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Perumov Nick

( Writer)

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Biography Perumov Nick
"Nick" - a decrease of the English spelling of the name Nicholas. Last Perumov comes from the influential Armenian kind. When Armenia became part of the Russia Empire, Armenian noble family were nobles Russia Empire. Founder of Perumovyh moved to Russia in the early п?1п? century. Fortunately, neither during the Red Terror, or later, none of the family Perumova not been subjected to repression, although the maternal ancestors of Nick Perumova - Columnar nobles, received a knighthood before Peter. Nick's grandfather on his father entered the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, maternal grandfather was a professor, head of the department in St. Petersburg. His books are still in the course. Nicolai Perumov was born November 21, 1963. His first literary compositions, he began to create more school years. Graduated from the Department of Biophysics, Physics and Mechanics Department of Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. Engaged in molecular biology and worked for ten years at the Leningrad HII of Pure Biochemicals, while literature was not his main profession. We can say that this was "almost accidentally". In the early eighties Nicholas, like many physicists and poetry of the time, "lived Tolkien". Then the Russian left only "The Hobbit" and the first part of the "Lord of the Rings" - "Watchmen". A familiar commodity researchers and workers publisher Nick got out of the book by Tolkien in English and translated independently of. (Thanks to this, he mastered the language so that even a penny was a simultaneous interpreter!) And then I realized that he could not stay and must live in this fantasy world beyond. Inserted a blank sheet into the typewriter and began to publish his ideas about it. Sam Perumov calls it "literary game". This is how the trilogy of "Ring of Darkness". It was written by Nick for herself and friends and had his whole life lie in a desk drawer. But quite by chance that the text was in the hands of the host computer company. It happened in 1991, when the computer trade only began. And he at that time was selling computers Stavropol publishing "Caucasian library" and invited them to this manuscript. They thought for a long time, almost two years, only released the first volume of a trilogy, and, finally, the rights to the book went to the publisher of the North-West. Novel has caused the most mixed reviews. His readers were divided into two camps: the passionate and hard-core opponents who, even now, several years after the novel, can not forgive Nick that he "dared to aim a blow at the reputation of Tolkien."
. Over 11 years of literary works from the pen of Nick Perumova published 21 books with a circulation of four million copies, a record for the genre of fantasy
. Four books Perumova went under a pseudonym, which is called by categorically refusing. In February 2004, Nick Perumov received the title "science fiction of the Year", awarded to him in Russia's largest convention "Roskon". The prize, awarded to the most lottery fantasy. In 2003, he was Perumov, who had sold 726 thousand copies of his books.

In August 2004, in Bulgaria, summed up the convent Eurocon 2004. As a result, Europe's best science fiction was recognized Russia's writer Nick Perumov. The Convention of European fiction Eurocon "was first held in the Italian city of Trieste in 1972 and is the most authoritative convention in Europe. Total circulation of books Nick Perumova sold in the 2004th year exceeded 1 million. copies.

Nick now lives in North Carolina (USA), where he wrote his books, as well as working in a scientific institute on its core specialty - the biologist.

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Perumov Nick

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Perumov Nick, photo, biography
Perumov Nick, photo, biography Perumov Nick  Writer, photo, biography
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