Words Mazzola, why he had not scored Yashin, cited so far: "He just better than me playing football."

Yashin in the same year was named European Footballer. In no small part due to the excellent game against the Italians. A Mazzola, two days before the age of 21, and this was his third game for the team. He made his debut May 12, 1963 in a friendly match against two-time world champions - Brazilians in Milan, when the score was 1:0, he scored the goal Zhilmara famous penalty kick, the Italians eventually won 3:0. Not everyone can such a debut.

However, football life Alessandro Mazzola at all unusual. For the first time he ran on the field at the head of the Italian national team May 22, 1949 in Florence, where she met with the Austrians, when he was six and a half years. At the previous meeting team also deduced Mazzola, only Valentino, his father, captain and club Torino, the idol of all the Italian "tiffozi". May 4, 1949 team Torino, returning from Lisbon, in full force killed in plane crash. The plane crashed into a mountain supergene in Turin during approach. So in one moment does not become not only the best club team in Italy, but also the national team. Torino from 1943goda was the undisputed champion of the country, and in the national team played 10 field players Torino and only goalkeeper represented Juventus. It is useful to remember that the Italians at that time was double world champion the last two jokes. They were considered the main contenders for victory in the 1950 tournament in Brazil, but the death of the leading players dispelled all hopes.

Valentino Mazzola was born in 1919. The Second World War prevented him, like many players of his generation in different countries, fully demonstrate their abilities. He began playing in clubs "Venice", which in 1941 won the Italian Cup, after which he was invited to the "Torino", which in those days was considered a super clubs and equal to him in Italy was not. Valentino Mazzola played in the attack. And how to play! As part of Torino, he spent 170 championship matches, scoring 97 goals. And he began in 1947, the championship's top scorer (29 goals are still the club record). In the team made its debut April 5, 1942, played in her 12 matches and scored 4 goals. He became a legend of world football. It is no accident Brazilian Jose Altafini took the pseudonym "Mazzola", which played a World Cup 1954, won by Brazil, in the judicial records recorded two goals for Mazzola.

. Rarely happens that a son inherits his father's talent, but in this case is exactly
. After the death of Valentino custody of him and his younger brother Ferruccio took the offensive player of Inter and the national team Benito Lorenzi, a close friend of Valentino. He took them to training and matches. It is no accident that the two linked their lives to football.

Career Ferruccio was formed not so well as his brother. Although he played in famous clubs - "Venice", Lazio, Fiorentina. One match had to Inter.

Climbing Sandro Olympus began to watch the football at the moment when the coach of Inter became Helenio Herrera, whom some called a charlatan, and other magician and a magician. The main line in the game was defense, it operated virtually without interruption. Three players he considered key: defender Facchetti, Suarez midfielder, striker Sandro Mazzola. Forward it to be regarded as purely arbitrary, it is the entire match scurrying from one free kick to the other. Journalists talked about him, that he was in the game "and the poet and the tiller". Over the years, they became champions of Italy three times, twice in succession won the European Cup and Intercontinental Cup. The best game he had held 27 May 1964 in the European Champions Cup final in Vienna. He opened the scoring and scored the decisive third ball. Mazzola holds the record: February 24, 1963 he scored the ball "Milan" in 13 seconds.

On the field Mazzola was the director of the game and the main scorer, inscribed his name in the history of Italian and world football.

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Alessandro Mazzola, photo, biography
Alessandro Mazzola, photo, biography Alessandro Mazzola  football player, photo, biography
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