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KISELYUS Juozas Yuozovich

( Actor)

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Biography KISELYUS Juozas Yuozovich
photo KISELYUS Juozas Yuozovich
Juozas Yuozovich Kiselyus was born in Lithuania, in the small town Joniskis June 22, 1949. In my school years, despite the fact that he took an active part in the initiative, not going to become an actor - he dreamed of Forestry Academy, wanted to be a forester.

. But fate decreed otherwise, and in 1967, Juozas, unexpectedly for himself, goes to the Vilnius Conservatory at the Department acting
. He plunges his head into school and already can not imagine life without theater. At the end of the conservatory since 1972, Juozas gets a permanent job in the State Academic Theater of Drama then the Lithuanian SSR. Its repertoire is diverse: he participates in the staging Lithuanian writers, Chekhov, Shakespeare and many other classics. Appears, of course, and favorite role: Charlie in 'School for Scandal' Sheridan - the very first, and so memorable, role on stage.

. On the big screen Juozas Kiselyus out at the age of 25 years, starring in films 'homeless' and 'wreath of oak leaves'
. Role of his minor and sporadic, but the actor did not go unnoticed. Four years later, he was invited to the shooting of the movie 'The price of death, ask the dead', where Juozas goes to one of the leading roles. His hero - Anton Sommer - leader of the underground Bolshevik organization in Tallinn, serious and responsible and that is how the actor approached his role.

. However, the greatest popularity Juozas brings a movie about a big, beautiful and all-conquering love 'The long road to the dunes' A directed
. Jingling. After the release of the movie on the screen actor, as they say, woke up famous. Arthur, from 'Long Road:' - so it is called still. Showered with numerous letters to each of which tried to answer Juozas. But Role honest romantic hero rather stop him in his future career. His name primarily for the same role, only the movies were not so successful. Juozas very hard going through this, although the most important thing for him and remained Theater. For his work he always approached creatively, as a true artist, did not think that doing something outstanding, and his perceived popularity with humor.

And then rang the collapse of the film industry, linked to developments in the political life of the country during the adjustment period. The work was little participation in such projects as the 'Wolves in the zone' (1990) could not meet. This film became one of his last. Around this period, Juozas discovered a rare heart defect, but apparently it was too late, and medicine was powerless to do anything.

One of Lithuanian journalists tried to find out how it all happened, and interviewed the then head of the troupe V. Petrauskas. He said that the last six months of life at Juozas was depressed. Small wages, and, therefore, problems with the families affected his heart. 7 May 1991 the Juozas returning home from screen tests. Suddenly, he felt bad when he came out of the trolleybus. How then he told Petrauskas, he instantly felt a sore point, which moved to the heart and chest pain sliced. Then he just stood near the booth numbers of trolley routes, and as if everything was. Still, after returning home, Juozas phoned the ambulance and then took him to one of the Vilnius hospital.

There he measured the pressure and removed the cardiogram. All data, at first glance, were normal, and Kiselyusa transferred to an intensive care ward. There he visited Petrauskas.

Juozas looked bad, complained that he was cold (at that time the weather was not very good). Another admitted that the lack of medicines. We Juozas sustained high temperature, needed an aspirin, but the hospital he was not, therefore Kiselyusa daughter ran to the pharmacy, which was near. Petrauskas last words were: 'Look, Juozas, I forbid you to hurt you we all need'.

But these words did not come true. Save the actor, unfortunately, never managed. On the morning of May 10 Juozas awakened, put in a carriage and taken to the X-ray, which took a shot of the heart, after which he was left alone to sit in the corridor. After some time he was approached by a doctor, and Juozas as a gallant man, seeing her, stood up and asked her to sit down: and fell. Later, doctors found that spontaneously burst cardiac aorta. This was the final diagnosis.

In life, Juozas was the same as on the screen, pathologically honest, romantic and very vulnerable. Tried to see and understand where and how his use. His life was short, he died, never having fully realized, but, nevertheless, leave a good warm memories and as a person and as an actor. After all, not everyone can find the time and effort to respond to the audience letters, not to deceive the trust:

In the city Joniskis, at school, where he studied before Juozas, now annually held contest actor reading on this actor. All remember his unwavering elegance, beautiful voice, his hands are always open for a handshake, and his warm smile, which always helped in difficult times. School today is proud Juozas Kiselyus began his career in its walls.

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KISELYUS Juozas Yuozovich, photo, biography
KISELYUS Juozas Yuozovich, photo, biography KISELYUS Juozas Yuozovich  Actor, photo, biography
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