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Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key

( American writer)

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Biography Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald)

Born on 24 September 1896. in St. Paul (pc. Minnesota) in the family of small entrepreneurs. Named in honor of his great-great-grandfather, the author of the text of the U.S. national anthem 'star-spangled banner' FS Kay (1779-1843).

1908-1910 - studies at the Academy of Sao Paulo.

1911-1913 - studies at Newman School. While studying Fitzgerald devotes a lot of time self-study.

1913-1917 - studies at Princeton University.

1917 - shortly before the exams go for military service.

1920 - published his first novel "This Side of Paradise '(This Side of Paradise), initiated during the First World War. Immediately after its publication marries SцThlde Seir, which served as the prototype for the heroine Rosalind. The plot of the novel is taken from the author's own life. 'This Side of Paradise' shows the standard scenario of the life of a young man in the U.S. 1920. The popularity of the novel Fitzgerald opens his way into the world of great literature: his works are beginning to publish in prestigious journals and newspapers, such as 'Scribner's', 'The Saturday Evening Post'. In addition to fame, this work brings good earnings. Such sudden changes in financial position enabled it to Fitzgerald and Zelda to live is so beautiful that Ring Lardner called them the prince and princess of their generation

. In the same year publication of the first collection of short stories Fitzgerald 'emancipated and profound' (Flappers and Philosophers).

. 1922 - published by Fitzgerald's second novel 'Fine, but doomed' (The Beautiful and Damned), describing the torturous marriage of two talented and attractive representatives of artistic bohemia
. It appears as a collection of stories 'Tales of a century of jazz' (Tales of the Jazz Age).

1923 - goes maloudachnaya play 'vegetables' (Vegetable; Russian translation of 'gruel'), which brought only losses.

1924 - Fitzgerald, with his little daughter Frances moved first to Rome, then to the Riviera.

1925 - on his return to Paris Fitzgerald completes and publishes the novel 'The Great Gatsby' (The Great Gatsby), revealing the collapse of the so-called 'American dream' - romanticized idea of material prosperity that is available in the U.S. each. Been influenced by Henry James, E. Wharton and the English writer C. McKenzie, Fitzgerald finds the perfect shape for this drama of feelings. However, there is a deeper connection with his novel's own life and character.

1926 - comes a collection of short stories 'All of these unfortunate young men' (All the Sad Young Men).

The following ten years of life Fitzgerald are very heavy. For the sake of earnings, he wrote for 'The Saturday Evening Post'. His wife, Zelda is going through several bouts of aberration and gradually goes mad. Cure it can not. Fitzgerald is going through a painful crisis and begins to drink heavily

. 1934 - published novel 'Tender Is the Night' (Tender Is the Night) - is not devoid of autobiographical motifs tragic story of a young psychiatrist Dick diver whose talent ruined the wealth and happiness deceptive idleness and seemingly colorful life.

. 1935 - a collection of short stories 'wake-up signals' (Top at Reveille)

1937 - Fitzgerald decides to become a screenwriter in Hollywood, where he met with Sheila Graham and falls in love with her. The last years of his life Fitzgerald was living with her, although during the regular drinking bouts, he becomes violent and even cruel.

December 21, 1940 - Fitzgerald died at her home in California from a heart attack.

1941 - posthumously published unfinished novel Fitzgerald's 'The Last Tycoon' (The Last Tycoon), which gives a brilliant description of the movie business

. 1945 - E. Wilson publishes a collection of articles, . memoirs and letters to Fitzgerald, . largely autobiographical, . called 'Crash' (The Crack-Up), . in which Fitzgerald wrote about his life and, . by his own admission, . Writers defeat, . expressed in the 'emotional bankruptcy. ",

. 1948 - Zelda Fitzgerald died in a fire that destroyed a psychiatric hospital, where she was kept

1964 - E. Hemingway published book 'Feast, which is always with you', many pages which are devoted to Fitzgerald.

Literary works:

Great Gatsby. 1925
Tender Is the Night. 1934

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Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key, photo, biography
Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key, photo, biography Fitzgerald, Francis Scott Key  American writer, photo, biography
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