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( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography KELLER Casey
photo KELLER Casey
Born November 29, 1969.
. Hometown Lacey, Washington, USA.
. Position goalkeeper.
. In the past he played for: Miluoll (England), Leicester City (England), Rayo Vallecano (Spain)

. "I am glad that I managed to play against such a magnificent goalkeeper Kasey Keller as
. The game, which he showed today, compared to not be "- Romario, World Champion, Brazilian striker.

. It is this characteristic gave Keller Romario after the game between the teams of U.S. and Brazil in the Gold Cap On February 10, 1998
. Game, which Keller has shown in the day, the experts called the best in the history of the U.S.. Beat off 5 great beats Romario, Keller was the main reason for the U.S. victory over world champions.

Keller was born on 29 th November 1969. Casey's parents owned a chicken farm. We can say that on this farm Casey grew. There he learned how hard work, which is now so it is distinguished from others of his profession.

Casey took up football as a child. According to him, the goal put the boys who played poorly in the field. Unlike other, Keller wanted to be the only goalkeeper. So when he was accepted into the school team, he immediately became the main goalkeeper. After college, where Keller became the best goalkeeper of the U.S., Casey was at a crossroads. He was the 1990 th year, and the regular season in the United States national football team has not yet been. Keller realized that if he wanted to continue playing football, you have to do it abroad. Long time to wait for an invitation from the team did not have. In the same year, Keller is interested in the English team Miluoll. Because of the harsh atmosphere at the stadium Miluoll, not many players managed to succeed in a team. Keller not only lost 6 seasons in Milluol, but won an unshakable respect for the fans. In 1996, Keller became interested team Premier League, Leicester City. Moving to this team, Casey was one of the best goalkeepers in England. Thanks to his successful game, Leicester City managed not only to gain a foothold in the top division, but also to win the prestigious League Cup in 1997. In 1999 Keller moved to command the Spanish La Liga, Rayo Valikano, losing to 2001. In 2001 he returned to England, where he signed a contract with the team Tottenham Hotspur.

Career Keller in the U.S. national team began in 1990, when Casey went to the World Cup's second goalie (the first was Tony Meola). Play at the championship could not, but thanks to the excellent game in Europe, Keller became the main goalkeeper of the United States at the world championships of 1998. Four years later, in 2002, Casey again protects the gate of the U.S. team. At this time in the tournament CONCACAF Gold Cap (Gold Cup) which is equivalent to the Championship of Europe. The tournament Gold Cap participating teams in South, Central and North America. Thanks to the brilliant play of team captain, Kasey Keller, the U.S. team won its second title, it is easy to beat Mexico, Canada, as well as the stellar team of Brazil.

. Currently Kasey Keller lives in Leicester, England with his wife Kristin, and twin daughters, Clough and Cameron.

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KELLER Casey, photo, biography
KELLER Casey, photo, biography KELLER Casey  Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper, photo, biography
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