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Enzo Francescoli

( football player)

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Biography Enzo Francescoli
photo Enzo Francescoli
Born November 12, 1961
Country Uruguay
. Position Striker
. Club: Wanderers, Montevideo (Uruguay) (1978-1983), . River Plate Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1984-1986, . 1994-1997), . Matra Racing "(1986-1989, . 89 matches, . 32 goals), . Olympique Marseille (both France) (1989-1990, . 28 matches, . 11 goals), . Cagliari (1990-1993, . 98 matches, . 17 goals), . Torino (both Italy) (1993-1994, . 24 matches, . 3 goals),
He made his debut in the First Division April 24, 1983 ( "River" 1-0 "Huracan").
The first goal April 27, 1983 ( "Ferro Carril Oeste Carrillo" 0-1 "River").
The last game on Dec. 21, 1997 ( "Argentinos" 1-1 "River")
. Titles: Winner of the Copa Libertadores 1996, Champion Argentina 1995A, 1996a, 1997a, 1997K, French Champion 1990, Member of the World Championships 1986, 1990, winner of the America's Cup 1983, 1987, 1995, best football player in South America, 1984, 1995.
. According to the IFFHS occupies 24 th place among the best players in South America of the twentieth century
Team 1982-1997: Held 75 matches, 17 goals.

We must immediately qualify that Francescoli not quite Argentinian, or rather not at the Argentinian. However, even though he was born in Uruguay, but the Argentines consider him "their", and the fans "Rivera" revere him no less than other idols.

. Buenos Aires - a city which never liked the Uruguayans, treating them both jealous and disrespectful
. But Enzo Francescoli made an exception because he was a real idol inchady most popular club of Argentina - River Plate, of whom spent the best years. Francescoli played on "Monumental" from 84 th to 86 th and 95 th to the end of career. In 25 years of age he went to France, then to the Apennines, and returned to the River "seems to be" at sunset.

In 1994, the "River" was standing at the crossroads. Several leading players left the team. His last match played in white and red T-shirt Ramon Diaz and went to Japan. Out Gamboa, Goicoechea, Villarreal, "Pepe" Albornoz, Corti, "Wizard" Berti. They were replaced by a green youth. That we can now say with admiration, that such replenishment would be pleased to any club. But then no one called happy association the names of Ariel Ortega, Hernan Crespo, Jose Villalba, Marcelo Gallardo and Matias Almeida. The only consolation for inchady "Rivera" was a return to the club after eight years of wandering in Europe "Maestro" Enzo Francescoli. It is by and large have not managed to prove themselves in Europe. But the career is not formed by many players, doubts the greatness of which no.

. In 1995, Francescoli had a phenomenal season, leading the River "to victory in the Championship of Argentina, and Uruguay's national team - to the desired success in the America's Cup
. And was recognized as a player? 1 of his continent, the second time - after the 84-th, which, incidentally, did not benefit either from the River "or the" Celeste ". He breathed new life into the game, he reveals the long-awaited type of manager, geek, and at the same time goleadora and becoming in some degree counterbalance Maradona - at least for fans of their teams. Diego Armando was the idol of Boca Juniors and the Argentina squad.

Demographics of Uruguay were unable to qualify for the World Championship in 1982, and only four years the football world could see the national team of Uruguay Mundiale. Then it is very much expected from being in his zenith midfielder Enzo Francescoli, but he was destined to become one of the major disappointments of the championship. Maximum, which at Francescoli has "Celeste - exit in 1 / 8 finals. Moreover, after the Italian Mundialya 1990 Uruguayans to world forums have not traveled.

. In the 83-m and 87 m Uruguayan national team won the America's Cup, and River Plate in 86-m of Argentina won the championship, and then - for the first time in its history - and the Copa Libertadores
. Intramural duel Maradona "El Principe" lost - in the 1 / 8 finals meskikanskogo mundialya-86. We Francescoli had chances, but to win that day, Celeste could only wonder: Argentines were stronger and the leader and the team.

Enzo Francescoli nicknamed "El Principe" (the first, chief) for his outstanding achievements. He twice became the best player in South America, and in 1995 won by River Plate Championship of Argentina, and with the national team of Uruguay - America's Cup, played in a great club, River Plate, and here he is more than just a cult figure.

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Enzo Francescoli, photo, biography
Enzo Francescoli, photo, biography Enzo Francescoli  football player, photo, biography
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