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Sudzilovskaya Olesya

( Actress)

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Biography Sudzilovskaya Olesya
photo Sudzilovskaya Olesya
Olesya Sudzilovskaya was born May 20, 1974 in g. Zelenograd, Moscow region in a family of engineers. Mom and dad graduated from the Institute for meat and dairy products.

In the four years beginning Olesya engage in artistic gymnastics. For twelve years the girl hone their skills by achieving good results - has become a candidate for Master of Sports. And now, many years later, in the movements of the actress felt as a child worked out of plastic.

Naturally, that about any movie Olesya and not dreaming, all her thoughts were directed toward large sport. As often happens, intervened in the case:


Olesya was fourteen years old when they were in the class came to assistant director on the actors, who picked up girls and boys for the filming of Vladimir Potapov 'mediator'. Olesya very successfully combined the sport with their studies, always showing excellent results, and therefore had a good record in school. Not surprisingly, it is her and recommended a teacher.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya recalls: 'At the samples showed that she could: the village of twine and made a bridge. When the role adopted all the actors, me and two guys offered to play a sketch: I would submit that my dog has died, and the boys - to start to soothe me. And in my childhood, in fact, killed dog Kuzya, which we madly in love with the whole family. It was a smart dog, 'a gentleman', red and very fluffy. All dogs in our area were from his phone. The result of this love was the fact that all the puppies in the area resembled our Kuzyu. Then he was hit by a car, and it was the first real tragedy in my life. I do cry when he thought about it during the exercise ... Imagine surprising director, when he saw the girl, they say, 'the street' managed 'on time' cry. And this time I really cried in the hallway with the pope on his shoulder: 'I hate movies! All directors bastards! "

Directed by Vladimir Potapov took a wonderful children's film, in which the company pioneers - save our planet from alien invasion.

'Quite the first time it was very strange, - says Sudzilovskaya. - I have little understanding of what I do. From one of its kind on the screen just did not lose consciousness: it was I? I so look? I say that? Rate yourself objectively, it was virtually impossible. The most difficult thing was voice. A long time I could not get in their words. But the director did not even thought about how to invite a professional actress scoring. I decided to leave me. For that I am very grateful to him '.

Select profession

Since then, Oles 'infected' movie. After school, she decided to leave the sport and become an actress. In this, which happens very rarely, and supported by her mother. According Sudzilovskaia, it was initiated in theatrical revenues Olesya.

Olesya was admitted to the Moscow Art Theater School, a volunteer at first, and then transferred to full-time education. Studied it in the studio Avangard Leontiev, which says: 'He was brought up by us, and how the actors (now we can play any role), and how people. <:> Of us has received the people who can survive in any situation. The school was good, but very tough. "

Favorite student performance Sudzilovskaia was "Smirnova's Birthday ', put on the play by Igor Zolotovitsky Lyudmila Petrushevskaya. It was was her first serious work, which has become a real test.

'I can say with certainty - Olesya Sudzilovskaya recognized - that this actress has another due to my teacher - Igor Zolotovitsky. Learning from the Moscow Arts Theater, I have long showed an excerpt of the excerpt, but I reacted just as beautiful on the hanger. And once Zolotovitskii introduced me to the show, where I was supposed to play a woman much older than his years, who has two children and a failed personal life. In the Moscow Art Theater all the time I walked on his heels, in a short skirt. Leontiev instilled in us that we should always feel like a woman. And when preparing for this performance, I was washed away with all the cosmetics are not allowed to wash my hair a few days, dressed in some old, worn things. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that it was not me. I changed the movement, posture, expression of eyes. The play turned golden. This was the first major characteristic of the role with which I handled with dignity '.


Upon graduation in 1997, just eight theaters have Olesya proposals. She chose Mayakovsky Theater. There she was immediately put into play Andrei Goncharov 'How do you catch the fancy' of Shakespeare on the role of Salih. This performance was the last work for the director on the stage of Mayakovsky, and for Olesya - first.

So the actress took to the theater well. 'I'm just come to work, and all the intrigue - from the do-nothing' - she says. At first it was very supporting actress by the way the older generation of Maya Vasil'yevna Polyana.

. During the first work followed by others - 'Admission free man' (role - Florence), 'Love the student' (role - Zinaida V.).

. The first 'adult' work in film

. Since 1998, the actress became a regular act in films
. From the first movie she worked with wonderful artists. In criminal comedy 'Mama, . do not cry! " she starred with Nina Ruslanova, . Ivan Bortnik, . Alexander Bashirov and Eugene Sidikhin, . the mini-series 'Chekhov and K', . where she played a cameo role - and do it surrounded by a constellation - Oleg Efremov, . Alexander Kalyagin, . Sergei Jura, . Stanislav Lyubshin, . Vyacheslav Innocent, . Natalia Egorova, . Elena Proklova, . Yelena Majorova, . Aleksei Zharkov: For a young actress it was a real school.,

. Sudzilovskaya recalls: 'In the series "Chekhov and the company" was shot along with his pure Vyacheslav
. I trembled before him: after all, a star from a favorite childhood movie - "Guest from the Future". I was afraid to come. We had a scene where I was sitting on his lap when he plays in the soldiers. I knew that he had broken leg, he even walked with a cane. And I had to sit it on the injured foot. But more than just sit and fidget, bounce. I was so afraid of causing him discomfort, that did not sit, and practically stood, only a dress touches his feet. Already rehearsed and filmed polstseny. He told me quietly said: "You're so gentle". I replied: "No, I just try not to sit, you also hurt". "Are you crazy! Immediately sit down, as follows. You should not think about anything except his role! ". Then, when we filmed, I saw, as he rubbed his sore foot '.

'Request Stop'

First the actress came to prominence after taking part in the series 'stop on demand'. But initially Olesya doubt - whether to accept the offer or not. The fact is that the script her character - a prostitute, an actress and not very much wanted to play this role. Still, she agreed. Was not in vain:

In this picture Sudzilovskaia had the opportunity to work side by side with outstanding domestic actor Vitaly Solomin Mefodievich. She says:

'Well, what about this partner, how was Mefodievich Vitaly Solomin, you can only dream. At first I was a little afraid. Maitre! My colleagues were afraid told that he is a strict uncle. And he was a light, bright person, always joking and playing me. We shot the scene when my heroine was hit by a car Solomin. I run up to him, trying to raise. According to the scenario, it should, leaning on me to stand. But he, instead of stand, fall on me. I - horrified! Now overthrow the back, hit his head, broke his spine. Then I see that he is still one of his arm rests and barely restrained to keep from laughing. A camera takes it all.

Shot piercing scene when the hero makes an offer I Solomin. Sonia said that she heard a million times more recognition from men, but never so nervous. When we came to voice acting, then I otsmotrev scene, in addition to our voices heard, some extraneous sound. It was as though someone very quickly tapping: tap-tap-tap-tap! Always during the filming of voice actors write live. To do this, engineers will attach to clothing Microphones. And for the first time in my life at the sound of hearts dubbed enrolled. Our Vitaly Mefodievich excitement was real. Vitaly Solomin was amazing partner: kind, sympathetic. It is very difficult to understand that he is no more '.

'Request Stop' instantly won the hearts of the audience, and there is nothing surprising about. Screenwriter Alex Slapovsky invented a simple story about human relationships, about love, that is what viewers are always watching and will watch with pleasure. Sudzilovskaia as this film brought the first real popularity.

. Other film roles

. After the 'Stop: "Olesya Sudzilovskaya co-starred in the melodrama Dmitry Astrakhan' Give me the moonlight ', where she was partnered by Nikolaj Eremenko Jr, and then in the criminal drama George Shengelia' garbage man 'by Alexey Guskov

It should digress. The fact that the choice of the role of actress suits with high demanding. For example, in a separate paragraph of its contract stipulated that she not be removed bare. 'I realized that the profession is too much in my picks: feelings, emotions, leisure time, personal life. I just decided to leave something for yourself and your loved one. When I imagine myself nude on screen, it makes me uncomfortable ... ' - She says. Because of this Sudzilovskaia had to abandon several roles in films, but she was not upset about it.

Moreover, Olesya Sudzilovskaya tries not to drink or smoke on screen. An exception is made only when it is really necessary for the image, not just to do something hands. For this reason, she was ready to give up the role in the film 'scavenger'. There, her character was supposed to sniff cocaine. 'The question was fundamental for me, and for the director - tells Sudzilovskaya - and we grabbed a life and death. By superhuman effort George Shengelia convinced me that, if the heroine will not drink or smoke, no smell, it will only daisies around the hotel to collect '.

. This was followed by roles in serials 'Drongo', 'gossip', 'Detectives': On the popular TV series 'Gangster Petersburg' Sudzilovskaya played judge Anastasiya Tikhoretskaya.

. With special warmth actress talks about his work in film multiserial Konstantin Khudyakov scenario Andrei Maximov 'Ways of Love', . removed on the works of Anton Chekhov and writers of the Silver Age - Zamyatin, and Nabokov: 'After' Gangster Petersburg "with its lyrics like 'bitch, . where it was? " I just got in paradise,
. She played in Chekhov's 'lonych' and zamyatinskih 'Clock'. My partner in the 'Clock' was Igor Kvasha - the first was with him on the set, quivering. And he is very bright and an actor generous man, no star -. Thank God it was a familiar operator, so I have a picture is not worried '.

Work on television

In advertising Olesya Sudzilovskaya started acting in his student years. She advertised coffee 'Makkonen', 'Wonder-yoghurt', 'Tyuns' coffee 'Grand' with Ivars Kalnins, etc.. The actress says she loves the job and never refuse an offer: 'I am one day and I can play a role - a characteristic, funny and earn money. Now, many artists are recognizable thanks to filming in advertising. I think the time has passed when the student or an actor it is a shame to appear in advertisements. <:> Skills operators, directors, makeup artists in our advertising reached a completely western-level. By working with these people, you gain tremendous experience. For ten minutes to play its role - this level of concentration I like. Advertising adore - you see a product quickly, the level of pleasure '.

. Besides advertising, Olesya is on RTR morning transfer 'Family News'.

. It is unrecognizable, popular and argues that her life be a lot of work, otherwise the fate of prepodneset lot of unpleasant surprises.

. Life

. 4 January 2009 the actress was born the son
. The boy was born at four o'clock in the evening. Health mommy and baby doctors decided not to risk, and the actress was scheduled cesarean. Doctors said the operation was successful. Baby born weighing 3 kilos 400 grams and 53 centimeter rise. Immediately after the operation, 34-year-old Olesya placed in an intensive care unit, and the morning of a young mummy and her newborn son was transferred to two-bedroom apartments that are booked for her husband.

. Happy father's newly established family name is Sergei - 35-year-old businessman four years, sought the hand and heart beauties Olesya
. As stated before birth herself an actress, right after the happy event, the couple intends raspisatsya.Seychas people say that the wedding is scheduled for the autumn.

. Filmography

. 1990 Mediator
. 1997 Mama Do not Cry
. 1998 Chekhov and K б╟
. 1999 Queen's Gambit
. 1999 Live Pushkin
. 2000 Lily of the Valley Silver
. 2000 Request Stop
. 2001 Salome
. 2001 Detectives
. Mark Jude. Octobrist with airplane
2001 Give me the moonlight
2001 Request Stop 2
2001 scavenger
2002 Drongo
2002 gossip
2003 Gangster Petersburg. Film 5. Oper Film 6. Journalist (TV series)
. 2003 Island without love
. 2004 Parallel Love
. 2004 Legend of Kaschee
. 2004 Jacked
. 2005 Golden Boys
. 2005 Poor baby
. 2005 Do not forget
. 2005 Scammers / Grifters
. 2006 Girls
. 2006 End of the world
. 2007 Blood circle
. 2007 Flowers for Snow Queen
. 2007 In the waiting for a miracle
. 2007 On the way to the heart
. 2007 Moscow Gigolo
. 2007 You and I (film)
. 2008 non-ideal woman
. 2008 Assa-2, or the second death of Anna Karenina
. 2008 Golden Key
. 2008 Paradise Corner
. 2008 North Wind
. 2009 Zhurov

. Roles in the theater

. 1997 'Smirnova's Birthday'
. 1998 'How do you catch the fancy'
. 2001 'Admission free man'
. 2002 'the bounds of decency'
. 2003 'Karamazov'
. - By what passage? - In our passage: '
2007 'Russian joker'
2008 'Dangerous bend'
'Love the student'

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Photos of Sudzilovskaya Olesya
Sudzilovskaya OlesyaSudzilovskaya OlesyaSudzilovskaya OlesyaSudzilovskaya Olesya

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  • JUDAH for Sudzilovskaya Olesya
  • Namesake, you are gorgeous! Keep it up! In "Gangster Petersburg. In" scavenger ", a beauty! Gave it 100%! I would like to communicate (You never can tell?). I respect your work and appreciate how linost.
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  • Just super beautiful, and as an actress is very beautiful.
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    Sudzilovskaya Olesya, photo, biography
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