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( football player)

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Biography ROSSI Paulo
photo ROSSI Paulo
Country Italy
. Position Striker
. Careers football: Juventus (Italy) - 1972-75, 82-85 years. "Como (Italy) - 1975-76." Vicenza "(Italy) - 1976-79 gg." Perugia "( Italy) - 1979-80. "Milan" (Italy) - 1985-86 gg. "Verona (Italy) - 1986-87
. Honors soccer: World Champion in 1982, Cup Winners' Cup in 1984, European Super Cup in 1984, Champion of Italy 1984., Cup Italy 1983.
. Individual prizes: Winner of the Golden Ball 1982., The best footballer in Italy 1982
. g.

Paolo taught from childhood to football by his father, Vittorio, a working textile factory in Prato and an avid fan Fiorentina ". In 10 years at the insistence of his father included in the youth team "Ambrosiana" in Prato, and then - in the "Catholic Virtus". When Paolo was 15, rumors about his talent resounded far beyond the neighborhood, and he Juventus sent an emissary - Italo Rage, who, without hesitation, laid out money for it. But this fact does not mean that from now on Russia provides a well-fed and stable life in the depths of "Old Siniora". It turned out just the opposite. We Paolo began a series of intricate movements in Italian football.

For three years he spent in the youths "Juventus". And then he appeared pain in knees. He made three operations, two of the cartilage removed from his left knee and one from the right. 17-year-old boy was fit to doubt that it shines a serious football career. And Paolo leaned on his studies.

Juventus truly lost faith in him and in October 1975 gave him time "Como", were then in Serie A. It looked like a rental, only with a minus sign: not "Como" Rossi money to pay for Juventus, and vice versa. From the "Como" required only to check it in and at the end of the season to give back.

Paolo spent six matches. Held to put it mildly, no matter. "Only my father continued to believe in me, and his faith made me continue to try," - says Rossi.

At Juventus place for him, of course, was no. The club sold half the rights to him "Vicenza", Series B.

Only in Vicenza fate he finally smiled. Paolo fortunate to meet there "his" coach - Dzhanbattistu Fabbri. Fabbri did paradoxical, but as it turned out, the right move: he looked at the hollowness shall guy and put him in the position of Frontline. Before it was used more as insiders - the left or right.

In sezone-76/77 Rossi became the best scorer of the series (21 goals) and helped "Vicenza" to climb to the elite. Meanwhile, Juventus was engaged in looking for a new Frontline replaced descended Boninsene. There were three candidates: Virdis, Prutstso and Rossi. Manual "Old Signora" stopped at Virdis - and made a mistake. The future showed that among this trio Virdis - the least talented (though not bad, in principle) forward.

Juventus had the half season to understand that he made a blunder. Russia took a hammer goals, and in Turin in the meantime biting his elbows.

Motivated by the fact that the club is equal to "Vicenza" right at him, Juventus turned to her with a request to give him the second half. "Vicenza" flatly refused. In a situation where two clubs jointly managed by the player and can not reach agreement, conducted secret sale. The procedure is as follows: each club puts in a sealed envelope the amount for which he agreed to buy a second share.

Few expected the modest "Vicenza" interrupt grandee. But there was a sensation. When the envelopes opened, it emerged that Juventus offered 1.5 million dollars, and "Vicenza" - twice! By the end of the championship from Rossi had accumulated 24 goals, and he again topped the list of scorers. By opening the season was not only he, but "Vicenza", which is right off the bat was the vice-champion!

. Despite a cascade of goals in Serie A and the debut of "skuadre Azzurro" in December 1977 the first, Russia does not particularly believe that he could speak at the World Championships in Argentina: "The team had a lot of experienced and battle-forwards
. Savoldi, Prutstso, Novellino and Graziani have already proved themselves there, and I thought that they have a better chance. Himself same rank as a third emergency.

Enzo Bearzot reasoned differently: he saw that it was Rossi's best suited for his new game. Therefore, in the first match against France, when Graziani did not act very well, he released it in the field. Rossi scored the winning goal, then two more in the other matches, and was recognized as the opening of the World Cup. After it became known as Argentina in the Spanish manner - Pablito. In the same year he was recognized and the player in Italy.

. His style is characterized delicacy in handling the ball, finesse maneuver, when the lightning dash precedes the smarmy, clever way to position and, finally, the last gesture - subtle touch of the ball, leading to a goal from
. For optimal disclosure of his qualities he was needed the support of a decisive phase of the attack at least one player. He could not be cast into the fire to fight one on one with powerful protectors. The role of assistant to Rossi's usually played by Roberto Bettega.

In 1979, Pablito was again the subject of transfer. "Vicenza" slipped from second place by 14 th and, despite the 15 goals of his superstar flew out of the series A. Rossi was given a duty "Perugia".

Russia's reputation as a leader of attacks against Italy continued to grow stronger, and suddenly sezone-79/80 Kalchiev broke out in huge scandal with the treaty, and clandestine betting games. When most players to run into the machinations, the first time mentioned the name of Russia, all refused to believe it. In the scam, which as a rule, nothing special is not represented, it stood alone. Not fit in the head, which required Russia agrees to terms for a bribe, the amount of which was lower than his weekly salary.

It was about the match "Perugia" with "Avellino," which the parties agreed to round up a draw. The condition of Russia is to be allowed "to score two goals". The game ended with the score 2:2.

Rossi Federation disqualified for three years. Later the term was reduced to two years. After reducing disqualification ended April 30, 1982.

The price for him has plummeted: no one knew how Rossi will show itself after such a long period of inactivity. In this situation, "Juventus have done very wisely, buying it back at the" Vicenza "only a million dollars.

Rossi did not panic, practiced twice a week, and to the extent that, as approaching the end of the disqualification period, increased the load. He managed to catch the ending sezona-81/82, spending for Juventus three matches.

In Italy, arguing whether or not to bet on Russia at the world championships in Spain. Country and so has several high-class attackers, who were eager to show himself. Graziani and Prutstso remained in force, Inter excellent revealed Altobelli.

But the most authoritative experts have argued that the costs. "Class of Russia could not undergo changes over a two-year period of relative rest", - said Giovanni Trapattoni. "Craftsmanship Rossi must team - echoed Helenio Herrera. - It would light feet, while the remaining muscles can be slaughtered after an exhausting season. "

Bearzot had the same opinion. Tips colleagues only strengthened it in him. He turned on Rossi's first in the list of 40 "and then, in early May, when Pablito has never even played - in a final bid for the championship.

"Skuadra Azzurro" debuted goalless draw with Poles. In a dangerous header on 39 th minute, Rossi 90 minutes did not create. In the next game with Peru (1:1) and he does look depressing, and it had to change after the first half of Causio. The final meeting with Cameroon - and Russia once again ran on empty.

With great creaking Italy leaked from the first stage in the second. Needless to say, a hurricane of criticism had to listen to Bearzot for his passion for Rossi, how much patience he had to show! But he felt that the moment when fresh legs Pablito must play their role, be sure to come. Need only wait for this, do not fly first!

Under the second phase with Argentina and Brazil, the Italians recognize outsiders. And they take it and start with a victory over Argentina. Rossi did not score again, but despite this, played a productive. This was the first match, for which he was not hayali. On a couple of Conti, it did reveal weaknesses in the opponent's defense continued breakthroughs in the center and the flanks.

"Secret weapon" Bearzot cock. And fired when it is required, in a duel with Brazilian - with an ensemble of mighty giants, which seemed, in principle, it was impossible to beat.

. Rossi scored a "magician Ball three goals - just as much as was necessary for victory (3:2)
. His goals have turned out completely different, though usually a variety of performance he did not spoil. In the first case, Paolo sneaked past Louisiana and his trademark easy "Tychkov" locked shed on the left of Cabrini. In the second - punish gun attack in the corner protectors, blundered. In the third - made Artistic pirouette, who would envy the ballet masters.

In 1978, Argentina's Mario Kempes managed to become the best striker not scoring anything in the first three games. In 1982, Rossi went even further. This is really a fantastic achievement - able to become king of snipers Mundialya starting score only the fifth game in a row!

Rossi nothing could stop. Double doors to the Poles and the first of three goals in the gates of Germany in the finals were done to them in the same way: by substituting the skilful feet under backache or head in a shelter. As a result, his head had accumulated six. Rummenigge remained in second place with five.

Rossi still waiting for a great club career at Juventus, with whom he won many trophies including the UEFA Champions League. But never again would he scored so much as before. Tom was an objective reason - severe knee injury, which could never heal.

In 1985, the "Bianconeri" sent impact of lost striker in Milan, where he was quite sour, scoring only two goals in a season. Nevertheless, he was back in the application for the World Cup-86. Everyone knew, however, that Bearzot did it solely on moral grounds. On the field in Mexico Pablito not come out.

Last season (86/87) he spent in Verona, the last goal scored Napoli. Verona defeated future champion of the country - 3:0, and the ball Rossi was like his farewell.

Officially, he announced his retirement from football at the end of 1987.

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ROSSI Paulo, photo, biography
ROSSI Paulo, photo, biography ROSSI Paulo  football player, photo, biography
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