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Michael DELL

( American entrepreneur in the computer field)

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Biography Michael DELL
DELL (Dell), Michael (February 23, 1965), . American entrepreneur in the field of computers, . founder of Dell Computer Corporation, . world leader in the design and manufacture of computer systems, . Software and peripherals and computer maintenance in accordance with the requirements of clients,

Michael Dell, who in 1998 was only 33 years old, is one of the richest people in the world. Also in 1998, sales of his company exceeded 16 billion. dollars and Dell, which owns approximately 16% of the shares, according to Forbes Magazine ranked fourth among the richest Americans with a total capital of 13 billion. U.S..

Michael Dell was born in a wealthy family: his father - a dentist, orthodontist, his mother - a broker, and his parents had every reason to expect that the son would follow their footsteps. However, instead of becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer, Michael chose a career entrepreneur.

The spirit of entrepreneurship was inherent Dell childhood. When he was 12, he gave philatelic auction, which brought him a thousand dollars. With this money he bought his first personal computer. As a senior, Dell earned 18 thousand dollars in the sale of newspapers. Now he bought himself a luxurious VMW, at that time rare for the U.S. car.

In 18 years, Dell entered the Faculty of Biology Texas State University at Austin. It was a time of general enthusiasm for the first IBM personal computers. Inspired by the idea of competing with the "blue giant" (no less), decided to sell Dell computers.

However, Michael Dell decided to sell them as it had been accepted - through intermediaries, and directly communicating directly with the buyer on the phone. In this approach, he did not need a trading floor. His room in a student dormitory into a studio, and he often negotiated directly in pajamas.

To ready-made machines IBM Dell attach the fashion at the moment the additional components and thus offers customers optimized for the computer user at a price below the retail, advertising them through the newspaper. His system of dealing directly with consumers turned all the dogmas of trade. She brought more profit by reducing overhead costs and better customer service. Thus, Dell was able to sell computers already 50 thousand. per month.

In 1984, the 19-year-old Dell, dropped out of university and risking all savings, started his own computer company Dell Computer. He professed the same principle: "Sell the user is not that a stray in stock, but what he needs, and cheaper than others". For the first month of the new company's sales amounted to 180 thousand. dollars and continued to grow steadily. In the first year of its existence, the company earned 6 million Della. dollars solely on selling computers.

Della was a new company in the U.S. market model, the effective construction of production. It gave its customers a money back guarantee and instant service in case of breakage, which was established clock toll free number for users. And, finally, constantly communicating with customers, Dell has always been aware of their feelings.

In 1985, Dell has moved from trading computers IBM to create his own brand. Revenues, which began with 6 million. dollars in 1984, amounted in 1987, 69 million, and in 1991 - 546 million. U.S.. But here, as it turned out, the company has reached its ceiling, and, not having the appropriate infrastructure support, began to collapse under its own weight. Value of shares in 1993 fell from $ 49 in January to 16 July. Dell, heeding the advice of experienced marketers, held a series of reforms, in particular, were suspended all development of new laptops, fired Chief Financial Officer. Thanks to these measures, the company quickly revived, and in 1996 its revenues amounted to 5.3 billion. dollars, and the staff was increased to 8 thousand people.

The growth of the company has broken every conceivable record - they have risen since 1990 from 23 cents to 124 dollars, t. e. 53 thousand per cent (!), and the company's growth over the 1996-98 period was 40% per year

. Company Dell Computer is the third largest in the world by sales volume after IBM and Compaq, . However, in the third quarter of 1998, she has gained a leading position in the sector of PC shipments in the large American companies (29, . 8% of the market), . ahead of Compaq (23, . 6%),
. Total sales in 1998 amounted to $ 16.8 billion

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Michael DELL, photo, biography
Michael DELL, photo, biography Michael DELL  American entrepreneur in the computer field, photo, biography
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